Final Fantasy V - The Spirit of Heroes


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Tower of N-Zone

Tower of N-Zone

After exiting the small room within the waterfall cave you find yourself suspended high above something I’m sure, but above what you will never know. If you have the Passages ability equipped the journey through this brief series of bridges will be quick and easy. If you don’t, it’s still rather easy to find your way westward. There are only two monsters in this area, the Dragon Aevis and the stealthy Ninja. The easiest to beat of the two is the Dragon Aevis. They have 7,000 hp and are weak to water. Rather than exploit the elemental weakness, you may want to employ a hunter wielding an Aevis Killer bow. The bow inflicts critical damage against the Dragon Aevis causing almost 3,500 points of damage. Rangers are good choices against the Ninjas as well. They have an evd of 70%, which makes Aim valuable. You may also employ ! Rapid Fire to dispatch them.

Dimension Castle—First Floor

The sprawling first floor is home to some nasty creatures. If you have Angel Rings, you may want to equip them. The Sword Dancers enjoy chanting Danse Macabre and turning party members into zombies. Angel Rings nullify that effect. The Death Claws, which often roam with the Sword Dancers, perform—can you guess?—Death Claw. You may learn it. It will always be a nuisance. A couple monsters show up only rarely. You may see an Hellraiser with some Magic Dragons and Blind Wolves. You can learn White Wind from the Hellraiser and Aeroga, Level 2 Old, and Off-Guard from the Magic Dragons. Your worst encounter here will most likely be the Iron Giants. They have 18,000 hp, hit extremely hard, cast Hurricane, and Rocket Punch—which does about 1,000 points of damage and confuses its target. Golem comes in handy at this point. Mighty Guard can be used to your advantage as well.

Ascending the center staircase is futile. Beyond that door is another door, which is locked. Instead venture to the west wing. The northern door leads to a dead end, but note the stairs in the western room you cannot yet reach. Take the southern exit out to the fresh air and enter the tower. Within is a lone chest containing Thor Hammer.

Repeat the process with the east wing. The northern room contains an unreachable staircase and nothing else of use. Exit south instead and venture into the tower. Its lone chest contains a pair of Hermes Sandals. Permanent Haste is never bad.

Having thoroughly explored the wings, go back to the center of the first floor and descend the center stairs.

Dimension Castle—Basement

There are no random encounters on this floor, but you certainly don’t need random encounters. There are more than enough boss-type creatures lurking about. So let’s get down to brass tacks…

hp: 27,900boss battle: Azulmagia

AzulmagiaAzulmagia lurks in the southwest cell of the basement. He’ll give you a chance not to fight him if you run into him unawares. Just tell him that you are not the warriors that hold the pieces of the crystal. He’ll then let you be on your merry way. Of course if you admit to holding the crystals he threatens you with death…

This unusual boss casts nothing but blue magic. If you are missing any spells (up to and including Mighty Guard) bring one or more party members equipped with the Learning ability. If you do intend to try and learn Mighty Guard, you should probably give everyone learning. To learn it, you must cast Reflect on Azulmagia and hope that he casts Mighty Guard on himself. Mighty Guard hits a single party member when reflected off of Azulmagia.

Of course it’s not all fun and games trying to learn spells. They hurt. He frequently casts Doom, cutting the life expectancy of one of your party members down to 30 seconds. Mind Blast is another fun favorite hitting for around 1,200 points of damage and causing hp drain. The only two blue magic spells he does not cast are Transfusion and Moon Flute. So, if you can think of the 28 other spells, he can cast them. Some spells he will not think to cast unless you remind him of them by casting them first; then he will unleash their fury on you. These spells include 1000 Needles, Level 3 Flare, Aeroga, Aqua Breath, Magic Hammer, Vampire and Self-Destruct (so technically you can’t learn them from him).

You may want to bring an Aegis Shield in the hopes that it will block some of his nastier spells. He likes to cast Flame Thrower fairly often, so a Flame Ring or Flame Shield could aid in easing your pain.

