Final Fantasy V - The Spirit of Heroes

World 3: ??? Cave

??? Cave

After beating all four dungeons containing tablets (Pyramid, Island Shrine, Great Sea Trench, and Istory Falls) and collecting the twelve legendary weapons from Kuza, the Sealed Castle, one of the acolytes runs up and announces (none too subtlely) that there has been an earthquake to the south. If only they had a submarine they could investigate…But wait! You have a submarine! You could go investigate. Why didn’t he think of that?

Your investigating should begin just southwest of the Phantom Village. Take note of some rather suspicious looking bubbles and land your ship on the bubbles and dive. Beneath the waves a crack has appeared on the ocean floor (much like the Great Sea Trench) Enter the crack and proceed into the cave. Don’t worry about being waylaid by enemies. There aren’t any.


After lamenting the fact that the cave door has slammed shut (what kind of cave has doors anyway?) you naturally should explore the area. There is not much to explore. None of the doors open. One of them is very eery and pitch black inside. The switch on the wall is busted. But what have we here? Three crystals beckon brightly from the cave floor.

Three of the four new jobs you have been coveting are in within your grasp. Snatch up the crystals and make for the door only to be assaulted by a traveling merchant. He’s a bit miffed that you found the crystals before he did, but has some wisdom to impart about each of the jobs.


I love Cannoneers’ icons! They look like little Napoleons. So cute!

Their default ability is ! Open Fire. They drag out their little cannon and blast one enemy. The cannon blast has different random status effects. It can poison, blind, sap hit points, or even instantly kill.

After 150 abp Canoneers gain the EXP Up ability. Final Fantasy V is notoriously difficult to level up in. Level 99 characters are unheard of except for the unemployed or those with far too much time on their hands. This ability helps out by giving its bearer 1.5 times the experience. Now you may reach level 50 before beating the game.

Lastly Cannoneers gain the ! Combine ability to create new and more interesting fodder for their cannons. . The merchant can be found throughout the world in equipment shops and he will sell you ammuniton for the cannoneer. I must admit I haven’t taken advantage of this ability yet, so I don’t know if it is any good or what combinations can be made.


The merchant touts the Gladiator’s great strength. Their strength comes from the ability to equip bows, spears, hammers, axes, swords, knight swords, and knives. Essentially if it has a pointy bit they can wield it—I tell a lie. They can’t equip katanas or ninja knives.

Their default ability is ! Finisher. When it hits, ! Finisher inflicts massive damage. I have only seen two different attacks, an Elemental attack, and a critical attack. Both of them hurt. But when it doesn’t connect the attack is disheartening. I prefer something more predictable.

After gaining 30 abp gladiators acquire the Lure ability. This increases enemy encounters. So, if you are looking to boost your abp and get attacked every few steps…

The third ability they get is Long Reach. When used, all weapons attack with full power from the back row regardless of their type. Taking half damage while doing full damage is a good thing.

When you master gladiators you gain ! Bladeblitz. This allows you to attack all enemies at once. It can be a handy alternative to ! Rapid Fire if you are in an area with large clusters of enemies.


The merchant sheds light on the Oracle’s ! Predict ability, which is somewhat of a double-edged sword. They can predict good things and heal the entire party, or enemies. Similary they can foretell disaster…and wipe out the entire party in one fell swoop (been there, done that).

He doesn’t mention their ! Condemn ability, which is the default. It can come in handy. The doom spell counts down to death in very little time and knocks off many monsters you wouldn’t think should be able to be instantly killed.

Their level 3 ability will make mastering mimics or red mages much easier. ABP Up gives 1.5 times ability points to whomever equips it.

Master Oracles and receive the Read Ahead ability. This ability reduces the number of random encounters. Later in the Sealed Temple when you have a five minute timer to get from one area to another this ability becomes invaluable. I wish I had it back when Karnak Castle was going to explode.

That’s it for this cave. You’ve got your three new jobs. The Necromancer job is not available until after you have beaten the game and forged through the bonus dungeons. Enjoy playing with the new classes!

