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Weapon Treasure

World 3: The Sealed Castle

The Sealed Castle

While the Sealed Castle is accessible in the second world, you cannot gain any of the twelve weapons and the monsters within are quite dangerous. It’s best to wait until world three to visit this strange castle. Once you can liberate the weapons you gain some of the most powerful weapons in the game. Oftentimes there are stronger weapons available in their class, but the twelve sealed weapons possess unusual characteristics giving them an edge over those with a stronger atk. They are still fun to collect (just like Pokémon).

ShieldDrgnWithin Kuzar’s walls dwell only two monsters. The ShieldDrgn is tied with Iron Giants for the most exp per battle: 10,000. The aptly-named ShieldDrgn is reflected, so don’t storm in with a flock of mages expecting to do him harm. If you plan on just whacking him to death, that most likely won’t work either. Once you whittle his hp below 10,000 he will Escape if you pound him more. And I’m sure he will get a few good hits in before he goes down. The ShieldDrgn does not play nice. He likes to cast Zombie Breath on your entire party wantonly turning party members into Zombies if the damage inflicted by the attack is greater than the target’s current hp. You can protect against this with Angel Rings. His other favorite attack is Hard Hit, which inflicts damage and Charms its target. Charm can be prevented by some unusual pieces of equipment, the Lamia’s Tiara, The Genji Helmet or Armor, Rainbow Suit, Red Shoes, and everyone’s favorite piece of armor, the Bone Mail. He is a dragon (obviously), so if you have any Dragoon Lances, they would inflict critical damage. The most painless way to kill the ShieldDrgn is to use !Control and have him cast Flame on himself repeatedly for about 5,000 points of damage until he dies.

ExdethSoulKuzar’s other resident is ExdethSoul. Unfortunately he can’t be exploited quite as easily as the ShieldDrgn. At least, you can’t control him and make him commit suicide. You can however, pick your favorite form of Holy damage and use it relentlessly. For physical attacks you can wield Excalibur, or the Holy Lance, or you can enchant a sword with Holy using a mystic knight. Your best bet is probably straight white Holy magic. If you have the Sage Staff, which increases Holy damage, you can inflict over 9,000 points of damage. You could use Requiem Song since ExdethSoul is undead, but it doesn’t even manage 3,000 points of damage. You can do better.

ExdethSoul loves death magic. He likes to cast Doom and Reaper’s Sword, both of which instantly kill their target. So your white mage (with accompanying Holy and Life2 spells) comes in handy. A Ribbon may also come in handy since it prevents instant death attacks.

In order to free the weapons from their stone slumber, you need lithographs. The lithographs are located at the end of four dungeons: The Pyramid, The Solitary Island Temple, The Great Sea Trench, and Istory Falls. After obtaining a lithograph you can release three weapons of your choosing from their cases. It doesn’t matter which three. Eventually you will be able to open all of them. Start with what you think would be most useful to you based on which classes you like to play. Clockwise from the top you can take:

The Legendary Excalibur

The Legendary ExcaliburWhile not the strongest sword in the game (its atk is surpassed by the Ragnarok [140] or a good Brave Blade [150 perfect]), the Excalibur is nothing to be scoffed at. It can be enchanted to do tremendous damage using sword magic. Somehow enchanting the sword nullifies its elemental property: Holy. So, when not enchanted it does massive Holy damage against evil beasties such as the aforementioned Exdethsoul. It also increases str by 5 for that added punch to your swing.

The Legendary Assassin Dagger

The Legendary Assassin DaggerThe assassin dagger can be wielded by every class except white mages and monks. This makes it a versatile knife. It has an atk of 81 making it the fourth strongest knife in the game. Its special property—casting doom ¼ of the time it strikes—makes it much more powerful. It increases agi by 1, so it also makes you slightly quicker. The only drawback to the Assassin Dagger is that if it casts Doom on the undead, it brings them back to life instead of killing them.

The Legendary Hardened Dagger (aka Sasuke’s Katana)

The Legendary Hardened DaggerCuriously, when you grab the knife from its pedestal it says “Sasuke’s Katana” but is listed in the inventory as the Hardened Dagger. This legendary knife is wielded only by ninjas or the bare class. Its atk is surpassed only by a good Chicken Knife [127 perfect]. Like the Assasin Dagger, it increases agi by 1. Its special effect is not unique, but is practical and valuable: it randomly blocks attacks.

The Legendary Holy Lance

The Legendary Holy SpearWith an atk of 109 (surpassed only by the Dragoon Spear [119]) the Holy Lance is not to be trifled with. Not just a clever name, the Holy Lance is imbued with holy power. Combine a weakness to holy and the !Jump command and you have a wonderful recipe for shish kebabs. As an added bonus it even increases str by 3.

