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    After munching on some enemies the dragon decides to challenge your party.

World 3: Easterly Falls

Easterly Falls

To find the dungeon proper you need your airship. You must fly (or sail) your ship south of the falls and then scout for an underwater cave. If you have the world map, the entrance cave appears as a flashing plus sign on the underwater map. Once inside the small cave you face a few nasty monsters. The Ironback still hit hard, but they can still be quelled with ice-elemental spells. Druids cast a plethora of annoying spells such as Web, Image, and Encircle. If you are hard pressed for blue magic you can control them to learn Dark Spark.

Once outside of the cave you have little to fear on your short trek across the desert. It is populated with Sand Bears and Desert Killers. Walk into the falls to reach the entrance to the final lithograph dungeon. This one starts off with the same pair of Gargoyles. And like the previous three dungeons, they are killed just as easily using Level 3 Flare or an appropriate level 5 Black Magic spell.

First Floor

I hope you brought galoshes or waders. This place is…wet. It also looks rather daunting what with all of the cascades of water, and few clear cut paths. Walk up the stairs ahead of you and walk gingerly west (opening your umbrella as you pass under a series of small waterfalls). Slip down the two-tiered waterfall at the end of the small ledge to reach the level below. Climb up the stairs, then up the next (ignoring the chest to the left) and up the last few to reach your first treasure: a Turtle Shell. Go back down two flights of stairs and then take the left-most stairs down and walk to the western side of the cave. Climb the narrow stairs. Note the small waterfall just left of the seemingly unreachable chest. Ride it down and pluck from the chest an Ether. Slide down the fall at the bottom edge of that ledge, and this time head east and then north a bit until you come to another long staircase. Climb it. Ignore the door to the north. There is one last treasure to nab in this room. This one requires no raft use for its liberation. Just wander to the right and up a bit until you see another small staircase. Descend it gracefully and grab the Air Knife. Now go back to the exit in the middle of the north wall and use it.

Basement Level 2

It doesn’t matter whether you take the right door or the left door. They both go to different (connected) sections of the same place. So, we’ll start with the right door then, shall we? Wade south until you spy the treasure chest lying in wait on the ledge out of the water. Climb more stairs (awful lot of stairs for a cave…) and take the Goliath Tonic from the chest. Wade south toward the waterfall. You can’t reach the waterfall, but as you approach it, a hidden path illuminates to the east. Obviously you want to follow it to more treasure. Tucked away around a bend in the tunnel is a chest containing a Rune Blade. After collecting the Rune Blade, which consumes mp to inflict critical damage, climb the submerged stairs to the west. Wind around the ledge and descend the stairs. Climb up the stairs to the left of those and walk north to the switch on the wall. A treasure chest lies due east of the switch next to a small waterfall. In order to snap up the treasure you must have a thief, or someone utilizing the Dash ability in your party. The switch shuts off the flow of water for an instant, just long enough for someone to run over and grab the treasure. Then the water returns and sweeps your party into the murky water below. It’s worth the trouble though; within that chest is the third Protect Ring that you can find in the game (you can steal two others, so you might not need it). So after claiming your prize by dashing madly, climb the leftmost stairs again and go south exiting the room.

Basement Level 3

Another twisty section of cave awaits you. Follow the winding path. At the crossroads, venture north. Take the Phoenix Down from the chest. You may need it with the Fall Guards lurking. They can hit for over 4,000 points of damage. Saunter south along the waterway and at the next fork take the southerly route. It ends at another treasure chest. Grab a humdrum Reflect Ring (I’m sure you’ve stolen or won oodles of them by now) and then take the other fork and exit the room. Yes, I failed to mention that tantalizing chest across from the Reflect Ring. We’ll get to it.

The next room contains a spike-surrounded consecrated circle. At this point your mp stores may be running a bit low and your party is probably a bit raggedy. Use a tent, save, and continue.

Basement Level 4

From this point onward it may be in your best interests to either employ a geomancer, or at least their Find Pits ability. The next couple floors are rife with traps. The first one occurs just above the first stairs leading south. Head for the cave in the center of the room. Behind its circular pillar lies a chest containing Artemis Bow, the strongest bow in the game.

Don’t get too excited about the chest in the southwest corner. It houses a mound of Gil—12,000 Gil to be precise—but that’s fairly useless in my ever so humble opinion. So sigh as you stuff it into your pockets and then continue north. Right in front of the narrow passage is a trap hole. Skirt it carefully and exit.

