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Post Game: Heart of Ronka

Heart of Ronka

At first glance, the Heart of Ronka looks like paradise. There are chests everywhere. Everything comes with a price. This area contains one of the most obnoxious enemies around—Tied perhaps with the Dark Elementals. Before you run off and start grabbing the treasures you need to make sure you can handle the monsters you will meet. The most frequent dweller of the halls is the Exoray. These cute little flowers look just like the Dragon Flowers back in Drakenvale. If you remember the Dragon Flowers, they were fairly non-threatening, they just cast a lot of status spells. The Exoray are like the Dragon Flowers on steroids. These little carnivores cast all manner of nasty status effects. Confuse Powder charms; Darkness Powder blinds; Paralyze Powder paralyzes; Poison Powder poisons; Silver Powder ages; and Zombie Powder zombifies. None of these should come as a shock to you. However, when the Dragon Flowers cast the spells they did hardly any damage. The Exorays inflict their status ailment and inflict almost 1,000 points of damage on top of that. 1,000 points of damage isn’t too bad, but take into account that Exorays travel in groups of five and suddenly that’s a lot of pain. So what do I propose to quash these foul flowers? First, everybody needs a Ribbon. Even Bartz who doesn’t like to cross-dress. The Ribbon is not perfect protection. It will only defend against blindness, poison, and aging. You can protect yourself from confusion, paralysis, and zombification, but it takes a bit more effort. Don either the Rainbow Dress, Genji Armor, Bone Mail or Red Slippers to negate the confusion status. Paralysis can be negated by equipping the Genji Shield, Genji Glove, or Hermes Sandals. The only thing that is going to save you from being turned into a zombie is the Angel Ring. I haven’t mentioned your other must-have item. Well, you have a choice really. If you have a free arm, you want a Flame Shield on it. That failing, an Aegis Shield is a good choice. Aside from all of the status effects, the Exorays cast Firaga. Firaga inflicts almost 2,500 points of damage. Wouldn’t it be refreshing if you could turn that pain into pleasure? Equip Flame Shields or Flame Rings and at least get some extra healing out of the battle. Killing them, once you are protected, is fairly straightforward. Cast Firaga a couple times. They are quite weak to it. Increase its power with a Flame Rod, or Magus Rod and roast them.

You may also run into your friends from the Rift, Iron Giants. Killing them while you’re geared up to kill the Exorays might be a bit of a challenge. Try and keep a couple mêlée characters to dish out heavy damage to them. Very rarely you may encounter a cousin to the Iron Giant, the Ironclad.

Treasure Room

Once you are confident you can survive whatever comes at you, begin looting chests. From left to right you grab: Fuma Shuriken, Ether, Ether, and another Fuma Shuriken.

When you have finished looting, continue south. At the crossroads there are two more treasures to be had. Extract a Dark Matter from the left chest and a Cottage from the right chest.

Since you’re on the right anyway, continue down that hallway to a room holding two more treasure chests. The top one contains a Holy Water, and surprise! The one on the right contains Holy Water as well. Ok, so the treasure room is a little disappointing. It gets better. Continue your journey south. Tromp down the stairs and out the door.

B1—Right Side

There is not a lot to see here, aside from a chasm preventing you from going anywhere in the room. But wait! Next to the chasm is a chest. Run over and gleefully whoop over your shiny new Kagenui. This little ninja knife is the strongest in the game. It boasts a 126 atk and casts Stop on a whim. I think it was worth the detour. That being said, run all the way back to the treasure room until you get to the central crossroads.

Treasure Room— South Fork

As the title implies, it is time to walk to the south. You’ve waited long enough for a good treasure, so run straight south and skid to a stop in front of the southernmost treasure chest. Open it for another Advance only trinket, the Sorcerer’s Mantle. This accessory nullifies all elemental attacks. Where was that while you were fighting the Grand Aevis? In addition to nullifying elemental attacks it also boasts a 10% evd and a 20% mevd for all of those pesky non-elemental spells. That was your big treasure for this section. The rest of the treasures in this room are from left to right: a Cottage and a Blitzshot. Head back north and this time head west at the crossroads.

