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Forest of N-Zone

Forest of N-Zone

There are only three monsters in this zone. None of them should give you too much trouble. The Moss Fungus is weak to both fire- and water-based spells. Pick your favorite and wail away. Firaga does decent damage but will not kill the Moss Fungus in one hit. Leviathan will, but the casting cost of 39 mp is hefty. As an alternative you may want to just cast Level 3 Flare on them. It also works well against the Farfarellos. The only monster wandering about that Level 3 Flare won’t harm is the White Flame. They don’t have elemental weaknesses but they happily absorb holy and take no damage from earth magic. You may just want to pound away at their meager 1,600 hp or cast Odin and get it over with quickly. Before you dispatch them you can control them and have your way with their White Wind healing.

Fortunately this creepy forest is brief and fairly easy to navigate. From the beginning head the only direction you can—eastward. Follow the path’s northward turn. Skirt left around the first tree. Instead of following the path to the west, go up and around the tree to the east. There’s a tiny path northeast that leads to a treasure chest. Pluck a Dragon Fang from it. Then go back and follow the path west of the tree. When you come to a rock-pile, hug the west wall of shrubbery. Descend steadily southward. The shrubs turn slightly eastward. You should spy another treasure chest at the base of a tree. It contains a lovely Ribbon. Now the path goes straight south. Dive down and when you come to a roadblock of flowers (heaven forbid you can’t tromp through them) skirt to the right of the tree. Just to the south of it is yet another chest containing an Enhancer (still no new loot!). Keep following the shrubbery north and then east. A final chest comes into view at the base of an old tree. This one finally does contain a new and interesting weapon: the Lilith Rod. This may be your mage’s favorite wand. It increases mpwr by 3, has a whopping 30 atk and as an added bonus casts Osmose ¼ of the time when you attack with it. Just to the right of the treasure chest is the entrance to a little alcove. At the bottom of the alcove grows a sturdy tree with a hole at its center. This is the end. Approach it to face the boss of this realm: Calofisteri.

hp: 18,000boss battle: Calofisteri

CalofisteriThis blue nymph isn’t difficult by any means. She casts a wide array of different white, black, and time magic spells, and counters your attacks using them rather efficiently, but you can wear her 18,000 hp down without taking too much of a beating. If you have any Angel Rings lying about you may want to equip them. Calofisteri takes great delight in casting old on anyone and everyone in your party. She also enjoys casting Reflect on herself and you and bouncing curative spells onto herself. Dispel and dispel again. She’ll keep casting. Her only real offensive spells are Bio, Drain and Poison. They shouldn’t do too much damage. Just keep attacking and she’ll go down. She counters each physical attack using Drain, which is more of an annoyance than a threat. There’s no graceful fix here except to simply persevere in your favorite manner.

User Submitted Strategies

Summoning Carbuncle and reflecting holy and flare spells off of my party worked really well.

Posted at 5:18 PM on March 23, 2010 by Kelga is the man

Summoning Carbuncle and reflecting holy and flare spells off of my party worked really well.

Posted at 5:18 PM on March 23, 2010 by Kelga is the man

The actual sword in the forest is the Blood Sword. And the Enhacer is in the Ruins.

Posted at 9:05 AM on July 23, 2009 by Victor

This boss went down fast for me: All it took was three turns. I had Bartz as a mime, with the !RapidFire ability, the Dual-Wield ability, and the Equip Swords ability. One RapidFire hit with my Brave Blade and Blood Sword inflicted at least 6000 damage. With Faris, I had the !Summon ability, the !Black ability and the !Dualcast ability. (Faris was, too, a mime. My entire party was.) I Dualcasted Bahumut and Bahumut, and then sat back and watched the fireworks. This made another 6000 health fly off her counter. Also, I had Golden Hairpin equipted for this battle. Finnaly, Lenna had the !Mimic ability because she was a mime. I simply had to Mimic once to obliterate the last 6000 health she had.

Posted at 5:14 PM on June 5, 2009 by Matt

i shouldn't have equiped my reflect rings because she kept casting protect and eventually i just shut the game off and unequiped my reflect rings for hermes sandles and i got allsorts of protective spells cast on me and didn't get reflected once.

Posted at 11:01 AM on June 25, 2007 by defeater

Flare Blade= Total Defeat

Posted at 6:15 PM on December 18, 2006 by Exdeath's_Embodiment

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Area Enemies

hp: 1,600 mp: 100
exp: 1,430 gil: 588
Steal: Eye Drop
Steal: Elixir
Drop: Ether
hp: 5,000 mp: 200
exp: 1,520 gil: 591
Steal: Potion
Steal: Air Lancet
Drop: Antidote
hp: 2,580 mp: 485
exp: 1,390 gil: 606
Steal: Speed Drink
Steal: Lillith
Drop: Eye Drop
Wood Sprite
Wood Sprite
hp: 18,000 mp: 1,000
Steal: Plumed Hat
Steal: Wall Ring
Drop: DiamondPlate