Here is that chest you looked at so longingly, ripe for the taking. It contains an Enhancer sword. At first glance it may not seem all that great if you’ve gotten the Excalibur or the Brave Blade, but the Enhancer raises mpwr by 3. That’s a beautiful thing for your red or blue mage.

Now that you’ve emptied the coffers on the fourth (and third) floor, you can continue on to the fifth floor either gracefully (through the southern exit), or tumultuously by tumbling down one of the trap holes.

Basement Level 5

Three more chests await your trusty lock-pick. But these chests are all booby-trapped. We’ll start in the southwest corner and work ourselves around clockwise. As you approach the first chest, you may notice that it is encircled by large spikes. You may also notice a familiar skull switch on the wall. When you press it the spikes disappear, and a safe path to the chest is revealed. Take note of the two holes, you will use them later. But don’t fall down them yet. Instead take the Titan’s Axe. It’s a right fine Axe for the berserker you probably don’t use much. Run north for the next chest. You can either press the switch (the safe thing to do) or dispense with it and approach the chest from the front. Nab a shiny Aegis Shield. You may or may not already have one depending on your choice in the Great Forest of Moore. I love the spell-blocking shield. You can use the same trick for the final chest and just approach it from the front. Spikes pop out from the three other sides. Within its confines rests a Fuma Shuriken. I always hoard my throwing weapons and never seem to use them, but for the right occasion the Fuma Shuriken makes a distinct impression. It can hit for 7,000 points of damage. That’s not too shabby. Now, you’ve gotten all of the treasure and wandered full circle and have not found an exit. Don’t be me. Don’t panic and feel lost. Jump down the rabbit hole. Or that failing, one of the two holes by the first treasure.

Basement Level 6

The lithograph rests in plain site on its pedestal. If only claiming it were so easy. Walk up to it. Grab it triumphantly. Whirl around with glee. Then prepare for a boss battle because you won’t get far walking out of this place.

hp: 40,000boss battle: Leviathan

the graceful water king LeviathanLeviathan displays his awesome power by snacking on one of X-Death’s henchman. You get the pleasure of being his next meal unless you can defeat him and gain his power. His 40,000 hp may look daunting, but Leviathan can be beaten in just a few rounds. The key to a quick demise is to exploit his weakness to bolt magic.

My favorite method of exploitation involves one or two well-outfitted mystic knights. By nature mystic knights cannot wield the Brave Blade or Excalibur. So the mystic knight’s ability of choice is Equip Swords. If you don’t have four Coral Rings, equip the mystic knight with an Aegis Shield. The character will then randomly evade Leviathan’s Tidal Wave attack. Clothe as you see fit and accessorize like Barbie on prom night. Your little mystic knight should hit for max damage (9,999) or very close depending on the strength of your sword.

The other excellent choice for offensive action is a trusty black mage wielding a thunder rod. He hits for 8,000-9,000 points of damage casting Bolt 3 while wielding the rod. Without it he hits for about 6,000 points of damage. So don’t forget it!

Now if you want to get a couple other classes in on the action you can, but their damage pales in comparison. Thunder Scrolls hit for almost 3,000 points of damage. Ramuh and Syldra, your two bolt-elemental summons hit for around 2,500 points of damage.

As an afterthought, bring a healer or two. Two if you don’t have Coral Rings. You want the rings to absorb Leviathan’s Tidal Wave attack. Tidal Wave hits all party members for about 800 points of damage. He often casts it successively before you get a chance to heal. If you do have the rings, that’s bonus healing. If not, it hurts! So, I should have told you to stock up on them before coming here shouldn’t I? C’est la vie. You have other attacks to look forward to that you can’t absorb. Leviathan flat out hits you for anywhere between 500-1,000 points of damage. Or he whacks you with his Tail attack for 300-1,100 points of damage to a single target. As an added bonus, his stinging tail causes hp to drain. You may also get drenched by Aqua Breath, which oddly enough is not water-based. Last but not least the sea serpent may Entangle a party member, thereby paralyzing him.

If you live for stealing and bring along a thief, you may walk away with another Elixir. Otherwise at the end of the battle Leviathan will leave you with a Reflect Ring and 20 abp as a parting gift. Oh, and you’ll gain him as a summoned monster.

