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  • Carbuncl 
  • Summon Location Carbuncl

    This esper winks at you from the tenth floor. Examine the top skull on the east side of the room to reach him.

World 2: X-Death’s Castle

X-Death’s Castle

This castle can be frustrating and deadly. There are three save points within, one on the first floor, the seventh floor, and the tenth floor. In between those points there are countless beasts that smack you around for massive damage. You should remember the Red and Yellow dragons found in chests back in the Barrier Tower. They roam freely here in the lowest basement and also after the eighth floor. In addition to those two, there is a nasty Blue Dragon. When you encounter him alone he appears as a single dragon. Somehow three of them are smushed together. Once you have the Ice Shield equip it to absorb his Snowstorm attack. A fairly painless way to kill him is to Berserk him, cast Golem and just hit him mercilessly. One of the geomancer’s Terrain attacks also does decent damage to all three of the dragons at once. If you didn’t try and get Level 3 Flare from the Red Dragon back in the Barrier Tower you can try again here. Control the dragon. Then cast Reflect on him. Defend until his turn and then bounce Level 3 Flare off of him and hopefully onto one of your party members. Hopefully the target’s level is divisible by three and it is also equipped with the Learning ability. If you haven’t learned White Wind you can learn it by controlling an Hellraiser and having him cast it on you. This is also a mana-friendly method for restoring hp. Magic Dragons cast a slew of blue magic. They willingly cast Aeroga, Off-Guard and Level 2 Old. If you like to steal, you can pilfer Reflect Rings from the Wall Mages, but they are rare steals, so it may take you a while. Keep in mind that Wall Mages are permanently reflected and have no inherent weaknesses. Throughout this castle Titan may be your best friend. You can also use Gold Needles on AdamaGolems for an instant kill.

First Floor

You’ve been to this gaudy manse before. At that time the door directly in front of the entrance was locked. Exdeath, thinking he’d killed all of his opposition, left the door unlocked this time. To catch up with him continue through the door and up the stairs. Before you go, remember that beyond the northern door lies a save point and a healing spring. Make use of them.

Second Floor

Mister nasty seems to have traveled further than the second floor. There are two plump treasures chests to the south waiting to divulge their contents. The chest on the left holds an Ether and the chest on the right contains a Diamond Shield. Snag them and then continue on your merry chase after Exdeath.

Third Floor

Things get a little more confusing on the third floor. There are no treasures. But neither is there an exit. Wander around befuddled for a bit and then head back whence you came. A path will present itself. The castle morphs into a pulsing mass of flesh that even Hieronymous Bosch would be proud of.

Fourth Floor

This floor is arduous and twisty. A beacon of hope glows from the upper right corner—a chest. The crudely protected chest can be yours if you flick the strange silver switch on the wall to the left of it. Unlock the chest and run off with a shiny new Ice Shield. Now you have to wend your way out. You must head south and weave your way through the hall. There is a small shortcut at the end. If you have the Passages ability equipped you will spy a break in the wall just below the doorway. Cut through to avoid a confrontation or two.

Fifth Floor

Prepare yourself for another long twisty room. The encounters in this dungeon are frequent. And there’s no consecrated circle for another couple of floors. Ration your resources. Or if things look grim go downstairs to the first floor and use a Cottage at the consecrated circle. Unfortunately once the castle morphed, the healing spring turned into lava. You can skirt through the room a bit faster if you have the Passages ability equipped. There are two shortcuts running through the walls in here. The first one that you see, just to the right of the entrance is not much of a shortcut. Instead of taking it walk all the way north and cut through the eastern wall. You’ll emerge right in front of a treasure chest bearing an Ether.

Sixth Floor

To reap the most from this floor you need a geomancer in your party, or at least the geomancer’s third level ability Light Step. Light Step is an inherent ability of the geomancer class. With a geomancer in your party you can walk through the lava unharmed. Note the stairs to the left of the entrance. Descend them into the warm lava bath and wade all the way south and then to the east through a not so secret passage. Collect a Hayate Bow from the chest at the end. Walk back up towards the visible chest on the jut of stone. To the left of it there are more stairs leading out of the lava flow. You can get out where you came in or exit using those and make your way to the other chest. Conveniently enough (if you’re very beat up at this point) the chest contains an Elixir. Make your way back to the exit and continue your search for Exdeath.

