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Post Game: Lethe Court

Lethe Court

I know it looks like you’re back on the last floor of The Rift. The creatures in Lethe Court are just as fierce. One of the most irritating encounters you may come across is with #242, Hades. Hades certainly is the lord of the underworld and he likes to cast all manner of death spells including Reaper’s Sword (for an instant kill), Death, Doom (countdown to death), and Roulette. For a change of pace he casts Dark Spark and halves your level making all of your pummeling ineffective. Fortunately Hades is not without an Achilles heel; cast Holy on him for about 9,000 points of damage. He’s undead (how appropriate) so you can use that to your advantage as well.

Another semi-troublesome encounter is with the Iron Giant’s cousin Ironclad. The Ironclad approaches battle in much the same way as the Iron Giant: by hitting very hard using Takedown. His new twist is that he has learned Mighty Guard and casts it on himself when he is low on hp. You can prevent him from Mighty Guarding himself (and learn it out of desperation) by casting Reflect on him at the beginning of the battle. If you are determined to get every weapon and item in the game there is one weapon you can only get by stealing from Ironclad, and even then it is a rare steal. Ironclad carries the Earthbreaker Axe. The Earthbreaker is the strongest axe in the game with an atk of 133. It also increases its bearer’s str and sta by 5 points. The axe does not come without drawbacks however. It reduces its bearer’s agi and mpwr by 5. I wouldn’t worry so much about the mpwr, but berserkers are already slow as molasses in January. Of course the Hermes Sandals counteract the agi decrease.

The Shadowed Gate

Tiptoe down the stairs and turn right. There are only a few treasures left before the end of the game. Best savor them. Pause before opening the chest at the east end . Slide the Mutsunokami from the chest and smile. Not only is this the strongest Katana in the game with 142 atk, but it also has a 30% chance of inflicting critical damage. Make one of your freelancers happy. Give them that to bonk the nasty monsters in this area.

Continue your journey to the end by walking west. Ignore the stairs leading down because of the treasure chest to the left of it calling out to you. Open it for the last Elixir. Go back to the stairs and descend them. Follow the path westward and climb the stairs (try not to look down) and then walk east to a familiar warp circle.

You haven’t been transported to another zone. You are still in the Shadowed Gate. Follow the path to the east. Go down the steps and then down the long staircase. Follow the path west and then north to another warp circle.

Don’t get too excited. You haven’t managed to get anywhere just yet. Follow the path west to another warp circle and step into its center.

The Stairs of Destiny

At last! A new room. This one looks just like the other one you were in…Climb the stairs and turn right. Climb some more stairs. Follow the linear path and then climb more stairs. At the top of them, rests a chest. This is the last chest in the entire game. Savor it. Deftly pick its lock and marvel at the swath of cloth enclosed within it. The Robe of Lords waits for a party member to drape it about them. This luxurious cloak raises mpwr by 1 point. Its beauty lies with its 22 mdef and its wondrous 24% mevd. Its 18 def is not too shabby either. You could have done much worse for a final treasure. A potion could have lurked inside.

Scamper off with your treasure. Go all back the way you came. At the top of the bottom stairs (how confusing) take the left path. Take deep breaths before running up the long stairs over the chasm of nothingness. Enjoy a brief respite on a ledge before ascending another stretch of stairs. At the top of the next stairs you will notice another pulsing light. It’s not a warp point. It’s the second to last boss in the whole game. Unfortunately there’s no place to save before encountering him.

hp: 55,000; 22,000; 20,000boss battle: Guardian, Wave Cannon, Launcher (top), (side) 

The Guardian with all of its various partsEnuo skimped on the final guard before entering his demesne. Compared to Neo Shinryu and Omega Mk.II the Guardian is not difficult at all. Unlike most metallic monsters, the Guardian (and its related snap on parts) are not weak to lightning-elemental magic. In fact, they absorb it. That is all you really have to remember as you assail it.

You won’t be able to harm the Guardian when you start the battle. The Launchers and the Wave Cannon act as shields. I suggest taking out the Wave Cannon first. If you ignore the Wave Cannon long enough it will eventually use its signature Wave Cannon attack not once, but twice. You can’t survive two attacks since the attack inflicts half of the target’s maximum hp and then causes the hp to drain. Did I mention it targets your entire party? So, whittle down that gun’s 22,000 hp as quickly as you can.

