Final Fantasy V - The Spirit of Heroes


Weapon Treasure
  • Gladius 
  • Weapon Location 1

    on the right side of the Arena down a secret passage

Item Treasure

Post Game: Sealed Temple

Sealed Temple

The cave spills out into this sunny courtyard. You have a choice to make. The zones following are extremely non-linear. You cannot enter the central doors at the moment because “powerful wards hold it shut.” Obviously you need to find a way to get into those doors. For now ignore the doors to the left. Enter the doors on the right.


Wandering through the corridor you are likely to meet a new monster called Assassin. Like all of the other residents of the bonus dungeon, meeting him may feel like déjà vu. He is a palette swap of the Ninja and Invisible. He has a 70% physical evade and also likes to cast Image on himself, so killing him may be a little time consuming. Just remember to use ! Aim or ! Rapid Fire to make hitting him more reliable.

In the middle of the corridor there is a fork. Ignore it for now. The two glowing points down there are warp spots (I know they look like glowing summon monsters.) and they don’t warp where you need to go right now. Instead head to the end of the hallway. Exit through the south into the Ruined Shrine.


If you are following studiously along, you will have entered from the River of Souls B1. Make sure you have the Find Passages ability equipped. You will want to follow the hidden passage that winds up and into the jail cells to relieve their chests of a Buckshot and a Blastshot

En route to the treasures you may run into the Mini Satana. Though he looks like the terrifying Jackanapes, he doesn’t pack nearly Jackanapes’ punch. He can be a bit annoying since he has a 50% physical evasion rate. This is easily countered using ! Rapid Fire or ! Aim. Also since he is a “magic beast” type monster the Artemis bow inflicts critical damage to him. If you don’t have an Artemis Bow, you can steal one (rarely) from the Dragon Aevis that also prowls this dungeon.

Ignore the angry looking monster behind the bars. You can’t fight him just yet.

Run all the way to the left and exit to the courtyard. You may want to exit back to the ??? Cave, use a Cottage and save at the consecrated circle. Once you feel rested come back to the looming doors in the center of the Temple.


There is only one way you can go when you enter. That’s to the west. When the path splits, take the southern route all the way around. When you see the treasure chest, you know what to do: sprint to it and take its Dark Matter. And of course when you notice the hidden passage off to the west you should run through it and pluck the Hero Cocktail from the chest. Go back to the path and continue south. Another chest waits for your deft touch to release a Holy Water from its grasp. After adding it to your bottomless inventory head east into the wide atrium. At the northern end of the atrium a statue prevents further exploration. Examine it. You need to find something to soften it. Sorry, Golden Needles won’t work. Don’t be too disheartened. There is another hidden passage on the right side of the room. It spills you out in front of a pair of treasure chests. The second chest is a tease for the moment, but open the top chest and heft one of the strongest knives in the game, the Gladius. Gladius has an atk of 118. It inflicts holy-elemental damage and it also increases agi by 2. For now this is all you can do in the Arena. You must find something to soften the statue blocking your path.

Quest for the Softening Serum

Exit back to the courtyard Go back to the door to the right. Go into the corridor and wander until you reach the split. This time go south. At the bottom of the path two warp points wink at you. They both go to the same zone. They just drop you off at different points. To get everything in one fell swoop, use the warp point on the left. It will whisk you off to the top floor of the Titans’ Grotto.

hp: 42,000; 5,500boss battle: Grand Aevis, Dark Elemental (x2)

Grand Aevis ImageGrand Aevis will probably give you a run for your money. If you put ! Sprint or Read Ahead on your characters to help you to get to this statue, take a moment to switch to more useful abilities. Also be sure you heal up before applying the serum to the statue.

