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The Final Maze

The Final Maze

This negaverse is the final leg of your long quest. If you are looking to gain levels go back to the castle and fight Iron Giants. While the monsters here award massive abp, there is not an experience point to be had. The monsters here are challenging at best, decimating at their worst.

The most abundant monsters in the first section of the void are the King Behemoths. They have 18,000 hp and pack a mighty punch. You may survive these battles so long as you don’t cast magic on the King Behemoths. They react to spells by casting Meteor, which hits randomly four times for 600-1,800 points of damage. So, even though King Behemoth’s are weak to water and you can inflict almost 7,000 points of damage, you should save the attack until you know it will kill him—or suffer his counterattack.

The Crystal Dragon casts Breath Wing at an alarming rate. So while its 700 points of damage may seem insignificant, the damage adds up. His only other attack involves physically attacking for around 1,000 points of damage. If you intend to fight Shinryu in the not too distant future, wander about with a time mage and an adept thief. The Crystal Dragon’s rare steal is the Dragon Lance. Besides being the strongest spear in the game, it also inflicts critical damage to dragons (use it in conjunction with a ! Jump attack on the Crystal Dragon for over 9,000 points of damage). His common steal is an Elixir. So, follow the usual droning method of stealing and casting Return until you finally make off with a Dragon Lance. Then remember that ideally you want eight of them (but four will suffice) to take on the king of dragons…

Down the stairs and to the east lies the first section’s only treasure chest. In it rests a Fuma Shuriken. As you pluck it from the chest you may spy a familiar visage to the south. It is none other than your nemesis. Gilgamesh. Traipse around south (hopefully not encountering too many King Behemoths on your way) and prepare to battle him.

hp: 37,000boss battle: Gilgamesh

Gilgamesh the bad pennyNow you know where Exdeath banished him. Gilgamesh has been wandering aimlessly about looking for a way out. He’s so close to the exit too. He begins the fight hacking and slashing away triumphantly exclaiming, “Hah!” He hits for about 1,000 points of damage. Steal at your earliest convenience. You crave the Genji Shield he carries. Or if you don’t, I do. It has the best evd in the game: 50%.

After you beat him up a bit (feel free to use your Man-Eater on him since it inflicts critical damage), he stops fighting and converses about how to exit the Void. Maybe you feel some sort of affinity with him, and that would explain why you choose to help him. I can’t explain Bartz’s sudden benevolence (or Gilgamesh’s either), but the battle is effectively over. You gain no exp, no abp, and Gilgamesh waltzes off to the exit. There’s a slim chance he may drop an Rune Bow, but you have already had the opportunity to purchase one.

After he saunters off, you are free to use the teleporting spot he was standing on to reach the next area.

Second Zone

This next fairly linear section touts new and more irritating monsters than the last. Here the prevalent duo consists of a Gorgimera and a Necromancer. Necromancers are undead. Unfortunately Phoenix Downs don’t kill them on contact, neither do cure spells. You can inflict meager damage with Hi-Potions. Necromancers have an aversion to water and you can just about kill them (6,700 points of damage) with a proper casting of Leviathan. Bear in mind that hitting them with spells causes them to cast Shell, while attacking physically causes them to cast Protect. Of course a battle with the undead wouldn’t be complete unless you had to worry about being turned undead yourself. Necromancers love to toss Zombie Powder on single targets thus subverting the target to their will. Angel Rings nullify the effect, so equip them. Their partners in crime, Gorgimeras, hit extremely hard. Their critical attacks can inflict almost 1,700 points of damage. It makes all of their other attacks seem trivial. When not raking you with their massive legs, they cast Frost, Electrocute and Atomic Ray. You can take precautions against these elemental spells, but since their damage is usually no higher than 250, it’s rather unnecessary.

You may also run into Belphegors. They also exist rarely in the first section. They have no weaknesses, only 6,000 hp and only attack physically for about 400 points of damage. In short, they are unremarkable. Well, not completely unremarkable. They carry as their rare steal the Rising Sun, so if you missed that on the Island Shrine, here is another chance to nab one.

The way through this section isn’t difficult. Follow the path. Climb the stairs then head eastward. Descend the stairs. Open the first chest for another Fuma Shuriken. Descend more stairs and circle around to the north. Open the second chest for an Elixir before using the teleport spot and venturing into the third zone.

Third Zone

Wind your way north this time. Climb the stairs. Stare longingly at the treasure chest at the base of the stairs to the east. But do not open that chest. Before you lay claim to its contents you must battle Shinryu. With 55,500 hp, and no weaknesses to speak of, this is not an easy battle. At least, not if you haven’t prepared for it.

hp: 55,500boss battle: Shinryu

the mighty ShinryuI attempted to come up with a new twist on the old way of beating Shinryu. I tried; in the end I found that tried and true is best. If you’re unfamiliar with the tried and true method I will elucidate.

