Final Fantasy V - The Spirit of Heroes


Weapon Treasure
Armor Treasure
Item Treasure
White Magic Treasure
  • Esna 
  • Magic Location Esna

    Pluck it from the chest just left of the exit

World 1: Karnak Castle

Karnak Castle

Now is probably not the time to tell you that before you entered the Fire Crystal Room you should have changed the Jobs and Abilities of all your characters. It’s not too late to do so now, but the clock doesn’t stop ticking so you can change into your spidey suit.

You have several options of how to tackle the great escape. It isn’t really feasible to try and get every treasure and fight every random encounter unless you have a very high level party that deals vast amounts of damage to all enemies.

The standard method of tackling the escape is to give a character the ! Flee ability, flee from all random battles and collect all the treasures. You should end up with plenty of time to defeat Iron Claw and avoid the explosion.

If, later in the game, you intend to choose the Brave Blade (atk goes down each time you flee) you may have to forego some of your treasure collecting. I would suggest ignoring the Shuriken, and all of the Elixirs that you have to battle for and grab only the treasure you deem essential.

None of the enemies in the castle have elemental weaknesses. However, mages are still essential to your cause. Their spells are short (animation time) and they hit all enemies doing a reasonable chunk of damage. You can also boost your spell damage by casting only one spell—Fira for instance—and equipping the appropriate elemental rod (Flame Rod) on your black mage. Don’t discount the red mage either, although they won’t do quite as much damage as a black mage.

Another great class for this caper is the Monk. Their counterattack ability helps in a pinch, but kick is the reason you want these brawlers in your group.

Don’t worry about having a thief. You automatically get Sprint for this section, and you really don’t have enough time to worry about stealing from any enemies here (though you can steal a Mage Masher or Gaia Gear from the Sorcerers).

Try and either use a Blue Mage or equip a character or two with the Learning ability. You might get lucky and learn Aera from Gigas. Ultimately you want to equip Learning for the boss battle. You can learn Death Claw from Iron Claw. You don’t get another opportunity to learn the spell until much later in the game.

Basement Level 6

Not that you’ll have much time to appreciate it, but that pot that you’ve run by twice now is a healing pot. Curse the fact that they didn’t place it just after the save point.

Basement Level 5

Save! Perhaps use a different file so you can go back and fiddle with your jobs and abilities, but save!

Basement Level 4

Run up and snag the first treasure chest. You’re lucky this chest doesn’t have a group of monsters waiting for you. It does have a tidy bit of cash—2,000 Gil. Run up and to the right towards the exit. Instead of going through it, head down and collect another treasure. Unfortunately this is the first of many “Monster-in-a-box” battles. You can’t escape from these battles, so hit fast and hard and don’t stop to admire the bobbles you win—in this case an Elixir. Now you may use the exit.

Basement Level 3

Here lie two more treasure chests. You may decide not to pick up the one on the right containing a single Shuriken (because there is a Gigas in the box with it). If you are worried about time and fighting too many random battles by all means ignore it. The chest on the left is a must grab however, as it houses the coveted Ribbon as well as another Gigas.

Basement Level 2 and 1

Zoom through level two. There’s nothing to grab here. Then run through level one; there isn’t anything fun here either.

First Floor

Ignore everything on the first floor for now. Head north and immediately go up to the second floor. Do not go into the central door. It is a throne room and there is nothing of any value within it.

Second Floor

This floor is the biggest time waster there is. Ignore everything when you come in. You may grab the treasure chest in the middle (2,000 Gil) on your way up the next flight of stairs leading out on to the roof. Or you can get it on your way back. Either way there is no monster in it, so it’s a quick grab.

Follow the roof down to another set of stairs. Descend until you reach a different section of Basement Level 1. Here there’s a treasure chest that has a fierce trio awaiting you (Cur Nakk, Sorcerer, and Gigas). The battle is worth it though. For your efforts you gain an Elven Mantle Cape.

Now run all the way back up to the second floor with all the chests. Grab all the treasures—two more Elixirs. Exit the door to a balcony and immediately begin collecting treasures on the right hand side. You’ll glean another three Elixirs. Just when you thought you couldn’t fight another Monster-in-a-box, the last treasure in the room contains an unguarded stash of 2,000 Gil.