User Submitted Strategies

Ah, I see what happened. The Anthology translation displays the info when it shouldn't. It should only appear on the Advance version of this page. The ROM page, describing the SNES version, does say that this cave and these jobs are GBA exclusive.

Posted at 6:10 PM on January 23, 2010 by James

By looking at the number of comments on this page of people playing roms and wondering why they can't find the cave, I'm just going to say that you will only find this cave if you are playing the game on the Gameboy Advance version. Not if you are playing the anthology version, the SNES version, or a rom that's not the GBA version.

Posted at 1:28 PM on November 22, 2009 by Cory

By looking at the number of comments on this page of people playing roms and wondering why they can't find the cave, I'm just going to say that you will only find this cave if you are playing the game on the Gameboy Advance version. Not if you are playing the anthology version, the SNES version, or a rom that's not the GBA version.

Posted at 1:28 PM on November 22, 2009 by Cory

I find it laughable that many people find the Necromancer class useless. Those are somt STRONG magicks and with a high likelihood of causing various status effects they make Black Mages want to go cower in the nearest corner. Dark Flare and Doomsday are particularly useful for the Omega MK II fight if you wait the extra tiny bit of time before going after the Force Shield.

Posted at 8:03 PM on June 13, 2009 by Syncblade

i have the ROM for the VisualBoyAdvance Emulator adn it has ALL of that, the guy talking about the earthquake, the classes, everything. i just wanna get the Necromancer class to try it out.

Posted at 11:06 AM on February 2, 2009 by Ninja Wolf

This is only in the GBA version. you will NOT find this in the Snes emulator! i wish this fact was at the top of the page for all to see.

Posted at 11:56 AM on January 6, 2009 by Valateneze

It would be nice to know a single good reason why I cant find the ??? cave other than tha fact that I'm using an SNES emulator for rom. Now that my characters are level 60 I could really care less about the last 4 abilities abilities. I just want to play the post game dungeon. And I didnt just pour an entire weeks worth of my life into this game just to find out I can never find that ultimate Final Fantasy challenge. Ozma? Ozma was nothing! Ultimecia? Nothing! Chaos? Nothing! Zeromus? Nothing! Kefka? Nothing!!! The Undying? Dead as dead can get!!!!!!!! Omnislash made Sephiroth my bitch! And don't get me started on that flying vagina Yu Yevon. Case in point I will not rest peacefully until I find an unbeatable light at the end of my RPG tunnel. So why hasn't this alleged acolyte run up to me yet? Much Thanx.

Posted at 12:56 AM on January 3, 2009 by Santa Clause is dead

I hawe the same problem. I hawe the 12 sealed weapones. But no one came to tell me about the earthquake. And I'm playing a ROM version.

Posted at 12:05 PM on December 23, 2008 by Some guy

I need some help,ive acquired the 12 weapons from Kuza but never had an acolyte mention an earthquake, ive also checked southwest of mirage but there aren't any bubbles, im playing the rom version btw.

Posted at 10:09 PM on December 4, 2008 by Omar

Lure is not properly explained in this guide. Lure is supposed to increase the encounter rate.

Posted at 8:43 PM on December 25, 2006 by Anon

I manage to get to the ??? cave. To unlock the cave you must unlock all legendary weapon from the sealed castle. When you unlock the last three ones, a schoolar tell you that something happen in the water in the south, probably the eruption of a sunken volcano and he tell you that with a submarine he can check so the thing to do is obvious. Get your submarine and get to the south-west of mirage town. Once there you will be sucked by the power of the cave but don't worry you can go back. In the cave, you'll find the Oracle crystal, Cannoneer crystal and the Gladiator crystal. You can't go in the 2 other doors for now, I suopse you must beat the game and come back after you do it. Some guy come in the cave to explain the new class you got and he leave. You can find him in towns in the pub, sit on a table, ready to sell you ingredients for the canon of the cannoneer. Once you get the three crystal, leave the cave. I diden't found the necromancer crystal but I supose you must beat the game to get it.

Posted at 11:19 AM on December 11, 2006 by Hugues Nadeau

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