As the first requirement of the tried and true strategy, you must own four Coral Rings. This is not optional. If you have any hope of surviving the first attack of the battle—Tidal Wave, which hits for 8,000 points of damage—they should gleam from everyone’s pinky. If you don’t have enough rings, go back to Phantom Village and purchase them for 50,000 Gil apiece. If you can’t spare the cash, you can always run back to the Phoenix Tower and repeatedly steal from the Parthenope (they are her rare steal).

The next phase of the tried and true strategy involves owning six or more Dragon Lances. These pointy sticks are precious. Only two monsters in the entire game carry them. You can’t purchase them. To acquire them you have to use your thieving talents. I warned you against stealing them from the Jura Aevis in the Rift Castle. Only slightly less tedious to steal from is Shinryu’s distant cousin, the Crystal Dragon. He carries Dragon Lances as a rare steal, so you must Steal and cast Return many times before collecting six-eight of them. You want them of course because they inflict critical damage to dragons, and Shinryu is most definitely a dragon.

After you’ve acquired those two items you must go about equipping and using them effectively. This requires a lot of abp unfortunately. Ordinarily all party members fight Shinryu as the freelancer, or jobless class. You don’t have to use that job, instead you can use mimics or dragoons, but there is no advantage to using either class. The normal class inherits skills from other classes, which means that you need to use fewer abilities to gain an effective fighter. They inherit the ninja’s Dual Wield ability (gained after 690 abp, spent mastering ninja) so you may wield two of your Dragon Lances. Speaking of which, if you use the normal class you can equip those spears without resorting to the Equip Lances ability (which requires you to have mastered dragoon for 600 abp). This leaves two ability slots free. The traditional method asserts that one of these should be ! Jump (the first of the dragoon’s abilities requiring 50 abp). This takes our dragon slayer out of harm’s way while waiting for the attack to execute, but does slightly less damage than ! Rapid Fire (the final ranger ability requiring a total of 600 abp). ! Jump inflicts roughly 19,000 total points of damage per attack whereas ! Rapid Fire inflicts around 22,000. ! ! Jump, as previously mentioned, is safer. So it’s up to you which ability you choose. This leaves the second slot free for abilities of your choosing. In theory you won’t need any other abilities, but white magic, blue magic, or time magic would come in handy if you had the time to use them. hp +30% could save your life.

The battle itself should be quick if all goes according to plan. The battle begins, as previously stated, with Shinryu casting Tidal Wave for 8,000-9,000 points of damage. This should be the easiest part of the battle since your Coral Rings absorb all of the damage. After he casts Tidal Wave have each party member uses ! Jump. By the time each jumper returns Shinryu will be dead.

Of course it’s usually not that easy. He’s fast. Usually you don’t get enough people off the ground quickly enough before he starts with a barrage of deadly attacks. Consider yourself lucky if he casts Atomic Ray. Thanks to your Coral Rings you take no damage from that attack. Often times he follows up Tidal Wave with Roulette. If he ever hits himself I haven’t seen it. Then you’re one man down. Or, he may cast Mælstrom (which can be blocked by an Aegis Shield). I count this a blessing. You may only have 6 hp, but at least you are still alive and can hammer the ! Jump command when your turn comes. Occasionally after your party members are aloft waiting to strike Shinryu Mighty Guards himself—the audacity! So your buff deadly team clatters to the ground uselessly and you can almost feel Shinryu’s teeth clamping down. Oh the teeth! They are sharp. Shinryu attacks for over 5,000 points of damage. Another one hit kill. If you somehow have someone standing, and he’s still alive, then prepare for a different agonizing 5,000 hp death: Ice Storm. His Lightning attack may be survivable (assuming you have more than 6 hp). For some reason Lightning only inflicts about 1,800 points of damage. His repertoire continues with the devastating Level 3 Flare. If one of your party members is unfortunate enough to be hit by this spell, wave goodbye. It inflicts 9,999 points of damage. If Level 3 Flare doesn’t affect the party, perhaps Level 2 Old will. I fail to see the effectiveness of this spell since everyone will be dead long before they feel their joints creak. To add insult and injury he casts Poison Breath. If you are fairly hale it won’t kill you outright, but who has time to heal the poison? Just to be cruel I think he casts Evil Eye and turns one of your party members to stone. Supposedly he even resorts to casting Zombie Breath, but I haven’t lived long enough to see that.

How on earth do you survive that? In short, you don’t. Technically you only require three people to attack Shinryu using ! Jump and Dragon Lances. Make the fourth person a mimic. Entrust the mimic with the Equip Katanas ability. Then give her the Masamune so she gets the very first attack. Give her an Aegis Shield as well. Blocking spells can save your life. For the remaining two abilities choose ! Time and ! Blue. Thus when the battle begins you can cast Quick (allowing you two attacks in succession). Then cast Hastega and Mighty Guard. With Hastega cast, Mighty Guard is superfluous, but at least you get the satisfaction of having cast it. Or just cast Hastega. After that each of your characters should be able to ! Jump out of harm’s way. And the battle will conclude. If you have anyone capable of gaining abp, Shinryuu doles out 100. The real prize was in the chest: the Ragnarok. The Dragon Crest is not worth whatever it’s printed on. It does absolutely nothing.