The Legendary Rune Axe

The Legendary Rune AxeRune Axes make berserkers happy. They can be wielded using Double Grip to increase their damage. Its atk is 71 (surpassed by Thor’s Hammer [81] and the Giant Axe [91]) but it uses 5 mp to increase its atk by 10 and thus hit much harder. Rather uselessly in my opinion it also increases mpwr by 3. Your poor little berserker can’t cast spells though…

The Legendary Masamune

The Legendary MasamuneThe Masamune is one of my favorite legendary weapons due to its special Initiative ability. Initiative lets the bearer attack first. There is only one katana stronger than the Masamune’s 107 atk the much stronger Tempest [120]. Without any fun attributes to back it up the Tempest pales next to the Masamune. As an added bonus, you can use the Masamune as an item to cast haste.

The Legendary Yoichi’s Bow

The Legendary Yoichi’s BowYoichi’s Bow doesn’t look all that legendary at first glance. It doesn’t have any elemental properties. It raises str and agi by 3, but that’s nothing to inspire legend. Yoichi’s great property is a bit more subtle. It has a 30% chance of inflicting critical damage. That’s not too shabby. The Artemis Bow with its 111 atk boasts a 0% chance for critical attack. So, while Yoichi’s Bow weighs in 10 lighter in atk at 101, it proves that size doesn’t always matter.

The Legendary Firebute

The Legendary FirebuteIndiana Jones wishes he had this whip. Aside from its lovely 82 atk surpassed only by the Dragon Whip [92], The Firebute has a 33% chance of casting Fire3 upon striking. Fricasseeing enemies has never been more fun. To aid the barbecue the firebute also increases str and agi by 2.

The Legendary Sage Staff

The Legendary Sage StaffYou may not be used to whacking monsters upside the head with your staff à la Gandalf, but the Sage Staff deals extra damage to undead creatures. You may want to try it. Compared to the other legendary weapons’ atk the 53 may seem grudging. Only the Judgement Staff is higher with a 60 atk. The Judgement Staff inflicts holy elemental damage. The Sage Staff actually increases the damage of the Holy spell making it the better choice. Like the Masamune, you can use the Sage Staff as an item. It casts Life. Wouldn’t a Phoenix Down suffice?

The Legendary Wizard Rod

The Legendary Wizard RodThis is the best rod you get. Nothing surpasses its 40 atk—not that you’ll hit with it much. If you do decide to swat at bad guys, the staff is imbued with bolt, ice, and fire elements. Its charm lies in the fact that it raises wind, earth, poison, bolt, ice, and fire magic. Throw on a Gold Hairpin, equip this scrumptious treasure and cast your little heart out.

The Legendary Apollo’s Harp

The Legendary Apollo’s HarpApollo must have been really good at pissing dragons off. This harp does light damage, usually around 1,000 to normal enemies but to an Isteritos (a dragon type enemy) it hit for over 8,000 points of damage. It also wreaks havoc on undead enemies, inflicting over 7,000 points of damage to our friend in the castle Exdethsoul—and from the back row no less. It’s the best harp to be strummed, even with its little 45 atk. It doesn’ raise any stats either, but against the appropriate enemy, the bard wielding this treasure is not to be trifled with.

The Legendary Earth Bell

The Legendary Earth BellThe aptly named Earth Bell may not have great atk, only 35, but it’s still a nifty toy for your geomancer. It raises the power of earth magic, so !Summon is a good choice for a secondary ability. Your Titan esper will love you. If you do feel like ringing your bell like a Christmas charity, you have a 25% chance of casting Quake upon striking.

User Submitted Strategies

I made someone a Mimic, I had the thief, bard & berserker jobs mastered, so I made a mimic and gave her the Berserk, Equip Harp and Counter abilities... equipped her with the Apollon Harp, Crystal Helmet, Dark Suit and Hermes... and boy, did Faris hit hard against X-Death Soul...? 9,000 damage and she takes turns rather quickly...

Posted at 11:49 PM on July 23, 2009 by Victor

One question, how can you use a weapon as an item?

Posted at 1:40 PM on July 20, 2009 by Victor

Ive got all twelve weapons. Wheres that acolyte? I'm going crazy.

Posted at 10:41 PM on January 3, 2009 by Lemon Lyme

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Area Enemies

hp: 19,999 mp: 20,000
exp: 10,000 gil: 1,000
Steal: MythrlShield
Steal: Gold Shield
Drop: Gold Shield
hp: 20,000 mp: 20,000
exp: 0 gil: 0
Steal: Nothing
Drop: Dark Matter