Fortunately for you, this red-robed baddy has a weakness, kind of an obscure one, but a weakness nonetheless. He dislikes poison. The most effective way to take advantage of this weakness is by utilizing a mystic knight. Enchant his or her sword with Bio and slash away. Lenna wielding a Bio enchanted Enhancer inflicted 7,000 points of damage. Even better is a Knight with the ! Spellblade ability and a Bio enchanted Brave Blade. That hits for 9,999 points of damage. Only slightly less effective is a mage casting Bio while wielding a Venom Rod. This racks up about 5,000 points of damage.

To end the battle instantly, cast Self-Destruct on Azulmagia. He will then cast it on you. Which means that one or more of your party members won’t get any abp, but at least the battle will be over.

If you are determined to have as many rare treasures in the game as possible, bring an able thief, and someone to cast Return. Azulmagia rarely carries a Titan’s Gloves. These gloves increase str and vit by 5, and decreases agi and mpwr by 5. As an added bonus, it renders its wearer immune to Mini. Most of the time you’ll only steal an Elixir from the blue magic casting wizard, but if you are extremely patient you’ll get the glove.

After beating him you gain 22 abp and access to a save point. Do use it. The barrage of bosses is just beginning.

hp: 6,000; 15,000boss battle: Alte Roite, Jura Aevis

Alte RoiteYou can skip these guys if you feel like it. Their destruction isn’t strictly necessary for beating the game. They just skitter around beside two beguiling treasure chests. The southernmost chest contains a Rainbow Dress. The chest above and slightly west holds Red Slippers. Not the most new or exciting treasures in the game, but I take what I can get.

Your only real problem with this battle is that, aside from Attack and Critical Attack, Alte Roite’s only other attack is Encircle, which erases a party member from the battle. If this happens, have the time mage—that I haven’t told you to bring yet—cast Return. After casting Return, be quicker about killing him. ! Rapid Fire works wonders here. ! Zeninage fritters away about 2,100 points of damage. Holy inflicts about 3,000. Alte Roite has a 70% evd, so you probably want to stick to magical attacks or use Aim.

Jura AevisInstead of dying a quick and painless death, Alte Roite changes forms. He turns into Jura Aevis, a dragon-like creature that looks surprisingly like the Archeoaevis. The only good thing about Jura Aevis is that he doesn’t use the Encircle attack, so you don’t have to worry about your party members disappearing. Unfortunately he has a lot of other attacks, some of them rather nasty. Jura Aevis enjoys Mælstroming party members within an inch of their lives. You should be familiar with this move by now. That means bring an able-bodied healer. He also Entangles party members, paralyzing them and rendering them useless for a bit. His other attacks hit the entire party for 500-800 points of damage and they are elemental. That means you can avoid some of them. Bring a Flame Ring or Shield along to absorb his Flame attack. The Ice Shield will absorb damage from Frost. You can’t really do anything about his Breath Wing or Lightning attacks, but that’s what the aforementioned healer is for.

Fortunately Jura Aevis is an Aevis. That means your ranger inflicts critical damage to him, about 3,500 points, when wielding the Aevis Killer bow. But when you get sick of picking these guys off one by one, take comfort in the fact that Odin’s True Edge attack slices him up cleanly with one shot. Also, the Oracle’s ! Condemn spell Doom works rather efficiently if you can wait a few seconds.

If you are extremely patient or foolhardy, you can steel a Dragoon Lance from the Jura Aevis. It’s a rare steal. Ordinarily you walk off with a Turtle Shell. I don’t recommend even trying to get the lance. You will need to steal them in the near future if you plan on battling Shinryu in the traditional manner, just don’t steal them from this monster. You can’t cast Return quite as effectively in this battle. Doing so forces the battle back to the very beginning and you have to first kill Alte Roite all over again before even getting the chance to try and steal the lance again. Though it won’t get any easier, save the lance stealing conquest for the Crystal Dragons you’ll meet all too soon. For now collect your 66 total abp and be happy.

hp: 19,997boss battle: Catastrophe

CatastropheThis cyclopean beast likes earth magic. He likes casting it. He likes absorbing it when you cast it. He likes bringing your party closer to the earth. Because of this it does you no good to float your party. He immediately casts 100 Gs, which sinks each carefully levitated party member softly to the ground. That’s good for him because he can then cast Earth Shaker and hit everyone for around 1,000 points of damage. When he’s not busy playing that game he uses his large eye to cast Evil Eye and turn a target to stone.