Continuing through the third zone

Some of the easier monsters in this area include Mindflayers and Crystelles. Crystelles have 3 hp. They have a 50% evd and absorb ice, fire, lightning, wind, water, holy, earth and poison. So they’re not the easiest to kill, but once you do get a punch in they should die. While waiting for their death they cast Reverse Polarity and shift around your party member’s rows, or they hit physically for 200-500 points of damage. Mindflayers enjoy casting Mind Blast on a single target briefly incapacitating the target by sucking its brain out and causing about 330 points of damage. Or they too attack for meager damage and are lucky to inflict over 200 points of damage with their shoddy punches.

The path forks after the stairs. Turn west and walk all the way to the end to snag a chest containing a Fuma Shuriken. After you’ve gotten that the only other place left to go is to the east and northward to the warp spot and on to the next area.

Fourth Zone

Things look a little different here. Massive tree roots cover the walkway like a canopy. Climb the stairs and walk westward. Ignore the long stairway and opt for the short one. At the edge a green light pulses. This of course means that another boss awaits your challenge.

hp: 8,800; 44,044boss battle: Barrier (x4), Necrophobe

NecrophobeThis is an irritating battle to say the least. To begin with, Necrophobe cannot be damaged while the Barriers live. He doesn’t attack you while they are up, but sits back smugly and waits as they pound your party with spells. They cast both Holy and Flare for around 1,000 damage to single targets. But they also cast Firaga, Blizzaga, and Thundaga to multiple targets averaging about 350 points of damage to each target. Before you indignantly begin returning spells, note that each barrier is reflected. And also note that they bounce spells off of themselves and onto you, therefore reflecting your own party members is rather pointless. You could pick them off one by one. They don’t revive. But I suggest an organized annihilation. Though I tend to denounce the merits of ! Zeninage, in this instance I find it supremely gratifying. It inflicts 4,350 points of damage to all of the nasty buggers—nearly half their hp. Toss that a few times or throw Bahamut into the mix for almost 4,000 points of damage to quickly eradicate them. Anything that hits all of them at once is worth trying (well, not black magic for obvious reasons).

a nasty BarrierAfter the Barriers fall Necrophobe begins to sweat, and, unfortunately, to attack. Oh how he hurts. If you haven’t cast Mighty Guard, do it now—or after you cure everyone’s blindness. Necrophobe begins the battle by showing you his “real power,” which happens to be the ability to cast Flash. So heal up and prepare to be hit by Vacuum Wave. This gruesome attack hits twice for upwards of 2,000 points of damage if you are not properly armored. It then causes your hp to drain away. He is ruthless! Besides that awful attack he nonchalantly casts Death, knocking off one of your characters, or Hurricane, which oftentimes amounts to casting Death anyway since your hp are reduced to single digits and he hits so quickly.

Fortunately Necrophobe is weak to all elements. Usually this means the monster isn’t really weak to anything, but well-placed castings of Blizzaga, Firaga, or Thundaga can inflict 9,000 points of damage. Some slightly less damaging spells to try on him are Level 3 Flare for around 4,000 points of damage (I get excited whenever I get to use a level-based blue magic spell on a monster). Leviathan ravages for about 6,500 points of damage. Phoenix revives a fallen comrade while inflicting 3,300 points of damage. Before you go on a casting rampage it behooves you to know that you don’t want to overkill Necrophobe; after his hp fall beneath 9,999 an old friend shows up. In case you are a foolhardy thief, you can get another Thief Glove as a rare steal from Necrophobe. I don’t see why you would want one this late in the game (unless you missed the first one). But if you really feel like playing the Return game with him, you can. I wouldn’t. I would steal his Elixir and be happy with it. The Barriers carry Reflect Rings as their rare steal, Hi-Potions as their common steal.

hp: 55,000boss battle: Gilgamesh

The sole purpose of this battle (unless you get all teary because of the dialogue) is to steal the final piece of genji equipment: the Genji Armor. You don’t have much of an opportunity to get it, so steal the second he turns his back. Genji Armor is one of the best suits of armor in the game, with a def of 22. It is second only to the Bone Mail’s def of 30 (which I never use since it turns the wearer undead while equipped). Sadly though aside from granting immunity to charm and toad, the Genji Armor has no special properties to write home about and increases mdef by 2 just like the Crystal Armor.

After you get your treasure you can sit back and watch the show. You can’t hurt Necrophobe, and Gilgamesh continually casts Remedy on himself, so attacking anyone is rather pointless. Watch the two bosses tangle and when it’s all over and the dust has settled pout about the lack of abp, but make great use of the shiny new consecrated circle.

hp: 49,001boss battle: Exdeath

Someone hit Exdeath with the ugly stickOne would expect the last boss to be more difficult than this ugly corn-shaped tree thing. He gets worse, don’t fret.