Seventh Floor

The seventh floor contains a puzzle of sorts. A chasm splits the room. On the northern wall there is a disjointed platform spanning the gap, two treasure chests, and the door leading onward. You’ll also see a skull pattern in the center of the floor. Step on it to send the platform whizzing left and right across the chasm. The object is to stop the platform in front of either chest or the doorway. If you miss you’ll be assaulted. You will fight an Imp, Oiseaurare, Jackanapes, or Abductor. The chest to the left contains an Icebrand. The chest to the right contains a katana, the Kotetsu for your samurai. The return journey fortunately does not require as much hand eye coordination. The platform automatically positions itself in front of the skull switch.

The next room contains the most wonderful sight, a consecrated circle.

Eight Floor

To the right of the flesh-lined archway lies a small passage. There’s a treasure chest hiding in the wings. If you don’t have the Passages ability equipped divulging its contents can seem frustrating. There’s a dead end passage just to the left of the treasure chest. The actual route to the chest begins two steps higher. Follow it for an Elixir. Walk all the way to the left an up to reach another chest containing 9,900 Gil. Then follow your way up the path to exit.

Ninth & Tenth Floors

Things get a little surreal from here on out. The ninth floor runs straight up to the tenth floor. From your vantage point you can almost reach out and touch the esper pulsing to the right—Carbuncle. Unfortunately you can’t reach it and your only path circles around and back down to the ninth floor again. You must have a geomancer or the Light Step ability equipped because you’ll have to wade through quite a bit of lava.

I suggest ignoring the closest stairways for a moment and walking all the way east. Take those stairs up to the tenth floor. Crack the chest and receive 8,000 Gil. Go back down and worry about the other stairways.

There’s only one accessible stairway. Go back west and climb the stairs. You arrive at the tenth floor again, but still not by the esper. Go the only direction you can—east. Before you get too far I should warn you that there are traps to the east. If you don’t have a Geomancer with Pitfalls you could be landing back in the ninth floor with an uncomfortable thud. Stepping on the first skull retracts the walkway to the southern stairs. Ignore them. Carefully make your way to the treasure chest on the east wall. Open it to receive one of my favorite weapons, the Twin Lance. Now that you’ve gotten the treasure and the other stairs are inaccessible this floor seems to hold no more secrets. But it has two more. Tiptoe all the way south and step on the skull. The contracted bridge stretches back across the gap. You can now reach the stairs, but be careful not to step on the skull right above it or the bridge will retract again. Go downstairs save and heal at the save point and then come back again.

This time walk all the way up to the top skull. The skull teleports you to the elusive esper.

hp: 15,000boss battle: Carbuncle

CarbuncleCarbuncle begins the battle reflected. You can still damage him with spells, but you’ll have to reflect one of your party members and bounce the spell from your party onto him. In the midst of the battle his reflect status dissolves and he becomes weak to every element. At this point he casts Cura on himself and then he puts his shield back up. If you can figure out his status has changed, rage on him. His attributes are drastically reduced and you can inflict nasty damage.

He casts a full range of spells. He likes to cast status spells like Stop, Confuse, Break, Banish and even Death. He’s also fond of straight black magic utilizing all of the second forms of Fire Ice and Bolt. At his worst he casts Bio for 1,200 points of damage, a nasty bug.

Titan inflicts almost 3,000 points of damage making it an excellent choice to whittle his hp down.

At the end Carbunkce decides to accompany you on your journey. When you summon him he casts reflect on the entire party.

When you’ve finished Carbuncle off you’ve no place to go but down the stairs. You emerge on the ninth floor again at the stairway between two walls. Step on the skull to teleport across the room. To continue venture back up to the tenth floor to the southern skull and across the bridge to the save point. Use it again before continuing.

Eleventh Floor

Before running headlong into the room, make sure you have someone with the ! Steal or ! Mug ability. Not to spoil matters, but you’re about to run into Gilgamesh and you can steal a Genji Helmet from him. That said…walk right on in. You’ve been warned.