The bad news is that you can’t really do anything to protect yourself against his attacks. The good news is he’s not too tough. Whack him in your favorite manner. Bahamut hits for about 4,000 points of damage. ! Zeninage takes off around 2,850. His 19,997 hp shouldn’t take you too long to get rid of. If you don’t want to deal with his attacks bring along a couple of fighters, and a couple of people able to cast Float. Then just repeatedly cast float. He’ll spend his time obsessively returning you to the ground and you won’t have to worry about his Earth Shaker attack.

Claim his 21 abp, Gold Needle, and a kiss from the “maiden” you rescued…

After bestowing a kiss on Bartz the damsel flees upstairs. Follow. Take the stairs out to the courtyard and wander in the sunlight. Monsters abound here, but mostly you’ll just run into the Sword Dancers and Death Claws that are found on the first floor. If you are unfortunate you’ll have a run in with some Furies. They cast some naughty spells. The most irritating of which I find are Doom and Drain, although Comet still hurts.

Walk all the way to the west before entering the castle proper. Take the stairs down. If you don’t have the Find Passages ability equipped, this may seem like a dead end. Those savvy enough to equip the Find Passages ability will note the secret walk directly to the right of the stairs. Continue through and keep waltzing down the stairs until you land in that taunting cell with the lone chest. Open it for a Man-Eater. It is the second best knife in the game with an atk of 86. Its only drawback is that only dancers can equip it. And, as the name suggests, it inflicts extra damage to human targets. After you get the knife, go back upstairs and enter the castle.

Throne Room

Don’t go down the center door unless you’d like to fight some more monsters back on the first floor. There is a switch on the wall that unlocks the double doors you previously couldn’t open. So, it’s a convenient shortcut to the first floor, but pointless for now. Try to exit through the northwest door…twice. But be sure you’re up for a battle before you do.

hp: 33,333boss battle: Halicarnassus

HalicarnassusSomehow that pretty girl that kissed you is really a man. Get used to gender ambiguity; it’s not the first time it’s happened in this game. Of course that kiss before was the kiss of death and you’re about to get pounded. Oddly enough, you may want to turn your entire party into toads before the battle begins.

Halicarnassus’s first attack is Ribbit. If your party already consists of toads the spell will instead change you back into humans. Otherwise you have a lot of healing to do. After that initial magical onslaught, Halicarnassus just slaps you around a bit for up to 500 points of damage. Occasionally he Hastes himself or casts Shell, sometimes Dispels you. In a fit of madness he casts Reverse Polarity and switches the rows of one or more of your party members. Be sure to put them back before you start ineffectively hitting him. If he casts Holy, resurrect whomever he targets. His Holy spell often hits for 9,999 points of damage. Ouch.

Whatever you do, don’t cast summon spells on him. It doesn’t matter what you cast, he counters by “focusing power” and then hitting a character for almost 6,000 points of damage. You can hit him with Flare for about 4,000 points of damage. Or just use your favorite physical attacks. I opt for a Berserker with Two-Handed, Hermes Sandals, and a Rune Axe. That combination hits quickly for 5,000-7,000 points of damage.

You may want to steal from Halicarnassus. His common steal is a Light Staff. The only other way you may have gotten a Light Staff is by stealing one (rarely) from Metamorph. His rare steal is the lovely Aegis Shield. And if you’re lucky he may drop an Elven Mantle.

After smiting Halicarnassus you can continue the journey through the castle. The next room crawls with Iron Giants. If all four of your party members survive the battle they each gain 2,500 exp. If you are looking to bolster your levels, they are your best bet. They are tied with the Shield Dragons for most experience points awarded. If not, just climb the stairs to the roof and prepare for yet another boss battle.

hp: 50,000boss battle: Twintania

TwintaniaTwintania guards the entrance to the Interdimensional Rift proper. They couldn’t have chosen a heftier, cow-like beast. If you note his attacks and weaknesses, you shouldn’t have too much of a problem with him. But if you come unprepared…death may be certain.