Unfortunately you don’t have a chance to change equipment in between the boss battles, so you have to plan for the long hall. Ideally by this time you’ve mastered most, if not all, jobs. The last battle is usually fought with four freelancer class characters. The freelancer class allows for the greatest versatility of abilities and equipment. They also inherit stat bonuses and innate abilities. If you’ve spent time mastering jobs, the normal class becomes quite powerful. Another bonus is that the normal class can innately equip Ribbons. Even the mimic can’t do that. So equip all characters with Ribbons. If you don’t have enough, it may be in your best interest to return to the Phoenix Tower and steal from Lemure. This incarnation of Exdeath casts White Hole, which instantly kills and turns its target to stone. Ribbons render the attack powerless. I spend a lot of time in both of these battles hacking and slashing. This Exdeath is considered human, so the Man-Eater (which inflicts critical damage against humans) makes a useful addition to your arsenal. One of Neo Exdeath’s parts is also considered human, so it still works in that battle as well. Another of Neo Exdeath’s parts is considered a dragon. If you have a pair of Dragon Lances lying around, they may come in handy. Then of course you want to use whatever big swords you have at your disposal. If you opt for using a shield, I suggest the Aegis Shield. Whatever armor and accessories you choose is personal preference. I usually just go for the strongest armor I own and slide on a handful of Protect Rings. If you use ! Dance, exchange buff armor for a cutesy Rainbow Dress and the matching Red Slippers to increase your chances of performing Sword Dance.

What abilities should you bring to the party? You need an accomplished healer, so definitely one person with ! White. I highly recommend the chemist’s ! Mix ability. Goliath Tonics are almost mandatory, and using an ability slot on ! Drink for everyone is a waste of resources. If you think you can look at yourself in the mirror after using the ultimate cheap move, bring along ! Zeninage. Summon spells are useful for both battles. Blue magic may or may not come in handy. In this battle Mighty Guard helps; in the next battle it is oft dispelled. ! Rapid Fire is always welcome.

There’s really no single way to kill Exdeath. He has no weaknesses. ! Zeninage inflicts almost 4,000 points of damage. Bahamut inflicts almost 4,000 points of damage. Sword Dance can hit for 9,999 points of damage depending upon which weapons you wield with it.

Bring someone with the ! Mix ability. Have that party member mix an Elixir and Dragon Fang to make a Goliath Tonic. The Goliath Tonic doubles its target’s maximum hp. Use this combination on each character. It may seem superfluous now, but once Neo Exdeath arrives you will be thankful. You may have someone cast Golem to deflect his physical attacks (1,200-1,300 points of damage). Exdeath doesn’t have a large repertoire of attacks. He casts Flare for 2,800 points of damage and Holy for 2,800 points of damage. He sprinkles in a blue magic Condemn just to keep you on your toes. When he begins to feel threatened he resorts to Meteor. Meteor hits randomly four times for 6,000-7,000 total points of damage (now be glad you used the Goliath Tonics).

After you’ve whacked Exdeath enough he dies…sort of. More like he changes forms. Here’s where things get interesting

Neo Exdeath

boss battle: Neo Exdeath

Neo Exdeath rises from the pure white nothing of the void for round two. It comes with its own unique set of challenges. But, I promise, this is the last boss. So all you have to do is get out of this alive.

If you heeded my advice for Exdeath (Final) and equipped everyone with Ribbons, then you should have a slightly easier time with Neo Exdeath’s big attack. The terrifying circus of spinning lollipops, Grand Cross, randomly inflicts every status effect possible. The Ribbon will protect you from possible death, stone, toad, poison, darkness, aging, berserk and mute statuses. The Ribbon doesn’t protect you from mini, zombie, sleep, paralysis, charm, stop, hp drain, or countdown to death. If you fear the zombie attack you can equip Angel Rings. But there’s no single way to protect against all of those status effects. You just have to get lucky. Only the red unicorn-dragon casts Grand Cross, so after you kill him you won’t have to worry about it anymore. Keep in mind that he is classified as a dragon, thus your Dragon Lances inflict critical damage.

The various forms of Neo Exdeath use many different spells. Each of them cast five of the same spells. You are almost certain to see Neo’s favorite attack: Almagest. Almagest inflicts holy damage to all party members and adds to the joy by causing hp drain. It inflicts around 1,600 points of damage. The Aegis Shield can block Almagest, and Shell halves the damage. Comet hits for about 1,400 points of damage. Comet’s more damaging cousin Meteo hits four times totaling about 6,000 points of damage. They all use Fight and Vacuum Wave for 1,000-2,000 points of damage. And just to keep life interesting they can all Mælstrom you within an inch of your life.

Both the demon-like front creature and the zombie in the very back enjoy dispelling any characters with status enhancing spells cast (wave goodbye to Mighty Guard).