When you’re done with the Wave Cannon you can focus on the launchers. They have been amusing themselves casting annoying spells on your party. The nerve of them trying to use Flash. Ribbons are a girl’s best friend…but Bartz is one of the girls and he looks good in them too. Equip them on whoever can and heal whoever can’t wear them, because darkness isn’t the only status effect you face. The Launchers also like to cast Rainbow Wind which may also mute its target—never a good thing for a healer. If, for some reason, you haven’t learned Missile yet, that is one of the Launchers’ favorite attacks. Rounding out their attacks, they use Mustard Bomb and Rocket Punch. Both of these attacks cause hp to drain. So keep an able healer on standby or cast Regen to automatically replenish lost health.

The launchers each have 20,000 hp. A good pair of flare-enchanted swords and a well-placed ! Rapid Fire attack will inflict 9,000 points of damage with each blow. If you prefer spells, use whatever your favorite is (as long as it’s not a lightning-elemental spell).

After taking down the two launchers and the wave cannon, a message appears proclaiming: “The armor was destroyed!” Now the Guardian will use its own attacks. Its not very powerful in its own right. Its scariest attack is Delta Attack, but as long as you have Ribbons equipped you should be safe. That failing it may try to switch around your party members’ rows with Reverse Polarity. It also casts Graviga, but Graviga won’t kill you. As a last ditch effort it may cast Electrocute. If you are lucky that will hit someone with the Force Shield equipped and you won’t take any damage.

If you are too slow to kill the Guardian another message will appear that the “armor was completely restored!” This hails the return of the two launchers. You will probably never see that message. The Guardian is ridiculously easy. You don’t need a ton of planning to stay alive, or to cause its downfall. When it does fall, you gain 40 abp and the semi-useful Crystal Orb. This accessory is described as an “Orb full of magic.” I imagine it looks a lot like a crystal ball and is about as functional. This isn’t to say it is wholely useless. It raises mpwr by 5 points. It boosts mdef by 20 points. It also raises mevd by 12%. I guess I just got spoiled with the Force Shield. The Cyrstal Orb is a nice defensive bauble.

The Void

The circle at the top of the stairs teleports you into The Void. There are no random enemies beyond that point. Take a quick peek at your party. Make sure nobody’s level is a multiple of 5. Enuo, who lives in the Void, casts Level 5 Death. It would be a shame to bite the dust now because of something as silly as level. If somebody’s level is a multiple of 5, just fight a few more monsters before entering the void. You only walk a few paces before Enuo’s voice bellows “Who enters my demesne?” He then launches into a diatribe and then offers to show you his power.

HP: 65,000Boss Battle: Enuo

EnuoEnuo employs a vast and varied array of attacks making it impossible to plan for all of them. Make sure someone equips the Force Shield since he enjoys casting Firaga, Blizzaga, Thundaga, Poison and Bio regularly. Similarly utilize the Vishnu Vest to halve elemental damage. I usually use two mêlée freelancers and two spellcasting mimes. The freelancers wear Ribbons and the mimes wear Gold Hairpins. It is a smarter idea to equip everyone with Ribbons since Enuo casts so many status inflicting spells: Evil Eye, Grand Cross, Reaper’s Sword, White Hole, Delta Attack, and Berserk. I choose to add an extra ability using the mime rather than protect myself by using a freelancer who can easily wear a Ribbon, which is often unwise. C’est la vie. Enuo also zombifies your party members using Danse Macabre, so you may want to slide your Angel Rings on.

It goes without saying that you should bring someone with great healing skills to the fight. Your healer should also be able to cast Holy. Holy is one of the best spells to use in the first part of the battle because, unlike ! Rapid Fire, it always hits. The dummy targets don’t affect it. Its power can be boosted by the legendary Sage Staff so that it inflicts almost 8,000 damage with each casting. During the first part of the battle Enuo likes to cast protective spells on himself: Shell, Regen, and Protect. Your little healer also comes in handy dispelling those nuisances.

Someone should also bring blue magic to the fight if only for Mighty Guard. Halving damage is imperative with spells like Flare hitting for over 5,000 points of damage. You could just use Shell, but Mighty Guard is so convenient.

Instead of giving one of my healers time magic, I give it to one of my mêlée fighters. Hastega is wonderful to cast as quickly as possible. For some reason I felt compelled to cast Regen on everyone even though I know the paltry 200 healing wouldn’t protect me even if Enuo sneezed. I like to abuse the Quick spell. Quick coupled with ! Rapid Fire is cheap, but I can’t resist. Once the second part of the battle begins Enuo’s defense skyrockets leaving your fighters doing roughly half the damage they were inflicting. Hitting more often is almost necessary (I tell myself about that so I don’t feel like I’m cheating).