Travel west until you reach another tiny room hiding a couple chests. Grab a Blitzshot from the northern chest and a handy Phoenix Down from the western chest. That is all there is to pluck from the Treasure Room. Follow the southern path to the room’s exit.

B1—Left Side

There is nothing to the east. Follow the hallway south and through the door. The room contains five chests, four of which are open and one that is shut. Before you get your hopes up thinking you’ve stumbled upon something as wondrous as the Sorcerer’s Mantle, allow me to burst your bubble. All that is in that central box is a big heavy stone which controls the doors in the room. Granted, there are a few more chests to be had, but these are not them. So, when you’ve mustered the strength, heft the stone (remembering to lift with your legs and keep your back straight) and place it in the bottom right chest. This will open the far left door. Wander gingerly through the hall and then run once you spy the chest. Open it for the Advance only Hyper Wrist. I don’t think this one is quite as nifty as the Sorcerer’s Mantle. The Hyper Wrist enhances your physical fighter by increasing his atk by 10, def by 3 and str by 5. Run up to the northern chest for a somewhat disappointing Buckshot. Having taken all of the treasure you can reach, go back to the chest puzzle .

To get to the tempting chest next to the hyper wrist, heave the stone and place it in the top left chest. Run through the doors which have opened just west of the center and take a Blastshot from the chest. You have cleaned out all of the treasure this room holds.

In order to exit the room groan as you heave the stone again and place it in the bottom left chest. This opens the doors just right of center. Follow the hallway to the next area.


Head south from the entrance, and then east to pluck a Cottage from the chest. Grumble about the fact that there is no place to use a stinking Cottage. Wander west along the hallway. Raise your eyebrow when you come to the chain pulley. You can slide down it to the Warp Zone.

B2—from the Pulley

If you don’t have the Find Passages ability, it will appear that you have hit a dead end. Equip Find Passages and then follow the left passage. The passage leads you to a small room containing a chest. Pick the lock and raise your new Advance only Apocalypse to the light. The Apocalypse is a dangerous gladiator/knight sword. It has an atk of 145. If you didn’t get a perfect Brave Blade, this will be your strongest sword thus far. It also raises its bearer’s str by five. Wield it well. Even though you can wander off to explore east of the room, there is nothing new there. Head back the way you came and hop back on the pulley. Ride it back down to the Warp Zone.

B2—Post Apocalypse

The leftmost pulley takes you to another dinky room. There’s only one exit, and that’s through a hidden passage to the west. Take it and prepare for a long run north down the hallway. Ignore the fork in the path, that leads back to the entrance. Keep going north. At the end of the hallway turn left, and take the stairs all the way south to the exit of the room, Abyssal Falls.

User Submitted Strategies

to defeat exoray's just use zeninage

Posted at 9:54 PM on April 12, 2007 by Stanley Ong Jun Rong

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Area Enemies

hp: 7,210 mp: 5,000
exp: 0 gil: 0
Steal: Ether
Steal: Gauntlet
Drop: Speed Drink
hp: 5,000 mp: 500
exp: 1,520 gil: 624
Steal: Tonic
Steal: Ether
Drop: Elixir
hp: 3,200 mp: 0
exp: 1,480 gil: 642
Steal: Turtle Shell
Steal: Flame Saber
Drop: Elixir
Iron Giant
Iron Giant
hp: 18,000 mp: 10,000
exp: 10,000 gil: 597
Steal: Iron Helmet
Steal: Iron Armor
Drop: Giant Drink
Mind Flare
Mind Flare
hp: 4,700 mp: 500
exp: 0 gil: 800
Steal: Green Beret
Steal: HuntingKnife
Drop: White Robe
hp: 6,000 mp: 5,000
exp: 4,000 gil: 724
Steal: Potion
Drop: Potion