The zombie creature in the back row has a plethora of attacks all his own. You should be familiar with his Delta Attack. If you don’t have Ribbons equipped it will turn the target to stone. Since you took my advice and gave everyone a Ribbon, it should just inflict some damage. You can even learn Aeroga (1,000-1,200 points of damage) from the zombie, though now does not seem the appropriate time for that. The zombie casts all of the level 5 black magic spells (Blizzaga, Thundaga, Firaga) for around 1,600 points of damage. In addition he casts Holy and Flare for around 2,300 points of damage.

As previously mentioned with Exdeath (Final), ! Zeninage is a viable option for effective killing. It hits each of Neo’s parts for 4,650 points of damage. If you brought along a summoner, Bahamut deals almost 4,000 points of damage with his Mega Flare attack. I always bring someone dual wielding Dragon Lances. Add the ! Jump command and you can impale the red-dragon for 20,000 total. ! Jump hits the other sections of Neo for around 10,000 total damage. If you heeded my advice and brought someone with the ! Mix ability, you may want to research a few relevant combinations. Aside from the Goliath Tonic (Elixir + Dragon Fang), which you should already have mixed, Remedy is the most useful. After a particularly wretched round filled with Grand Cross, Remedy (Phoenix Down + Turtle Shell) cures all status effects. Hasty-Ade (Eye Drops + Turtle Shell), which surprisingly enough, casts haste on its target. It can greatly aid your cause until it gets dispelled. Black magic isn’t all that fantastic. The level 5 spells (Blizzaga, Thundaga, Firaga) inflict a little over 2,000 points of damage. Flare inflicts 4,000, but since it only hits a single target it is not worth the mp to cast it (especially since you shouldn’t be wearing your Gold Hairpins).

Not that you would really want to, but you can steal some interesting artifacts from Neo. You can steal a Dragon Lance from the roaring red dragon-like bit on top. From the cyclopean ram’s horn part you can steal a Fuma Shuriken. From the partly humanoid demon-like creature towering in the front you can steal a Murakumo. And from the shriveled dead zombie creatures in the back you can steal another Ragnarok.

Yes the rumor is true: you get a different ending based on who is left standing.

User Submitted Strategies

This only works on the Advance version of the game, and I think by now you'll know how: Steal Ragnarok from Neo Exdeath. The first time you beat Neo Exdeath, you'll be given the opportunity to save your game. Do so, and your stats and inventory remain the same as it was when you won the fight, therefore saving your Ragnarok. During the fight, I equipped Bartz with the sword after I pilfered it, and he was still equipped with it when I loaded the game after the credits. I haven't tested it without equipping during the fight, but still; a second Ragnarok without cheating! It's a great way to start the bonus dungeon.

Posted at 1:20 PM on October 14, 2010 by Blue Mage

If you feel like manipulating the system and are playing FFV advance, an easy way to max out all of your hobs is to quicksave on Necrophobe's floor, and when you load the game, the second encounter will be three movers! That means a relatively easy 199 AP and at least 150,000 gil (if you kill them after they respawn but before they end the battle, you get more gil) If you're having problems killing them, I had the option of a mime and dualcasting Buhamets, but I would go for your most powerful spells

Posted at 5:59 PM on November 15, 2009 by Cory

Well, I had 4 Gladiators in my party, so it wasn't the easiest way to beat Shinryu... All of them had Coral Rings(Lenna was the only one without) And Aegis Shield. Bartz had the Bone Mail to protect him from the Poison Breath and !Spellblade as second habilit. Lenna had !time as her second habilit and Hermes Boots, Faris had Chicken Knife and !$toss (useless) and finally Krile had !Summon. The first thing, was Haste everyone with lenna, then Finisher with Bartz and Faris. Lenna died with Tidal Wave. Krile use Might Guard. After that, just go with finisher... I dont know if I was lucky, but Shinryu never atacked me with melee atacks... In the end, only Bartz was alive, and he gave the final blow at Shinryu... Most of his atcks became useless, cuz he healed me... I tried only three times to beat him... And my party wasn't strong... Lvl 35-37...

Posted at 2:48 PM on October 28, 2009 by Nicholas

Well, I had 4 Gladiators in my party, so it wasn't the easiest way to beat Shinryu... All of them had Coral Rings(Lenna was the only one without) And Aegis Shield. Bartz had the Bone Mail to protect him from the Poison Breath and !Spellblade as second habilit. Lenna had !time as her second habilit and Hermes Boots, Faris had Chicken Knife and !$toss (useless) and finally Krile had !Summon. The first thing, was Haste everyone with lenna, then Finisher with Bartz and Faris. Lenna died with Tidal Wave. Krile use Might Guard. After that, just go with finisher... I dont know if I was lucky, but Shinryu never atacked me with melee atacks... In the end, only Bartz was alive, and he gave the final blow at Shinryu... Most of his atcks became useless, cuz he healed me... I tried only three times to beat him... And my party wasn't strong... Lvl 35-37...

Posted at 8:39 AM on October 28, 2009 by Nicholas

Movers are my favorite enemy. Since I played FF7. Either way, you gotta kill them fast because after two or three rounds the battle will end... just like that... and if you didn't kill them all, you won't get anything.