My other fighter also has ! Rapid Fire, but instead of time magic I give this one !&nsbp;Spellblade. I enchant his swords with Flare to boost his damage to around 5,000 each hit.

Black magic is useful since Enuo does not have any overt elemental resistances, but Holy still inflicts more damage. Even with the Magus Rod and the Chaos Orb equipped to boost elemental spell power Blizzaga, Firaga and Thundaga never inflicted more than 5,500 points of damage. Flare inflicted roughly the same.

There are two forms of Enuo (like many boss battles). The first form has dummy targets, like Neo Shinryu, which you cannot damage. If you enjoy Rapid Firing monsters into bite-sized morsels, you may become frustrated because many of your hits will bounce harmlessly off Enuo’s staff and arm. When your attacks connect they inflict about 2,300 points of damage. Just be patient. After Enuo says “The power of the Void is increasing” those dummy targets will disappear and Rapid Fire will work as anticipated. Unfortunately Enuo’s defense effectively doubles at that point so all of your attacks inflict about half damage, but at least they hit.

Also after “The power of the Void is increasing” bit, you can steal from Enuo. He carries another set of Bone Mail. But be forewarned, the battle gets a bit more difficult. Enuo casts more devastating attacks like Reaper’s Sword (which shouldn’t affect you as long as you have Ribbons equipped), Hurricane, and Mælstrom. His signature attack with this form is Dimension Zero. Dimension Zero can inflict up to 9,999 points of damage, but more often causes around 5,000 thanks to Mighty Guard. It also causes hit points to drain.

You may also be privileged to see a few of the Necromancer’s Dark Arts spells in action. Enuo casts the ice-elemental Deep Freeze spell (which may cause its target to stop). He also steals hp and replenishes his own using Drain Touch. But you probably marveled at the Archeodemon casting that already. The impressive Meltdown spell inflicts fire-elemental damage and may also cause its target’s hp to drain.

Enuo is not as difficult as Neo Shinryu and Omega Mk.II. As long as you have Ribbons equipped and inflict consistent decent damage and remember to Mighty Guard and heal often he shouldn’t give you too much trouble. Each of his two forms has approximately 65,000-75,000 hp. It seems like a lot, but its easily whittled away.

Once you beat Enuo you gain the elusive Necromancer job from a sickly green crystal shard. No sooner do you gain it than a new challenge presents itself. Either you can turn off your game comforted by the fact that you vanquished the emptiness of Enuo, or you can continue mastering the Dark Arts of the Necromancer and prove your dominance by tackling the Cloister of the Dead.

User Submitted Strategies

If you quicksave and turn the game on again in "The Shadowed Gate," the enemies will always appear in this order: the behemoth duo, hades, ironclad, ironclad, assassin and dinozombie, ironclad, and another behemoth duo. If you quicksave and turn on again in "The Stairways of Destiny," then the monsters will appear in the following order: the great and claret dragon duo, hades, ironclad, ironclad, two crystal dragons, ironclad, and another dragon duo. I do not know the order afterwards, but the monsters appearing in the order do add up to significant amounts of exp (..and abp and gil). If you do want to try to reach level 99, here you have it =p

Posted at 1:09 PM on December 27, 2008 by HBO

you dont have to worry about dimension zero, only have someone with summon and call golem. dimension zero is a phiscla attack so it can be blocked by him. i recommend using dualcast and time in the mime who is going to be the healer, so you can use dualcast to cast holy and then quick, then dualcast two times holy and you will finish faster(so remember to equip the mime a gold hairpin). angel rings are a necesity, and you will need protection against his meltdown and deep freeze (dont try to reflect them, they pierce the reflect status), it is better to equiep two charachter with ice shield and the other two with the flame shield. good luck with the final boss. something else,it will be really easy to beat omega mkII ater getting the necromancer job and the chaos drive spell, it will pierce mkII“s wall status:)

Posted at 3:14 PM on April 3, 2007 by Ricardo Baeza

Have everyone mimes. Have 2 have white magic, dual cast, and time magic. The other 2 should have finisher and any other move you feel necessary. Use Finisher, and repeat. He will fall eventually.