Magic Lamp

As a slight detour if you haven’t already stumbled upon the Magic Lamp, get it before you enter the dungeon. You need Boko’s assistance to obtain this artifact. Why do you want it? What is it? You use the Magic Lamp as an item. When used, it casts summon spells from Bahamut (the strongest) to Chocobo (the weakest), decreasing in strength each time used. It can be recharged at the spot where you pick it up though, so essentially you have a free Bahamut-casting toy. To begin this small quest I assume you left Boko back at Ghido’s Shrine. Whether you did or not, that’s our starting point. Saddle up and ride off into the sunset…or just head northeast toward Tule. From Tule, continue north through the thin valley. Turn east until you reach Kuza Castle. Ride north again at Kuza Castle until you reach Regole. At Regole change direction and follow the coastline to the west. Eventually you will come across a lake with two tributaries. Take the southern tributary and wind through the mountains. When the stream splits take the north fork. When it splits again head west (floating out to sea isn’t a very good option). You arrive above the falls. Go to the center. Boko enters the falls and you receive the Magic lamp. To recharge it just come back to the same spot and examine the falls again.

User Submitted Strategies

Leviathan went down in two turns for me. Here's a run-down of my team so far, because some people post stats that suggest a boss which kicks ass................................[[[Bartz, Lv 43, Mime, !Rapid Fire_Dual-Wield_Equip Swords, Brave Blade_Excalibur]]]...........{{{Krile, Lv 43, Mime, !Blue_!Time_Equip Katanas, Kiku-ichimonji}}}.......................(((Lenna, Lv 41, Mime, !White_!Gaia_!Mug, Assassin's Dagger)))....[[[Faris, Lv 43, !Black_!Summon_!Dualcast, Magus Rod]]].............................Here's what I did. I used RapidFire on him for about 9,000 damage with Bartz, then used Mimic with Lenna, then used Dualcast (Thundaga, Thundaga) with Faris, used Rapid Fire with Bartz then that ended the battle.

Posted at 6:54 PM on August 3, 2009 by Matt

Hey, I all ready posted the perfect strategy for the Dinglberry on it's bestiary page, but here it is again for those of you who want it. Simply put; Summoning ODIN invokes his Vengsword attack, and the Dinglberry is destroyed. It's that simple. ~Leo

Posted at 12:59 PM on November 16, 2008 by Leo

i had Krile as the summoner and to defeat Leviathan, i always summon Bahamut and Syldra (which has lightning-elemental effects). You must also have the black lvl 6 ability and cast Thundaga or Flare every now and then. then have Faris as the ninja and buy several shurikens and lightning scrolls. Also have Bartz as a mystic knight. Set the Thundaga or Flare Spellblade and don't forget to have white mage with a mix ability in your party. that leaves to Lenna. for my suggestion, mix two dragon fangs and cast it to Leviathan.

Posted at 8:01 AM on February 10, 2007 by Miguel

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Area Enemies

Hydra the Alcumia frog transformation
hp: 6,000 mp: 0
exp: 2,000 gil: 552
Steal: LgtningSkill
Steal: Dragon Fang
Drop: Dark Matter
Red Dragon the Alcumia frog transformation
Red Dragon
hp: 7,500 mp: 0
exp: 2,000 gil: 549
Steal: Fire Skill
Steal: Dragon Fang
Drop: Dark Matter
Skelesaur the Alcumia frog transformation
hp: 5,800 mp: 0
exp: 2,000 gil: 555
Steal: Water Skill
Steal: Dragon Fang
Drop: Dark Matter
hp: 2,200 mp: 900
exp: 1,500 gil: 501
Steal: Tonic
Steal: Angel Ring
Drop: Phoenix Down
Iron Dress
Iron Dress
hp: 2,200 mp: 0
exp: 1,300 gil: 504
Steal: Tonic
Drop: Tent
Mercury Bat
Mercury Bat
hp: 500 mp: 500
exp: 1,020 gil: 531
Steal: Tonic
Drop: Potion
hp: 2,150 mp: 100
exp: 1,268 gil: 534
Steal: Tonic
Steal: Hard Body
Drop: Nothing
hp: 3,300 mp: 100
exp: 1,268 gil: 540
Steal: Tonic
Steal: Potion
Drop: Speed Drink
Fall Guard
Fall Guard
hp: 4,000 mp: 100
exp: 1,335 gil: 543
Steal: RopeHeadband
Steal: Hero Drink
Drop: KaisrKnuckle
hp: 4,500 mp: 3,900
exp: 1,000 gil: 546
Steal: Maidens Kiss
Steal: Man-Eater
Drop: Elixir
hp: 39,393 mp: 100
exp: 1,268 gil: 537
Steal: Plumed Hat
Steal: Elixir
Drop: Mirage Vest
hp: 5,000 mp: 300
Steal: Tonic
Steal: Phoenix Down
Drop: Potion
hp: 40,000 mp: 2,000
Steal: Elixir
Drop: Wall Ring