Posted at 12:02 AM on July 20, 2009 by Victor

Also, for Shinryuu I didn't have any Dragon Lances, I had 2 Freelancers, one was dual-wielding two Enhancers and I forgot what the other had at the time, one sword was Masamune for sure, and 2 Mimes who would heal when needed, !Spellblade Flare did nice damage and the Masamune loved hitting criticals on him so it wasn't too long a fight.

Posted at 10:41 AM on June 13, 2009 by Syncblade

Ribbons aren't really necessary lol... at level 41 with a party of four Mimes I just annihilated Exdeath's last form with Dualcast Meteos and Mimic without him doing anything but sitting there on his roots. Neo Exdeath was a slightly different story, since Neo has multiple parts I figured Dualcasting Bahamut would be more damage in a more reliable fashion, so I went with that and Mimic, he got one move in, Meteo, Lenna just had that kinda luck and managed to get hit by two of those nasty space rocks and died, oh well. As you can imagine I had Gold Hairpins on my Mimes wielding !Dualcast !Time and !Dualcast !Summon.

Posted at 1:34 AM on June 13, 2009 by Syncblade

It's not hard to beat NeoExdeath without Goliath Tonics. No offense, but the stuff suggested in this walkthrough take a bit too long to do during the fight. When I tried the !Mix thing while fighting first-form Exdeath, I beat Exdeath before I finished. Although part of the reason was that I wasn't wearing ribbons, and he cast White Hole on my healer/mixer. Now, this is not to say this isn't a good method. I'm saying that if your level is in between 45-50, you can pretty much skip the Goliath Tonics. One more thing: Ribbons are a absolute, undeniable MUST. The walkthrough says it, I say it, everyone will say you MUST HAVE A RIBBON TO BEAT EXDEATH!!! I know firsthand what Grand Cross can do to you without Ribbons. Instant death. Every one of your characters will be Stoned, and you will lose because you have no actable players.

Posted at 9:32 PM on June 5, 2009 by Matt

I just GP tossed Neo-exdeath to =^.^= death..E.Z.

Posted at 6:10 AM on April 2, 2009 by Some guy

I went into Exdeath with a full troupe of Mimes Bartz: Mimic, EquipSwords, Blue, Rapidfire Lenna: Mimic, White, Summon, Black Faris: Mimic, EquipSwords, Dual Wield, Throw Krile: Mimic, Mug, Time, Blue At the start of the match, Krile casts Hastega. Then Faris throws a Fuma Shuriken. it does about 7500 damage. And they just continuously mimic until his first form falls. Took all of 45 seconds. Second form, I was already hasted. Krile casts Mighty Guard, Faris throws another Fuma, then Lenna Summons Bahamut and everyone Mimics. Everything was said and done within about 3 minutes. I love Mimes ^_^

Posted at 10:42 PM on February 6, 2009 by Green Goblin

dual cast bahamut 18 times on neo exdeath ps need a few elixir +aegis shield+ragnarok+dragon lance X8

Posted at 5:38 AM on December 20, 2008 by bahamut

when fighting shinryuu,try have one mimic have dualcast,and time.that should have cast 4 times hastega .so u will be faster than shinryuu.

Posted at 3:07 AM on December 18, 2008 by black

Killing off, Neo Exdeath. Dualcast Bahamut & Bahamut then mimic until they all die or if 1 remains, rapid fire.

Posted at 2:59 AM on September 25, 2008 by Bahamut

Question! When i cast "Return" after stealing..say an elixir and i keep doing it over and over ..will i have 10 or however many elixirs when i defeat a crystal dragon or does Return wipe the slate clean of all phat lewts?

Posted at 9:50 AM on March 13, 2007 by Deadeyez

Movers (in the last section) are really great for farming ABP for Shinryu, Omega, and the two forms of Exdeath. If you can win, the little buggers reward you with 15000 Gil and 199 ABP. They have exactly 10000 HP, so Finisher is out of the question. Use Zeninage (you'll get more money afterward) and/or Bahamut and Leviathan (around 3000 for a L40 team). If you play the Advance version, you could use the Quicksave trick (resets the battle counter) so you can face Movers every other battle (Quicksave or Save required after each Mover set)

Posted at 8:19 PM on March 7, 2007 by Slain087

hey, shinryu can be defeated without dragon lances (is a hell to get them, so if you dont have the advance version you cant try it). you need all the party as mimes, one with the combine ability (cannoneer), one with time, white and blue for mighty guard, other one with summon for bahamut and the last with mix for recovering mp (use a mix of holy water and ether for recover 180mp, and hi potion and ether for balm of gilead that fully restores mp) the attack has to begin with the one with the combine ability mixing dragon fang and blitzshot for dragon cannon that causes araund 5500 and 6000 points of damage, now after the first shot begin to mimic it. but before attacking be sure to cast hastega and mighty guard. in about 12 shots you wil get the dragon emblem and the ragnarok sword.