Like most of the later battles, this one should be fought using either mimes or freelancers. Really the easiest way to win the fight is to have a slew of people that can spam Bahamut. Grand Aevis absorbs lightning, fire, ice, and wind. The Dark Elementals also absorb lightning, fire, and ice. They are weak to wind.

dark elementalThe Dark Elementals can be very irritating. Just like the elementals in the Hall of Doubt they cast White Wind healing themselves and the Grand Aevis for up to 5,500 hp at a time. And once you kill both of them they just respawn. Occassionally they cast Aeroga on one of your unsuspecting party members for about 1,800 points of damage. If you think to take them out by equipping Reflect Rings and sending their Aeroga right back at them, the flaw in that logic is that a misdirected Aeroga will heal the Grand Aevis, and unfortunately killing them is the least of your worries since they resurrect.

The Grand Aevis himself is exasperating to say the least. Angel Rings are must have accessories for the battle since the big bird likes to sprinkle Zombie Powder on the party often and with great enthusiasm. He also likes to cast Paraclete on dead party members. Without the Angel Ring equipped Paraclete raises the dead as a zombie. With the Angel Ring Paraclete still raises the dead, but with 1/8 of their normal hit points. Who needs Phoenix Downs when the boss will resurrect you? Ribbons also have their place in your wardrobe for this fight. They protect you when Grand Aevis arches his feathered eyebrow and give you the Evil Eye attempting to petrify you. The ribbon will also protect you from a paralyzing blaster attack, and though Poison Breath will still inflict damage, it won’t leave you doubled over, purple, and sad. To make the battle more challenging Grand Aevis also casts Mælstrom on whomever he can. Single digit hit points are pretty much a death sentence. If you have a free hand you should grab an Aegis Shield. It just might negate Mælstrom or one of his other attacks. You’ll need all the help blocking attacks that you can get. This pretty peacock’s staple attack is the familiar Breath Wing attack that you have been dealing with since your first battle with Wing Raptor. Breath Wing inflicts wind-elemental damage equal to ¼ of your maximum hp. Big deal right? You can heal that without a problem. But couple that with Mælstrom and it’s game over. Grand Aevis is fast and he casts Breath Wing relentlessly while being fanned gently by his minions’ White Wind breeze.

You can’t chuck money at Grand Aevis. Well, you can, but it won’t inflict any damage. You can use ! Rapid Fire, but it is too unpredictable if all three targets are present. The best way to beat big bird is to attack all of the enemies at once, not one by one. You need the assurance that you can get rid of the Dark Elementals quickly each time they respawn so they don’t heal the Grand Aevis for 11,000. That’s a big chunk of his hp. Non-elemental damage is preferred due to all of the element-absorbing these guys do, and Bahamut inflicts non-elemental damage to all enemies. Couple Bahamut with ! Dualcast and you can take out the Dark Elementals each turn. Bahamut inflicts about 4,000 points of damage to the Grand Aevis with each cast and slightly more, about 4,700 points of damage, to the Dark Elementals. I mentioned that Grand Aevis is fast (I wish I knew how fast), so you want to keep up with him as much as possible. That means bringing a time magic to the frey. Cast Hastega on everyone. If you’re feeling particularly dirty, cast Quick on your summoner and then dualcast Bahamut.

For this battle I don’t bring a white mage. Holy will harm the Grand Aevis, inflicting almost as much damage as Bahamut, but since you can’t cast it on multiple targets I don’t deem it worth the trouble. And I don’t feel there’s enough time to stand there chanting cure spells on everyone. I wait until one of my party members dies and then resurrect the victim (assuming Grand Aevis hasn’t done it for you with Paraclete) fully by casting Phoenix. Phoenix heals the Grand Aevis for about 1,800. That is negligible in the big picture.

If you are itching to steal something good, you won’t get it from this battle. You can nab a Cottage from the From the Grand Aevis, and Hi-Potions from the Dark Elementals. Don’t worry, you will be rewarded with a Fairy’s Bow once you defeat the trio. This beauty is the strongest bow in the game with 130 atk. As an added bonus it sometimes confuses its target.

The Bird is Dead

Once defeated, the Arena is yours to explore in its entirety. I use the term explore loosely. Really all that remains is to run around to the right and south, remembering the treasure chest beneath the Gladius that you couldn’t reach, running up opening the chest, and being disappointed (or elated, who knows?) that it is an Ether. From the Ether go back south and exit through the doorway to the Heart of Ronka.

