Final Fantasy V - The Spirit of Heroes


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Post Game: Titans’ Grotto

Titans’ Grotto

If you haven’t been to the end of the River of Souls (and I haven’t encouraged that exploration thus far), then you don’t know that the man deep on the third floor wants you to capture a Behemoth and bring it to him. You can find one on B2 of the Titans’ Grotto. There are a few things to know about Behemoths before you try and sneak up on one like Elmer Fudd. The most important fact to be aware of is that they cast Meteor when they die. Therefore you want someone with the ability to cast Mighty Guard or Shell to increase your chance of survival should you kill one. Behemoths don’t have any weaknesses, and they have 15,000 hp. That being said, give someone the Kornago Gourd to decrease the catch requirement to ½ hp and obviously the ! Catch ability and wrangle yourself a Behemoth! You can explore if you want, but if I were you I would come back at a later time.

Once you have a Behemoth wander back down the steps which mysteriously dump you back at the Hall of Watchmen.

B1—From Sealed Temple Corridor Warp

Lucky you, the warp plants you right next to a chest containing more Dark Matter. You would think they wanted you to ! Mix and ! Combine items with all of this Dark Matter stuffed in chests. Continue your exploration of this Wagnerian grotto by walking east hugging the tiny ledge. At the end of the path stairs descend to another chest. Grab an Elixir from the chest. There is no obvious exit from this little ledge. There was no doorway leading here, only a warp point. You exit lies in the cascades flowing down the slimy rock. You can drop down any waterfall you like, but for efficiency I suggest walking all the way to the west and dropping down the very last. I suggest this because it drops you within snatching distance of an important chest. Dry yourself off quickly so that you can grab the Vishnu Vest from the chest and put it on. This exotic number besides having an outstanding physical defense of 20, a magic defense of 8 and a magic evasion rate of 5% also halves the damage taken from fire, ice, and lightning. I don’t think you’ll be removing that any time in the near future. Wear it proudly as you walk eastward climbing up some stairs, across a plateau and down some more stairs. An exit presents itself. Go through the door to reach B2.


You’ve been here before. This is where you captured your fuzzy purple Meteor-spouting Behemoth. Prepare accordingly for your run through this floor. There is but one chest which you may or may not have collected. If you haven’t already grabbed it, walk down the long narrow staircase and open the chest at the bottom for an Elixir. That done, turn around, sigh heavily, and march right on up them again. Follow the path eastward and then zigzag downward until you find yourself back (somehow) in the Hall of Watchmen.

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Area Enemies

hp: 20,000 mp: 5,000
exp: 30,000 gil: 5,000
Steal: Nothing
hp: 3,960 mp: 0
exp: 2,000 gil: 645
Steal: Cottage
Steal: Strato
Drop: Power Tasuki
Iron Giant
Iron Giant
hp: 18,000 mp: 10,000
exp: 10,000 gil: 597
Steal: Iron Helmet
Steal: Iron Armor
Drop: Giant Drink
hp: 10,000 mp: 1,000
exp: 0 gil: 900
Steal: Potion
Steal: Aegis Shield
Drop: Circlet
hp: 15,000 mp: 200
exp: 0 gil: 800
Steal: Phoenix Down
Drop: Phoenix Down