Posted at 6:10 PM on February 21, 2007 by ricardo baeza

There's an even easier way to defeat Shinryu. You'll need one of your characters with white magic and another who can summon. Cast Berserk on him to ensure that he will only use his regular attack, then use the summon Golem to prevent him from damaging you. As long as you keep summoning Golem every few rounds, he won't be able to hurt you. Sure, it may be cheap, but it works!

Posted at 4:26 PM on February 7, 2007 by Anonymous

if you cant defeat neoexdeath, why you dont try to avoid fighting him? you can do that by mixing a blessed kiss (a maidenīs kiss and a holy water) and give it to exdeath before he transforms into neoexdeath. the blessed kiss wil not let the great villain to transform

Posted at 8:35 PM on February 1, 2007 by ricardo baeza

A little trick I like to use is to have someone with the abilities dual-wield and Dance, and then load them with some serious weaponry, as well as the armours that boost Sword Dance chances (Lamia's Tiara, Rainbow Dress, Red Slippers). This means you have a good chance of dealing 8000 twice, in my case anyway. Also, I advise using Odin against Exdeath's first form, as it does similar damage to Bahamut, but takes less mp (there's only one part of him in the first fight). Use bahamut for the second form, though. Zeninage rules too.

Posted at 1:44 PM on January 20, 2007 by Psychic Hobo

Before you fight Exdeath walk near the save point for awhile(it seems to vary after everytime i save) and eventually you'll fight an enemy called the 'mover' which is just a small round brown ball, there should be three of them, all they seem to cast is delta and not very often. Well, why you should seek this enemy out is because once you kill them, you get 150000gil and 199ABP. It should be noted this is the advance version, i'm not sure about the other versions.

Posted at 10:10 PM on January 19, 2007 by Frodo Baggins

I heard of a glitch that involves the ablitity combine! it can obliterate Exdeath... Before Exdeath transforms to Neo Exdeath! Combine Dark Matter with I believe is Buckshot/Blitzshot I am pretty sure about Buckshot. You cast Chaos Cannon It being a new ability may hve slipped in a glitch with Exdeath it causes instant death I am going to Confirms this.

Posted at 4:47 PM on January 18, 2007 by Exdeath's_Soul

In the last battle, holy is actually more useful than flare. If you have sage's staff equipped, holy can do around 6000 points of damage while flare only does around 4000. Dual-cast holy and you can do around 13000 damage per turn. But, I prefer to dual-cast bahamut(also useful). I have one more strategy: Have someone dual-wield the strongest swords you currently have, spellblade flare, and attack. This will allow you to do massive damage(even more than dual-casting powered up holy).

Posted at 1:24 PM on January 3, 2007 by John

Get ribons for last boss

Posted at 9:01 PM on January 2, 2007 by Jason

Neoexdeath is lvl 81 so you can use lvl 3 flare but its weak. he has 50000 HP and i say use the ultimate magic like flare and holy but flare more

Posted at 5:32 PM on January 1, 2007 by lust

Shinryu is really easy if you do it right. The only Equipment required are the 4 Coral Rings. Go in with 4 Mimes, 3 with !DualCast, !White, and !Summon. The other with !Time instead of !White. As quick as possible hit him with Berserk and put up Golem. Cast Hastega when you get the chance then DualCast Golem and Bahamut and Mimic that for the rest of the battle. Easy Win.

Posted at 1:29 PM on December 31, 2006 by Anon

I have wondered for the past 5 minutes, does anyone know what NeoExDeaths tail looks like?

Posted at 8:02 AM on December 19, 2006 by Twitch

I really handed x-death's arse to himself with a hack-and-slash combo. Master the ninja, sorceror, and hunter to get an awesome combo. Equip !Sshot (x-fight), !sword on the person with the bare class. With two swords, the character attacks 8 times on up to 4 targets, at lvl 50, attacks do about 1,200 per hit, but powered with flare, it doubles. The next person had the bare class with !summon and !time. My third character was a mime with !white, !redx2 (x-magic), and EqRibbon. My last character, another mime, had !white, !black, and EqRibbon, so I had all 4 ribbons equipped. I also decided to go with winged shoes for my magic sword user, and just hit x-death with flare sword, bahamut, holy, and flare. Use of elixers keeps your parties mps up. It might have been luck, but x-death didn't use his horrible abilities on me and i just beat the crud out of him.

Posted at 11:27 PM on October 3, 2006 by Locke

The strategy that worked for me was pretty simple. It consisted of using 3 characters with normal classes, plus one as mimic. The abilities I picked were Jikku!, Call! and X-Magic! (given to the mimic), Mimic! plus one other skill: X-Fight!, Health! and Call!. Then I pretty much just spelled up, used X-Fight on Exdeath until he died, respelled, X-Magic'd Bahamut and then Mimic'd it to death, stopping every now and then to recast spells or revive party members with Phoenix. If it sounds a bit convoluted I've tried to explain it a bit more clearly here:

Posted at 2:34 AM on April 23, 2006 by Leng

With neo x-death, use asper sword skill. after two hits comes some weird marks.but then t starts drain gigantic amounts of mp. first over 9000 mp and then it starts decrease with enemys mp. 10-17 hits and neo x-deaths parts mp is about 20mp

Posted at 10:07 PM on November 10, 2005 by Finland

i also founded this with mixes: mix the dragon shield the party. then you're immune for fire,ice and lighting elemental magic. then mix for all members resist fire, resist bolt and resist ice. then you get health from those elemental spells. really nice!