Back to the Dungeon—Key in Hand

If you warped back to the courtyard, you may want to take a moment and save in the ??? Cave. After you feel refreshed it’s time to march through the left doors into the Sealed Temple’s Dungeon. The key grants you access to Archeodemon’s cell and once you open it he charges the party and says “In return for opening the jail, I’ll rip you limb from limb! Whatta deal!” So, before you open the cell prepare for a fight.

hp: 50,000boss battle: Archeodemon

ArcheodemonTwintania’s look-alike cousin is fun to fight. It’s a fun battle because he does something rather unexpected. Archeodemon is an undead monster. If you hit an undead monster with a death spell, it resurrects the monster with full hit points. The Archeodemon exploits this by casting Death on himself and resurrecting himself—much like the Cylon D’Anna who kills and resurrects herself over and over in Battlestar Galactica. He casts Death as a reaction to physical attacks. You can approach the fight in one of two ways. You can just use spellcasters bearing in mind that he absorbs lightning, earth, fire, holy, ice, poison, water, and wind magic. Or you can reflect him so that he can’t cast Death. I would suggest muting him, but he’s immune to that as well.

Before we discuss how best to kill him, let me prepare you a little for how he intends to rip you limb from limb and how you can prevent that. He’s going to use a lot of magic. I recommend equipping someone with ! Blue for Mighty Guard to cut the damage from some of his nastier attacks: specifically I mean his unholy trinity of Flare, Mega Flare, and Giga Flare. Mighty Guarded they inflict around 1,000 points of damage. Imagine the pain without it.

The demon uses two Dark Arts spells that are very cool looking and are even cooler once you get a necromancer and can cast them yourself. Bring Ribbons along for anyone you can to protect against his Curse attack. Curse inflicts random status effects on a single target. If you opt to reflect Archeodemon and physically attack him, the Ribbons will also protect you from his retaliatory Death spells. His other dark arts spell, Drain Touch, acts just like the black magic Drain, in that it steals hp from a single target and gives them back to the caster. I think the difference is that it ignores Undead status. As far as I am aware you can’t protect against Drain Touch, but it only inflicts around 500 points of damage.

If you have a free hand to hold a shield I suggest taking along an Aegis Shield. Archeodemon, like many bosses, loves to cast Hurricane. Aegis Shields sometimes block the spell. Some chance to block Hurricane is better than no chance at all, so strap on that shield.

If you liked the ! Dualcast + Bahamut + Quick strategy for Grand Aevis, it works with Archeodemon as well. A single casting of Bahamut knocks off about 5,000 hp. He’s not the only one who knows Mega Flare. Alternatives to Bahamut include Flare for around 4,500 points of damage. Meteor is also effective although somewhat unpredictable with its range of damage. You can’t use elemental spells against Archeodemon, so you’re rather limited in your arsenal.

If you, like me, love to sing the Requiem song to dead things, know that Requiem also causes Archeodemon to cast Death on himself. If you feel like taking a more physical approach to killing him, you can cast Reflect on him. Just make sure your party has Ribbons equipped so that when his Death spells get bounced back to you they won’t land. This way you can croon Requiem to your heart’s content. It inflicts about 3,500 points of damage. Physical attacks don’t hurt him as much as I’d like. He’s a “Magical Creature” type monster, so naturally I brought Artemis bows because they inflict critical damage to him. I was saddened by the 1,100 points of damage it caused. I thought I would have the best of both worlds and enchant a couple of hard-hitting swords with Flare and then use ! Rapid Fire. I expected massive damage. I did get 1,800 points of damage with each blow. I guess I am spoiled. I wanted more. The only danger with casting Reflect on Archeodemon is that the spell will wear off. If you don’t kill him quickly enough he will cast Death and instead of it bouncing benignly off of him and reflecting into nothingness, he vanishes and reappears with full hp. That’s not so fun.