First off, note his weaknesses: holy and water. You can inflict quite a bit of holy damage very easily. Water damage is a bit less varied, but still effective. To inflict water damage, your only real choice is Leviathan. So, bring a summoner to inflict around 7,000 points of damage. Aqua Breath doesn’t even hit for 1,000, so disregard it. Your main attacks should be holy-elemental based attacks. You can use magical attacks, such as the white mage’s Holy spell, or you can rely on Holy-imbued weapons such as the Excalibur or the Holy Lance. Or you can have a field day with all of them. A white mage equipped with the Sage’s Staff casting Holy inflicts 9,999 points of damage. A mystic knight equipped with an Enhancer enchanted with Holy also inflicts 9,999 points of damage—or so much that it doesn’t even display. The Excalibur inflicts around 5,500 points of damage, the Holy Lance 4,800. Jumping with the Holy Lance does right around 9,500 points of damage. ! Zeninage is also an option weighing in at 8,850 points of damage.

So, you have a myriad of ways to damage Twintania, but what about protecting against the damage he will do to you? Twintania counterattacks both magical and physical attacks. He counters physical attacks with Tidal Wave for around 1,000 points of damage. Bring along as many Coral Rings as you own to absorb the damage from it. If you don’t have enough Coral Rings to go around, try an Aegis Shield. That may block the spell. He counters magical attacks with Mega Flare for around 1,000 points of damage as well. You can’t defend against that traditionally (sometimes the Aegis Shield will block it). Then you have his regular attacks to contend with. Most of them are not especially damaging. Atomic Ray inflicts about 275 points of fire-elemental damage to all party members. This gets nullified by the Coral Rings. Ice Storm hurts a bit more. It inflicts around 600 points of ice-elemental damage. Technically you can nullify the damage with a Flame Ring, but that renders its wearer weak to water-elemental attacks (like Tidal Wave) so I don’t recommend using them. You could always equip an Ice Shield to absorb the damage. Wind Slash you can’t protect against, but it does paltry damage (150-300) anyway. He uses Mind Blast on your entire party, which can be a bit of a nuisance since it paralyzes, inflicts 200 points of damage and causes your hp to drain. He also hits physically, but rather rarely. The attack you have to worry about is Giga Flare. After a few rounds of combat Twintania says, “Powering up for Gigaflare!” You should know at that point that if you haven’t cast Mighty Guard or Shell on every party member, death is near at hand. Giga Flare tears through each and every party member for about 3,000 points of damage when unprotected, half that when shelled.

Now, what I haven’t mentioned is that somehow you’re actually fighting two forms of Twintania. You can’t visually tell which form you’re fighting. The only way you can tell is based on the attacks. Whenever you see the text “Powering up for Gigaflare!” you are fighting the second form of the monster. This is important because the second from is a different level—you can kill him with Level 5 Death. And he carries different items to steal and drop. You can steal a Titan’s Axe from the second form, and if you are lucky he drops a Murasame. After he casts Giga Flare he reverts back to the first form. From the first form you can usually steal a Phoenix Down, but rarely you can make off with a Flame Shield. Even more rarely, he drops a Tinklebell. This is the only place in the game to get it. It’s the most powerful bell in the game, but it doesn’t do anything miraculous.

After thwarting the Interdimensional Rift’s guardian, stairs descend from the tip-top. Climb them. You may get attacked along the way, so be sure to heal up a bit if you’re battered. Actually look forward to getting attacked. Yojimbos roam this section of the castle. They carry, as their rare steal, Murakumo. Murakumos are the strongest katanas in the game. They don’t have any special properties, so you’ll probably still end up using the Masamune, but they are fun to wander around with. When you are ready to continue on to the last leg of your journey ascend the stairs and stand in the center of the roof. You will be teleported to the Last Floor. Don’t worry. You can come back from there.

