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Post Game: River of Souls

River of Souls

The River of Souls is quite a nasty maze. Its first floor is also home to a very nasty critter. If you disliked the Skull Eaters in the Jachol Cave, prepare yourself for their even more annoying blue cousin: the Soul Eater. They have a 50% evd rate. The evil little squirrels still like to use their Incisor attack for 1,500 or more damage. It also poisons its target. If you have any Artemis Bows they inflict critical damage to all of the squirrel family members since they are considered “Magic Beasts.” The Aretmis Bow coupled with ! Rapid Fire should make your trek through the river a lot easier. If you see a lone Nutkin and think you have hit an easy battle, you have a rude awakening coming to you. After you kill that Nutkin four Soul Eaters will take its place.


You can’t get all of the treasures in one pass, so we’ll just pick up a couple on our way to B2. Ignore the first set of stairs that juts into the water and walk down to the next set. Wade into the murkiness and let the current carry you to a small just of land to the south. Walk all the way to the east until you reach a dead end and a treasure chest. Take the Iron Draft from the chest and then walk back until you come to a split in the path. Take the southern path to more stairs leading into the river. Float on down to another jut of land and another chest. Relieve that chest of its Power Drink. There’s only one way you can go from here, and that is down another hole to the east. I am beginning to feel like Alice in Wonderland…


I think a round of treasure hunting would be good for morale. There’s a nasty (though somewhat familiar) boss around the corner, so before we rush off to our death with nary a consecrated circle in sight, lets nab some loot! We can also take solace in the fact that there are no Soul Eaters on this floor of the dungeon, and here there be Movers. If you still need to master a few jobs, you may be in luck.

Dust off your trousers and make sure nothing is broken before you start your journey to the north. Don’t go too far to the north. Turn west at the fork for your first treasure chest: Dark Matter!

Since we like water rides so much, walk south and take the stairs into the river. The current thrusts you westward. Once you have gotten the water out of your nose, walk to the west and grab a Turtle Shell from the chest. With that safely tucked away walk all the way north until you come to a grouping of four stairs all jutting into the water. You want to take the second one from the left. It will take you to the island and a lone chest. Open it and savor that Elixir. You might need it about now. Although the secret to my continued survival is the ! Lance ability. That is as close to the fountain of youth as this game will get. That is all the treasure there is to glean from this floor. Wade into the current again and when you land walk north. At the end of the path turn right. In the middle of that path you will see a marching turtle. No, it’s not Ghido. It’s your old friend the Gil Turtle.

HP: 32,768Boss Battle: Gil Turtle

The evil Gil Turtle himselfYou may have avoided tussling with the turtle back in Galuf’s World either by choice or because you didn’t know about him. You aren’t given the luxury of ignorance here. To continue to the next floor you have to beat him. And though you should be much higher level now, he still may give you a run for your money.

Either float your party before the battle begins, or make sure someone casts Mighty Guard at the start of the battle. If you don’t have Mighty Guard, please look at the previous strategy for beating the Gil Turtle. You did not have Mighty Guard back in Galuf’s World. If someone dies, float her again after resurrection. The turtle casts Earthquake when he dies and survival is not optional. Remember you haven’t saved in a while.

Golem is still the best way to survive this fight. Every few rounds of combat Golem quits working and must be recast. That’s the summoner’s primary job. It is far more effective than taxing a white mage with cure spells every round. I don’t even recommend using a white mage in this battle. When you need healing either use a chemist or the White Wind blue magic.

If you fought the Gil Turtle before, he annihilated anyone in the front row. You didn’t have Mighty Guard then. Now a mêlée fighter can soak the damage much more easily. If you feel like a little payback from the previous fight is necessary, send out a freelancer with ! Rapid Fire and ! Spellblade. Enchant your favorite sword with Blizzaga and in no time at all you will be able to make a savory turtle soup.

So how do you kill this hard hitting, 40% evading, 55 mdef turtle? You barrage him with Blizzaga spells. Equip your casters with a Frost Rod to add 1,000 points of damage. The only other effective attack is the bard’s Requiem Song. I didn’t know he was undead, but I’ll play the song to him for 3,500 points of damage.

So, to break it down you need a summoner to cast Golem and the occasional Shiva when you have nothing better to do. I actually skipped a time mage for this battle and just used blue magic for Mighty Guard. I intended to to use White Wind if I needed to heal, but the turtle died so quickly that he never even broke through my first casting of Golem. Though I had ! Mix equipped, I did not have to heal or revive anyone. It goes without saying that you need a couple of black mages to cast Blizzaga.

The Gil Turtle still uses his signature attack, Turtle. This attack hits twice, sometimes hitting the same party member twice (Elven Mantles are still a great asset). If you are Mighty Guarded, you shouldn’t have much of a problem with his attacks, but as an added bonus Turtle causes seemingly random status effects. Most often it blinds and poisons, but it can also cause hp to drain, charm, paralyze and cause its target to age.

When he dies he casts Earthquake, and then you will get 5,000 Gil, 3 abp, and a lovely new piece of equipment: the Grand Helm. I still like the Genji Helm better, but the Grand Helm has 3 higher defense (for a total of 18) than the Genji Helm. Unfortunately it doesn’t have any other bonuses (the Genji Helm protects against Charm and Mini). But maybe the Grand Helm is fashioned out of the Gil Turtle’s shell, and that makes it almost worth wearing.