When the battle ends (favorably) you gain 40 abp; Archeodemon drops the Chaos Orb; And the barrier around the warp point in Abyssal Falls lifts. The Chaos Orb is a bit of a double-edged accessory. It increases the power of all elemental spells except water. I have no idea why it doesn’t boost water-based spells, but it doesn’t. It also causes its wearer’s hp to drain while in battle. Keep that in mind when you decide to get more bang for your mp.

If you were feeling saucy, you could wander back to Abyssal Falls, take the warp point to Lethe Court, challenge Enuo and beat the game once and for all. But, you’ve got two more bosses to battle. I suggest you make your way back to Abyssal falls, and take the left door in the Hall of Tranquility to the Tomb of Memory. I’ll meet you there.

User Submitted Strategies

This will kill neo exdeath in 20 hits exactly! Equip everyone in your party with a ribbon and whatever else you want for the rest of their body. Now equip the chicken knife if you have it to whome ever you wish. Everyone else should have no weapon equiped. Im serious! nothing. After the 19 hit, neo exdeath will say, "your attacks are useless. You dare come into battle with me unequiped? then who ever has the chicken knife eqiped will say, "you think im a chicken? take this EXDEATH!!!" exdeath will scream and yell and ask "HOW?" then the battle ends. If you didnt have a chicken knife, Bartz will just automatically equip your strongest weapon and make his final hit. exdeath will just say the same thing, but bartz wont comment on the whole chicken thing. the only catch is, you cannot change weapons between the battlewith exdeath and neoexdeath so that means you have to kill him the first time with no weapons equiped...Its possible though...good luck :D

Posted at 5:26 PM on September 17, 2009 by Brad

my strategy for beating archeodemon was have four freelancers w/ ribbons.

Posted at 8:17 PM on June 25, 2007 by defeater

are you disapointed because your elemental attacs are absorbed by archeodemon, and are you frustrated because when you hit him physically he casts dead on himself and you are forced to use non elemental magic to knock him down, and to heal over and over again because of his magic attacks? this is really easy, not too common but easy: use the blue spell magic hammer on him a lot of times until his mp is TOTALY depleted, so he wont cast curse, drain touch, flare or death on himself when you hit him physically. you need myghty guard, because it stills using giga and megaflare. needle cannon is very effective, only keep shooting and remember the magic hammer.

Posted at 3:03 PM on March 11, 2007 by Ricardo Baeza

Necromancer Dark Arts: (Defest these enemies using Necromancers) Drain Touch - Mindflayer (??? Cave, Heart of Ronka, The Rift - Last Floor) Dark Haze - Lemure (Phoenix Tower), or Exoray (Heart of Ronka) Deep Freeze - Assassin (Sealed Temple) Evil Mist - Dragon Zombie (Drakenvale) Meltdown - Liquid Flame (Cloister of the Dead, Phoenix Tower) Hellwind - Objet D'art (Bal) Chaos Drive - Mini Satana (Sealed Temple) Curse - Ironclad (Lethe Court) Dark Flare - Exdeath Soul (Kuza) or Tonberry (Istory Falls) Doomsday - Hades (Lethe Court - Stairs of Destiny)

Posted at 2:14 PM on January 6, 2007 by Anon

I'll give you a hint on what will happen after you finish the bonus dungeon. After you finish the bonus dungeon and defeat euno, you will get the final job, the necromancer. This job has the skill !dark arts. It is very powerful, but the skills are not easy to find. Each skills has a corresponding monster to hunt. The skill Drain touch is the first one you'll get. After that, you should find the other skills.You can get thae skill dark flare, which is the stronger than mega flare, by hunting a tonberry. (take note! that one in your party who is a necromancer is the one who should strike the last attak to kill the monster! or else yoy would not get the skill!)most skills are found in the monsters within the sealed temple, like the assassin, mini satan,and ironclad.

Posted at 9:58 PM on January 1, 2007 by karl'

you can capture the behemoth at the titan's grotto. Use graviga three times to the monster to lower its hp.

Posted at 9:44 PM on January 1, 2007 by karl'

how can you defeat euno? He's just to strong for my party.