User Submitted Strategies

If you're playing the real version (PSX/SNES), you MUST fight the first boss if you want the save point. He will keep asking you if you are the crystal bearers over and over again until you fight him.

Posted at 11:02 AM on July 23, 2009 by Mark

Ok, I have four strategies to post, so bear with me here. Also, I think it would be smart to note that in the first three fights mentioned here, my entire party had Hermes Sandels. {[(Azulmagia)]} This guy was a piece of cake for me. Because his weakness to poison was posted rather nicely in this walkthrough, I pounded him with all the Poison strength I could muster... The first thing I did for Bartz was Spellblade him with Bio. I'm not sure this worked for me because I used !RapidFire after, or the fact that I was holding two weapons with him, but his attacks still did aroud 2300 per hit, so I wasn't complaining. Krile is always a rather odd subject for battles during this point in the game. She is gifted with the !Blue, !Gaia and Equip Lances abilities, so she has a very wide range of attacks to demolish with, not to mention !Mimic. Since this battle is three battles behind me now, I only think I used Mimic with her. I did not, however, use Blue Magic in this battle. Lenna was my healer and Time Mage, with an added bonus of !Mimic and !Items. I am completly sure I used Mimic with her, but I never actually got to heal in this battle. It was over before Azulmagia even got a hit in. Faris was the main star in this battle. Because of my !Black and !Summon abilities, !Dualcast gave me a full arsenal of Black and summoning magic to use. Normally, I would use Summoning with Dualcast, but because of Azulmagia's weakness I gave the red-robed mage a double helping of Bio. This not only gave my Mimes something worthwhile to Mimic, but it also gave a nice 4000-6000 smack to Azulmagia's HP. (4000-6000 doesn't mean the damage varies. It means the attack hit in between 2000-3000 individually, I just cant remember exactly.) {[(Catastrophe)]} Unlike Azulmagia, Catastrophe got more attacks in. One. And that was 100 Gs. Bartz hit Catastrophe with RapidFire, holding two swords, but he did nothing special in particular in this fight. Krile finnaly got to use some of that Blue magic her grandpa liked. Mighty Gaurd was a big help when I realized I forgot to Float my party. She did this for to turns. Then the battle ended. Lenna was a helpful Mime. Not much else. Faris again was the shining star of this fight. I Dualcasted Bahumut and Bahumut for a heavy helping of damage, then used Mimic for Lenna. I think I did this twice. {[(Halicarnassus)]} This guy hit twice. These attacks were Ribbit and a regular physical attack. And yes, I also forgot to Toad my entire party before the fight. Bartz did some fair smacking in this fight. As mentioned before, he had RapidFire and two swords... blah blah blah. One thing to note, though, is that we was unaffected my the Ribbit attack. Krile stayed Toaded until after the fight. Before that, she Mighty Gaurded the entire party. Lenna was the only one with the Items ability in my party. Without her I would never have won. The two Maiden's Kisses I used were all she did after being Toaded, btu I think there was a little confusion before hindering her from doing more, caused by the alarm I experienced on realising I couldn't cast magic while Toaded. Like the last fights, she was a great Mimic. Faris, for the third time, was my chief player. She couldn't show her full spunk due to not being able to Summon, but a Dualcast Flare never hurts! See, I can afford these magics because of my trusty Golden Hairpin. Luckily, I blasted Halicarnassus with the Dualcasted Flare three more times because of the !Mimic ability. Thank you Gogo! {[(Twintania)]} I was expecting Hell from this fight. So I accesorized my party like Barbie dolls, with a little bit of paranoia thrown in. And he was only a little bit stronger than the others! I believe my strength in this game in the fact I overestimate my fights. I don't think I should've put Bartz in the back row. Long Reach doesn't work unless it is equipted. Or mabye this guy just had a higher defence. Either way, Excalibur was defenitly the stronger sword, and every RapidFire hit for 6000 HP. Krile Mighty Gaurded. As usual. She was the only one with the Hermes Sandels still on, I didn't have enough Coral Rings. The Aegis Shield blocked the only Tidal Wave Twintania got in, so that was good. Lenna especially shone in this fight! With the Sage's Staff equipted, Holy did 9999 dammage! This gave Krile and Bartz something to copy, with a slightly less hit counter. As always, Faris did very good in this fight. Dualcasting Leviathan and Leviathan made a huge impact in Twintania, although he always countered with MegaFlare.