Posted at 9:12 PM on March 18, 2007 by Kupo

I'm terrified now, I killed him first time somehow... mind you, NeoShinryuu still kills me in less than twenty seconds. Ok, first of all, there's a short boss before him, a four-parted robot. This goes down well with Rapid Fire and good weapons, just don't use lightning. Hastega and heavy attacks should do it. For Enuo, he won't do much at first, so dispel any barriers he creates and hastega yourselves. Cast Golem to protect yourself against Dimension Zero, which hurts, and requires a golem to be summoned before each hit. Ribbons are a must, and make sure you have on your team two vital factors: A heavy fighter or two with dual-wield, Rapid fire, and good weapons, with an angel ring (my fighter got zombified and almost killed my entire team...), and have a mime with white magic, time, and doublecast - hastega, then whenever any serious damage is taken, cast Quick with doublecast then get everyone up as quickly as possible. If you have spellsword, use flare. Also, keep plenty of holy waters in stock to counter Zombification. Gold hairpins should keep your mp up, though bear in mind ribbons may be better, in case he does that big status move (grand cross, I think.) Halfway through the battle, he seemingly dies, then comes back uber fast with serious defence and magic, so try and make sure you're well protected beforehand. Good luck, and enjoy the necromancer! P.S. after the battle, you're made to fight another creature, but it's only a mindflayer (squidhead guy), so it shouldn't be too hard).

Posted at 12:42 PM on March 6, 2007 by Psychic Hobo

Freelancer,2 Enhancers,magic power 80,dualcast,and Bahamut Freelancer,Apocalypse,Mutsunokami,Maximillion,Hyper Wrist,Grand Helm,Blue magic,Finisher Freelancer,Sage's Staff,Crystal Orb,Ribbon,Dualcast,White Freelancer,Ragnarok,Earthbreaker,Ribbon,Black Robe,Black Magic,and Time Magic Dualcast Bahamut for about 10-12,000 damage.Rinse,Repeat. Cast quick use exlixir as nessicary and Hastega.Rinse,Repeat. Cast Mighty Guard.Use Finisher Rinse Repeat. Dualcast curaga,Holy.Rinse,Repeat

Posted at 8:11 PM on January 29, 2007 by Ultimate Summoner

At Lethe Court's end you will meet Enuo, the game's true final boss. Take note that he has a lot of Exdeath's attacks (Almagest, White Hole, and Grand Cross), but he adds a lot of new ones (Dimension Zero and some of the Dark Arts). How do you kill him? He has about 140000 HP, but his defenses skyrocket at the battle's midpoint. !Zeninage is useless, but everything else will work fairly well. Make sure you have someone to cast Mighty Guard and someone with White Magic, because Enuo will hit you with every possible status effect. You may emerge victorious if you're at least level 55. Be warned, though. Enuo has no weaknesses, making him harder to take down than other bosses. Good luck...

Posted at 6:03 PM on January 15, 2007 by Ack-Tar

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Area Enemies

hp: 20,000 mp: 5,000
exp: 30,000 gil: 5,000
Steal: Nothing
Drgn Great
Drgn Great
hp: 10,000 mp: 1,000
exp: 1,900 gil: 615
Steal: Dragon Fang
Steal: Power Drink
Drop: Elixir
hp: 18,000 mp: 300
exp: 0 gil: 1,000
Steal: Phoenix Down
Steal: Blood Sword
Drop: Double Lance
hp: 17,500 mp: 10,000
exp: 0 gil: 10,000
Steal: Elixir
Steal: Dragon Lance
Drop: Crystalmail
hp: 10,000 mp: 500
exp: 8,000 gil: 806
Steal: Potion
Drop: MagiShuriken
hp: 15,000 mp: 200
exp: 0 gil: 800
Steal: Phoenix Down
Drop: Phoenix Down
Claret Dragon
Claret Dragon
hp: 17,000 mp: 8,000
exp: 30,000 gil: 2,200
Steal: Blastshot
Drop: Dragon Fang
hp: 22,000 mp: 15,000
exp: 40,000 gil: 1,000
Steal: Earthbreaker
Drop: DiamondHelmt
hp: 33,333 mp: 10,000
exp: 50,000 gil: 15,000
Steal: Hex Ring
Drop: Bonemail
hp: 55,000 mp: 60,000
Steal: Blitzshot
Drop: Crystal Orb
Launcher on the top (Guardian battle)
hp: 20,000 mp: 50,000
Steal: Blastshot
Drop: Nothing
Launcher on the side (Guardian battle)
hp: 20,000 mp: 50,000
Steal: Blastshot
Drop: Nothing
Wave Cannon
Wave Cannon
hp: 22,000 mp: 55,000
Steal: Blitzshot
Drop: Nothing
hp: 0 mp: 0
Steal: Nothing
Drop: Nothing