Posted at 7:10 PM on December 28, 2006 by karl`

Just a small correction about a previous don't get the Ultima Weapon from defeating Enuo...actually, from what I remember, you don't get anything, except the Necromancer and access to the Cloister of the Dead (I think you named it the River of Souls here). The Ultima Weapon comes from Neo Shinryu.

Posted at 4:43 PM on December 25, 2006 by Advent

From the Sealed Temple, you can go three places - the left door, the center door (which is sealed for now), and the right door. When you enter the right door and follow a path, you will end up in a place that can be exited from the left, so it may be best to consider the right the "entrance" and the left the "exit". From the right, you can proceed through the temple to a cave, then fall to the "end" room. Or, you can teleport out of the temple into a cave of waterfalls (both warps lead to the cave of waterfalls; one just gets you a few extra treasures before you go down a waterfall), then proceed to the "end" room. The "end" room has a man with a strong Soft potion to the north, and to the right, a teleport that leads to the entrance of the River of Souls. From the River of the Souls, you can go north, through the prison, and return to the beginning. Or, you can proceed past the Gil Turtle and find a man who would like you to bring him a live Behemoth. The Behemoth enemy is different than the King Behemoth one encountered in the Interdimensional Rift; he is found the cave of waterfalls, which I believe is called Titan's Grotto. Capture a Behemoth, bring it to the man, and he will unseal the center door.

Posted at 12:24 PM on December 25, 2006 by Gestahl

In order to defeat Archaedemon (a more powerful version of Twintania), you need to cast Reflect on him so that his self-targeted Death spell that he uses after being attacked won't completely heal him. Attack him with Rapid Fire with Dual Wield equipped, or use Meteor on him. He doesn't have as many deadly multiple-target attacks as Twin Tania does, but Flare does quite a bit of damage.

Posted at 7:30 AM on December 19, 2006 by Nerapa

Enuo is at the bottom of the sealed temple in the ??? Cave You get the ultima weapon for beating him. But you meet many boss's, and challenges in the Dungeon!

Posted at 3:35 PM on December 18, 2006 by Exdeath's_Embodiment

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Area Enemies

hp: 6,900 mp: 1,000
exp: 2,500 gil: 500
Steal: Dragon Fang
Steal: Cottage
Drop: Dragon Fang
Red Dragon
Red Dragon
hp: 7,500 mp: 1,000
exp: 3,000 gil: 500
Steal: Potion
Steal: Fire Ring
Drop: Elixir
hp: 8,500 mp: 1,000
exp: 2,600 gil: 500
Steal: LightningRod
Steal: Ether
Drop: Coral Ring
hp: 3,000 mp: 500
exp: 1,100 gil: 558
Steal: Potion
Steal: Flame Shield
Drop: Potion
hp: 7,000 mp: 1,000
exp: 2,020 gil: 618
Steal: Trident
Steal: Artemis
Drop: Dragon Fang
hp: 3,000 mp: 0
exp: 2,400 gil: 561
Steal: MythrilHelmt
Steal: Enchanter
Drop: Blizzard
Death Claw
Death Claw
hp: 4,000 mp: 200
exp: 1,700 gil: 600
Steal: Hero Drink
Steal: Thor’sHammer
Drop: Soft
hp: 5,000 mp: 1,000
exp: 2,250 gil: 630
Steal: Wall Ring
Steal: Hex Ring
Drop: Black Robe
Mini Satana
Mini Satana
hp: 6,500 mp: 1,000
exp: 12,000 gil: 785
Steal: Potion
Drop: Potion
hp: 10,000 mp: 500
exp: 8,000 gil: 806
Steal: Potion
Drop: MagiShuriken
Dark Elemental the Grand Aevis Battle
Dark Elemental
hp: 5,500 mp: 10,000
Steal: Nothing
Drop: MagiShuriken
Grand Aevis
Grand Aevis
hp: 42,000 mp: 20,000
Steal: Cottage
Drop: Fairy’s Bow
hp: 50,000 mp: 62,000
Steal: Phoenix Down
Drop: Chaos Orb