Posted at 10:00 PM on November 10, 2005 by finland

you can block the grand crosses death status using mix lifeshield

Posted at 3:54 PM on October 20, 2005 by finland

Hey, just wanted to let you people know that Movers are in the N-Zone. They can do delta attacks and can randomly boot you from the battle. They are undead and I haven't "beaten" them yet.

Posted at 8:10 AM on March 24, 2005 by psychodragon

Crystelle are extremely weak monsters HP-wise (they have less then 100), but they absorb all elements and will dodge the majority of your physical attacks. If you don't want to waste Flare on these guys, Comet and GobPunch are cheap moves that work just as well. Necromander will often start the battle off with Zombie Powder (official translation might be different) which will, needless to say, cause the 'Zombie' status on one target. Otherwise not too hard: if you want to, try stealing a BoneMail from him. My Webpage can be found at (the appropriate field wouldn't accept it), and there you can find exactly what the monsters will have in store for you in this place (as well as all other places).

Posted at 8:19 AM on June 13, 2004 by Djibriel

Okay, it's the final maze, and I, Kraas, will try to give you a little advice. This place is full of very difficult enemies. Here's a few: Great Behemoth- these guys won't hit you unless you hit them, but they are extremely strong. Do NOT cast magic on them or they will couter with Meteo. The best way to destroy them is to use Break Sword. Crystal Dragon- not too tough, it shouldn't be much of a problem if you're at a high level. Watch out for it's wind attack, and try to steal a Dragon Lance from it; you will need several of these if you aim to defeat Shinryuu. Mindflayer- they usually come in groups & can be pretty tough because of their Mind Blast attack. Belfagel- I think you can kill these stone enemies with a Soft. Mover- if you can survive a fight with these guys, you will get a massive amount of ABP and gil, but no EXP. They're kinda hard to find, though. Crystelle & Necromancer- never fought 'em, so I can't tell you anything about them! So there you are! I might be back later to give some more advice.

Posted at 4:38 PM on December 23, 2001 by Kraas

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Area Enemies

hp: 18,000 mp: 300
exp: 0 gil: 1,000
Steal: Phoenix Down
Steal: Blood Sword
Drop: Double Lance
hp: 17,500 mp: 10,000
exp: 0 gil: 10,000
Steal: Elixir
Steal: Dragon Lance
Drop: Crystalmail
hp: 6,900 mp: 300
exp: 0 gil: 1,000
Steal: Holy Water
Steal: Bonemail
Drop: Holy Water
hp: 10,000 mp: 1,000
exp: 0 gil: 900
Steal: Potion
Steal: Aegis Shield
Drop: Circlet
Mind Flare
Mind Flare
hp: 4,700 mp: 500
exp: 0 gil: 800
Steal: Green Beret
Steal: HuntingKnife
Drop: White Robe
hp: 3 mp: 500
exp: 0 gil: 2,000
Steal: Ether
Steal: CrystlShield
Drop: CrystlHelmt
hp: 6,000 mp: 500
exp: 0 gil: 950
Steal: Moonring
Steal: Razor Ring
Drop: Ice Shield
hp: 10,000 mp: 500
exp: 0 gil: 50,000
Steal: Fire Skill
Steal: Water Skill
Drop: LgtningSkill
Gilgamesh at the first N-Zone encounter
hp: 37,000 mp: 0
Steal: Genji Shield
Drop: Magic Bow
hp: 44,044 mp: 10,000
Steal: Elixir
Steal: Thief’s Glove
Drop: LuminousRobe
hp: 8,800 mp: 300
Steal: Potion
Steal: Wall Ring
Drop: Nothing
Gilgamesh the second N-Zone encounter
hp: 55,000 mp: 60,000
Steal: Genji Armor
Drop: Nothing
hp: 55,500 mp: 51,000
Steal: Dragon Fang
Steal: Dragon Beard
Drop: Dragon Seal
X-Death in his final form
hp: 49,001 mp: 30,000
Steal: Phoenix Down
Steal: Wonder Wand
Drop: Nothing
Neo X-Death the first target
Neo X-Death
hp: 55,000 mp: 65,000
Steal: Dragon Lance
Drop: Nothing
Neo X-Death the third target
Neo X-Death
hp: 50,000 mp: 65,000
Steal: Strato
Drop: Nothing
Neo X-Death the second target
Neo X-Death
hp: 55,000 mp: 65,000
Steal: MagiShuriken
Drop: Nothing
Neo X-Death the fourth target
Neo X-Death
hp: 60,000 mp: 65,000
Steal: Ragnarok
Drop: Nothing