Final Fantasy V - The Spirit of Heroes

World 1: Tycoon Meteor

Tycoon Meteor

After talking to Cid and Mid at the airship base by Crescent you can venture to the meteorite. It looks just like it did when you left it: large and rocklike. It also seems curiously devoid of anything resembling an entrance. Walk to the center of it, where entrances are in the other meteorites are and examine the rock face. Eventually the entrance will reveal itself and you can proceed inside the meteor.

There is only one room within the meteorite, and your target—the Adamantite is in plain view on the north wall. Pluck it from the wall and start towards the exit. I say start towards the exit because halfway there Adamantoise ambushes you.

hp: 2,000boss battle: Adamantoise

The doomed AdamantoiseThere are two ways to kill Adamantoise: the hard way and the easy way. The hard way is to attempt to take advantage of his alleged weakness to ice. Alleged only because ice-based attacks really don’t bother the turtle very much. A Ranger with a Frost Bow equipped inflicts around 390 points of damage. Shiva only inflicts 500 points of damage. Blizzara cast while wielding a Frost Rod yields between 600-650 points of damage. The highest damage I could inflict involved using a Mystic Knight Two-Handing a Coral Sword enchanted with Blizzara. That combination caused 1,000-1,100 points of damage. So maybe I’m not being fair in my assessment that he’s not really weak to ice considering he only has 2,000 hp.

The easy way to kill Adamantoise is simply to cast Level 5 Doom on him since he is a nice round level 20.

If you do choose to go the difficult route for whatever reason, you’ll want to know about the turtle’s fighting style. He hits using Attack and Critical Attack. Those are his only moves. He doesn’t use anything fancy, but he packs a wallop. Attacking party members in the back row alone using Critical he does anywhere from 170-270 points of damage. Using Attack against characters in the front row he does 250-350 points of damage. Take precautions. Bring a healer or two who can cast Protect and cast Cura the party.

After defeating Adamantoise return to the Airship Base at Crescent. Cid and Mid modify the ship so you can soar to new heights. When you are ready to tackle the Ronka Ruins just take off and pick the up arrow when prompted. You don’t have to fly over to the place you last saw the ruins. You will end up in the correct location no matter where you are located on the world map.

User Submitted Strategies

Oh yes, Level 5 Death works wonders on all sorts of enemies. The only ways to avoid it are Reflect status (it's reflectable), being undead (heals them), not being there when it hits (!Jump, etc.), and of course not being a level multiple of 5 (and even that can be worked around with Black Shock). Bosses are no exception, even those with immunity to instant death.

Posted at 7:41 PM on November 13, 2008 by kWhazit

hey the level 5 doom is great in thia type of enemy I wonder if it does the same with other bosses of levels multiple of 5

Posted at 7:19 PM on December 29, 2006 by ???

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Area Enemies

hp: 2,000 mp: 125
Steal: Hard Body
Drop: Turtle Shell