Continue south down the path the Gil Turtle blocked and exit the doorway to reach B3.


Wander around the right side of the doorway and go north to reach a treasure chest. Scoff at the Cottage you pull from the chest. It’s not like you have any place to use it. Go back to the entrance to the level and continue around the path to the west. If for some reason you don’t have Mighty Guard (in which case you probably cursed the above strategy for the Gil Turtle), you might run into the Stingray on this level. You can control him and force him to cast it on you. Follow the path all the way west until you reach another chest. Pull a Fuma Shuriken from and then backtrack east and follow the thin strip of land north. Climb the stairs until you see a strange man waiting for you. Talk to him once. If you’ve gotten the Behemoth (don’t tell me you walked all this way without one) Talk to him again. He opens the center door in the Sealed Temple for you. Now if only we could warp out of here… But alas we can’t. Walk back to the doorway and exit back into B2. From there go north and then all the way west until you come to a door. That door leads back to B1.

B1—More Treasure Hunting

You are back in the land of Soul Eaters. You may want to reequip the Artemis Bow. There is one last chest to relieve of its contents on this floor. From the doorway walk south until you see a pair of stairways leading into the river. Prepare to get your feet wet. Walk down the stairway on the right. It will drop you next to a treasure chest containing a Goliath Tonic. I never claimed it was a good treasure we missed. Now we have to backtrack a bit to get out of here. Take the stairs into the water. They will drop you next to a chest you’ve already opened. Walk to the right and drop down the hole again to B2. Walk all the way north, and then west. Exit the door back to B1. That wasn’t too bad of a detour. Ignore all the silly staircases. You are done with them. Just walk all the way to the east and exit the River of the Souls. The exit deposits you at the Sealed Temple — Dungeon.

User Submitted Strategies

For Gilgamesh sake, after you capture a behemoth, remove the "Catch" ability from whoever caught it so you don't accidently release it in battle. Once you get to the man who wants it, requip the ability to the party member.

Posted at 3:09 PM on January 18, 2009 by Mark

If the Gil Turtle is giving you fits, go look at my section on the Gil Cave. You fight the same Gil Turtle there.

Posted at 3:39 PM on January 19, 2007 by Jennifer Schmidt

Gil Turtle is so Hard!!!!! I need to kill that Jerk! You should put a guid for it.

Posted at 4:35 PM on January 18, 2007 by Exdeath's_Soul

I hope to have one this weekend, but breath holding would not be wise.

Posted at 2:25 PM on January 18, 2007 by Jennifer Schmidt

Do You plan to have a strategy soon? This place is very hard to navigate... Also the dang gil turtle is like unstopable.

Posted at 6:11 PM on January 17, 2007 by Exdeath's Soul

Mythril Staff cannot be found it was simply a means of testing the game.

Posted at 2:15 PM on January 6, 2007 by Anon

What is a Dummmy item and where is the mythril STaff?

Posted at 9:31 AM on December 28, 2006 by DUmmy Item?

How do you get out of the whole cave after warping into titan's grotto?

Posted at 3:18 AM on December 27, 2006 by Kirra

Yes. The Mythril Staff is indeed a dummy item.

Posted at 2:02 PM on December 25, 2006 by Jennifer Schmidt

...Not really the place to ask, but is the Mythril Staff a dummy item?

Posted at 12:26 PM on December 25, 2006 by Gestahl

The River of Souls is one of the new bonus dungeons available after beating the game. I (obviously) haven't added any content for the walkthrough of it yet as I am still making my way through the bonus dungeons. Eventually (when I get around to it) the River of Souls and all other bonus dungeon material will have its own subnavigation and won't be lumped into "The Rift". Because it's not in the rift.

Posted at 7:42 PM on December 18, 2006 by Jennifer Schmidt

What and where is the River of Souls?

Posted at 2:55 PM on December 18, 2006 by What?

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Area Enemies

Nut Eater
Nut Eater
hp: 20 mp: 0
exp: 10 gil: 20
Steal: Tonic
Drop: Tonic
Skull Eater
Skull Eater
hp: 1 mp: 100
exp: 300 gil: 100
Steal: Tent
Drop: Elixir
hp: 19,000 mp: 10,000
exp: 0 gil: 10,000
Steal: Maidens Kiss
Steal: SilvrGlasses
Drop: Angel Ring
hp: 9,000 mp: 500
exp: 0 gil: 5,000
Steal: Potion
Steal: MonsterKillr
Drop: Giant Drink
Sea Devil
Sea Devil
hp: 5,000 mp: 1,000
exp: 0 gil: 3,000
Steal: Potion
Steal: Defender
Drop: Turtle Shell
hp: 30,000 mp: 1,000
exp: 0 gil: 0
Steal: Dark Matter
Steal: Rune Edge
Drop: Dragon Beard
hp: 3 mp: 500
exp: 0 gil: 2,000
Steal: Ether
Steal: CrystlShield
Drop: CrystlHelmt
hp: 6,000 mp: 500
exp: 0 gil: 950
Steal: Moonring
Steal: Razor Ring
Drop: Ice Shield
hp: 10,000 mp: 500
exp: 0 gil: 50,000
Steal: Fire Skill
Steal: Water Skill
Drop: LgtningSkill
Soul Eater
Soul Eater
hp: 7,000 mp: 700
exp: 10,000 gil: 800
Steal: Holy Water
Drop: Holy Water