Posted at 7:19 PM on June 5, 2009 by Matt

weed help

Posted at 2:11 AM on January 12, 2009 by You know it does

Berzerker is officially the best class of all. My lovable double-axe weilding berzerker Faris tore through all of these pu$$y bosses no problem. All I have to do is set down my controller and watch Faris do all the work. 4000 with one hand (Giant's axe) and 7000 with the other (My personal fav... The Rune Axe)

Posted at 1:38 AM on January 12, 2009 by Korgoth of Barbaria

Another good location to gain exp is the main room in the Castle. You'll probably fight either 1 Iron Giant or 2 Death Claws & 2 Sword Dancers (there are 2 other battles like just 2 sword dancers, and a large group of monsters found in Exdeath's castle). Fighting Iron Giant nets 2500 EXP, fighting the 4 monsters at a time nets over 2000 EXP. Use Leviathan (Gold Hairpin equipped would be nice) to eliminate them all handily. Iron Giants, don't really bother with Leviathan unless you don't want to "chance" Odin's non-1-hit-KO attack (stack damage).

Posted at 5:37 PM on February 17, 2007 by Garvis

While I was looking for another Ninja, I found some new creatures who are not on your list: Mammon Galajelly Mini Magician

Posted at 9:10 PM on February 11, 2007 by Krista

twintania is specially weak against odin summon when is charging up for gigaflare. so, why dont you try to smack that wretched copy of a mutant cow with odin?

Posted at 8:25 PM on February 1, 2007 by ricardo baeza

to easily defeat halicarnassus turn all your characters into frogs, then figt the boss. he will then tur your characters back to normal. a good weapon against him is the needle cannon. shoot repeateadly by using mimes and the boss will be something to laugh at.

Posted at 8:15 PM on February 1, 2007 by ricardo baeza

If you held on to any reflect rings, equip each member of your party that you can with one and cast float on them outside of battle, then attack catastrophe

Posted at 1:55 PM on January 13, 2007 by Castor

Though the guide says otherwise, go ahead and try to heist a Dragon Lance from the Jura Aevis. If you are lucky, you should be able to bag at least one from them. Don't be surprised if Jura Aevis doesn't bear it. It's very rare.

Posted at 5:43 PM on January 5, 2007 by Ack-Tar

Also, you have the time and patience (and I mean a LOT of patience), you might want to take the time to get the strongest katana in the game, the Strato AKA murakumo. Go get the Strato, you need to steal it from a Yojimbo. You can find the Yojimbo if you run around on the grass portion of the castle. Yojimbo is paired up with a Ninja (he's the one on the left). Have a Thief steal from Yojimbo. Here's where the patience comes in. 95% of the time, you will steal a Cottage and not a Strato. If you do steal a Cottage, cast Return and steal again, and again, and again, and again.....and again until you steal a Strato and not a Cottage. If it makes you feel any better, I had to steal a Cottage 55 times before I succeeded in getting that stupid Strato weapon. I sure hope you have better luck than I did. And if you do get it, SAVE!

Posted at 3:14 PM on January 5, 2007 by dadood

the alte roite/jura aevis are a piece of cake if you bring along a gladiator or two. they help quite a bit with catastrophe and azulmagia as well: !Finisher hits for 9999 when it does an elemental attack, and around 3000-4000 for my level 42 gladiators. makes them absurdly easy, actually.

Posted at 1:36 PM on December 30, 2006 by finn

if you didin't obtain ramuh earlier in the game, he attacks you on the way to the throneroom entrance as a random battle. After defeating him, he talks to ifrit and you obtain ramuh as an item.

Posted at 1:53 PM on December 6, 2006 by cogas

Thank you. The monsters have been added. Better late than never.