Take the stairs up to the right side of the roof. Continue your mad dash to the stairs at the bottom and go down, down, down until you reach another chest. This chest contains yet another monster: a single Gigas. You’re rewarded for the fight with a Main Gauche.

Run all the way back up to the second floor. Exit through the right to the First Floor again.

First Floor

This time stop before the exit to get the two treasures on either side. If you’re running short on time only grab the left chest that contains the white Esuna magic. The chest to the right holds a trivial Lightning Scroll. Now escape! If you’ve got 2-3 minutes left you should do fine.

hp: 1,000; 140; 900boss battle: Sergeant, Cur Nakk, Iron Claw

Iron Claw after he transforms from the SergeantThe second you burst through the castle doors you’ll face a seemingly random encounter with three Cur Nakks and a Sergeant. This is no ordinary sergeant though. It’s an Iron Claw in disguise. If you, like me, were overzealous in your attempt to hack this last monster to pieces on your mad dash to freedom, you may not even get to see his true shape, but will run off and watch the flames lick the horizon thinking how fortunate you were that you didn’t meet up with a nasty boss on your way out. This is a bad thing. Go back. Try it all again. You want him to change shape so that he’ll cast Death Claw on you. Death Claw is a blue magic spell that you can’t get again until much later in the game.

Attack gingerly until the Sergeant changes shape. Take out the Cur Nakks first. They should fall to a well-placed kick or a level 2 black magic spell. They only have 140 hp. Be patient, difficult to do with the time constraint I know, but hold back your fury until you learn Death Claw. If you’re not interested in those Blue Magic spells then by all means wail away on him.

He’s not a difficult boss. He has no weakness but he only has three attacks: Fight, Critical Attack, and Death Claw. The only one that you have to worry about is the latter. Death Claw does hurt (that’s why you want it for your very own). It reduces a character to single digit hp and paralyzes them (white mage on standby). Wouldn’t that be fun to use on some of the nastier creatures?

Karnak Aftermath

After beating Iron Claw your ragged band rushes outside in time to watch the castle explode. Three crystal shards happen to land at your feet. You are bestowed with the new jobs of Beastmaster, Geomancer, and Ninja. Oh how I love the ninja…and the Beastmaster for learning blue magic.

Coincidentally this explosion also brings down the great wall to the west leaving you free to seek out the Library of the Ancients. Before you do that, head back to the Fire Ship to check on Cid. He’s taking the explosion and destruction of the crystal rather hard and rushes off. Go find him on the second floor of the pub in Karnak.

While you’re there, remember that lone barrel high up on the wall surrounding the city? You can collect its treasure now a Flame Rod. Where was it when you needed it?

Also, there is a third man in the weapon and armor shop who has some new offerings, a Mythril Spear (which you still can’t use), Kunai, Whip, and Diamond Bell. Pick them up if you’re interested. You should already have a Diamond Bell if you stopped off at Castle Tycoon. Now you can use them with your little Geomancer.

Do you remember the house at the north of town with the guy in it that warned you about the Crew Dusts casting Flash when they’re alone? If you go back and talk to him now he’ll warn you about a frightening monster named Dhorme Chimera that lives in the desert to the south. Please heed his warning. Skirt around the desert. Do not fight the Dhorme Chimera yet. Your best bet is to go all the way to the left and around. It affords you the most room.

User Submitted Strategies

Remember to learn Doom Claw from Iron Claw at the end of this scenario; you won't find it again until much later in the game, & it's a very helpful move.

Posted at 4:40 PM on December 23, 2001 by Kraas

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Area Enemies

hp: 400 mp: 100
exp: 160 gil: 132
Steal: Tonic
Drop: Silver Plate
hp: 350 mp: 500
exp: 180 gil: 138
Steal: Mage Slasher
Steal: Earth Robe
Drop: Ether
hp: 140 mp: 0
exp: 140 gil: 141
Steal: Tonic
Drop: Nothing
hp: 760 mp: 35
exp: 350 gil: 144
Steal: Elixir
Drop: Giant Drink
Karnak the Iron Claw battle
hp: 140 mp: 25
Steal: Tonic
Drop: Tonic
Sergeant the Iron Claw battle
hp: 1,000 mp: 25
Steal: Tonic
Drop: Eye Drop
Iron Claw
Iron Claw
hp: 900 mp: 150
Steal: Hero Drink
Drop: SilvrGlasses