Posted at 8:04 PM on December 5, 2006 by Jennifer Schmidt

hahaaa!. games best training plece is after the save room and littke stairs. when you're in the little room where is stairs which will take you outside. there comes fights with iron giant and three deathclaws. one odins attack and its over. exp comes 3775 and that fight comes really often. that same room haves yellow dragons too. thanks for that room, my level is 82.

Posted at 10:14 PM on November 10, 2005 by finland

I also founded 2 yellow dragons

Posted at 9:50 PM on November 10, 2005 by finland

sometimes in tover of n-Zone appears the mithril dragon

Posted at 3:41 PM on October 20, 2005 by finland

Sometimes in tower of N-Zone appears the red dragon

Posted at 2:26 PM on September 3, 2004 by Dullahan

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Area Enemies

hp: 600 mp: 200
exp: 270 gil: 114
Steal: Tonic
Steal: MythrilArmor
Drop: MythrilGlove
Blind Wolf
Blind Wolf
hp: 900 mp: 0
exp: 500 gil: 363
Steal: Eye Drop
Drop: Eye Drop
A Rage
A Rage
hp: 1,050 mp: 100
exp: 750 gil: 366
Steal: Tonic
Steal: Potion
Drop: Phoenix Down
hp: 2,900 mp: 300
exp: 1,200 gil: 372
Steal: Tonic
Steal: Potion
Drop: Elixir
hp: 6,900 mp: 1,000
exp: 2,500 gil: 500
Steal: Dragon Fang
Steal: Cottage
Drop: Dragon Fang
Red Dragon
Red Dragon
hp: 7,500 mp: 1,000
exp: 3,000 gil: 500
Steal: Potion
Steal: Fire Ring
Drop: Elixir
hp: 8,500 mp: 1,000
exp: 2,600 gil: 500
Steal: LightningRod
Steal: Ether
Drop: Coral Ring
hp: 5,000 mp: 200
exp: 1,800 gil: 612
Steal: Shuriken
Steal: Ichimonji
Drop: MagiShuriken
hp: 7,000 mp: 1,000
exp: 2,020 gil: 618
Steal: Trident
Steal: Artemis
Drop: Dragon Fang
hp: 3,000 mp: 0
exp: 2,400 gil: 561
Steal: MythrilHelmt
Steal: Enchanter
Drop: Blizzard
Death Claw
Death Claw
hp: 4,000 mp: 200
exp: 1,700 gil: 600
Steal: Hero Drink
Steal: Thor’sHammer
Drop: Soft
hp: 5,000 mp: 1,000
exp: 2,250 gil: 630
Steal: Wall Ring
Steal: Hex Ring
Drop: Black Robe
hp: 3,960 mp: 0
exp: 2,000 gil: 645
Steal: Cottage
Steal: Strato
Drop: Power Tasuki
Iron Giant
Iron Giant
hp: 18,000 mp: 10,000
exp: 10,000 gil: 597
Steal: Iron Helmet
Steal: Iron Armor
Drop: Giant Drink
hp: 27,900 mp: 50,000
Steal: Elixir
Steal: Giant’sGlove
Drop: Black Hood
Alte Roit
Alte Roit
hp: 6,000 mp: 1,000
Steal: Tonic
Steal: Holy Water
Drop: HealingStaff
Jura Avis
Jura Avis
hp: 15,000 mp: 1,000
Steal: Turtle Shell
Steal: Dragon Lance
Drop: Dragon Fang
hp: 19,997 mp: 19,997
Steal: Elixir
Steal: Cottage
Drop: Soft
hp: 33,333 mp: 5,000
Steal: Lumino-Staff
Steal: Aegis Shield
Drop: Elf Cloak
Twin Tania (Second Form)
Twin Tania
hp: 50,000 mp: 10,000
Steal: Double Ax
Drop: MonsterKillr
Twin Tania (First Form)
Twin Tania
hp: 50,000 mp: 10,000
Steal: Phoenix Down
Steal: Flame Shield
Drop: Tinkerbell