You’ll note the lone chest calling from you in the center of the room. It’s empty now. And you don’t really want what it held. But if you survive the battle with Gilgamesh you’ll receive it anyway. After the chest disappoints you, walk north toward the exit…and try to act surprised when Gilgamesh accosts you.

hp:55,000; 60,000boss battle: Gilgamesh, Gilgamesh Morphed

The dreaded GilgameshDon’t worry if when you eagerly try to steal from Gilgamesh and end up with a Hi-Potion (strut if you filch Gauntlets). The Genji Helmet becomes available shortly. For now concentrate on whittling Gilgamesh down while avoiding his status effects. He casts a lot of blue magic spells. If you haven’t learned Pond’s Chorus, Time Slip, Lilliputian Lyric or Flash, today’s you’re lucky day (assuming you have Learning equipped). I hope you brought a healer or capable chemist along to deal with the resulting status effects. The blue magic spells are relatively harmless, but Gilgamesh’s Rocket Punch will confuse a single party member rendering her temporarily insane and prone to inflict vast damage to her comrades. Dancehall Daze turns a party member into an aging, sleeping, drooling, useless lump. The real threat is the Hurricane attack. You should be familiar with it by now. It reduces a party member to single digit hp. When he’s not busy casting status-altering spells Gilgamesh attacks physically for around 500 points of damage. Prevent the damage by summoning Golem. To defeat Gilgamesh pick your favorite method. He has no weaknesses. Aeroga (which you may have picked up from Magic Dragons) inflicts decent damage—around 1,400. Titan also inflicts about 1,400 points of damage. Thunder Scrolls also inflict about 1,400 points of damage. When your party has been aged and Dischorded to abysmal statistics cast 1000 Needles. It’s not quick, but you’ll hit for 1,000 points of damage every casting.

the six armed morphed GilgameshAfter taking a bruising from your party Gilgamesh changes into a six-armed demon lord, or something like one. Now you can steal the Genji Helmet. Do it quickly! Gilgamesh thinks he has found the legendary Excalibur. Poor sap, he plucked the Excalipoor from the chest. It does pitiful damage. He couldn’t kill naked level 3 characters with it. But he doesn’t have much chance to hone his technique. You only get a few shots in before the fight ends…for now.

If you, like me, were too busy eyeing the center chest to notice the little room off to the right, go back to the save spot, save, and then enter that room.

Twelfth Floor

This tiny room holds two treasures. The chest on the right contains a Partisan, a lovely lance for the discerning Dragoon. It is the third most powerful lance in the game. If you like to throw weapons, you’ll enjoy the leftmost chest, which yields a Fuma Shuriken. Exit back to the eleventh floor. Before you go through the center doorway, make sure you’ve done all you can or want in this world. Once on 13th floor you won’t have an opportunity to leave this dungeon.

Thirteenth Floor

You’ve traversed the long, writhing hall. You’ve made it, finally to the end of the dungeon. Now all you have to do is survive the arduous battle with Exdeath himself.

hp:32,768boss battle: Exdeath

the heinous ExdeathThis is not an easy battle. Exdeath casts all manner of black magic and time magic spells. He also casts the blue magic Condemn (your first chance to learn it) and Level 3 Flare. There are a couple of things you can do to make this battle as gentle as possible. No I don’t mean packing your armor full of Charmin, though it might help. First off, float your party. Exdeath casts Earth Shaker for about 500 points of damage. If you’re floated that’s one spell you don’t have to worry about. I’ve been telling you just about every boss battle to cast Golem. This battle is no exception. Exdeath deals 700 or more points of damage in a single blow. Nullify it if possible. One spell I haven’t had a chance of advocating thus far is the newly won Carbuncle. Carbuncle is ideal for this fight since Exdeath casts so many spells. With this critter on your side you can bounce off Exdeath’s Level 3 Flare, Firaga, Thundaga, and Blizzaga spells. The only problem then involves how to heal. I suggest using a chemist with blue magic. Have your chemist drink a Goliath’s Tonic and cast White Wind whenever healing is required, or just use items to replenish lost life.

Unfortunately Exdeath also casts Dispel, so you must recast any buffs you have, such as Regen, Haste, or Float periodically. Just for spite he casts 100 Gs, which removes the target’s floating status. There is a lot of recasting involved. I hope you remembered your Gold Hairpin helmet for this battle.

Like his underling Gilgamesh, Exdeath revels in casting Hurricane. If you’ve reflected your party members, utilize a chemist to quickly restore the afflicted person’s hp with a Hi-Potion or an Elixir.

Exdeath even casts Zombie Breath as an added bonus to inflict damage and turn your party members into zombies. Just for spite he casts Reverse Polarity, which switches rows for one or more party members. So that knight you brought along suddenly inflicts insignificant damage and must waste a turn rearranging his row.

As long as you keep your shields up (Golem and Carbunkle), Exdeath will eventually kill himself by taking damage from reflected spells. It’s just a long drawn out battle.

After besting the world’s nemesis, the party is once again hurled into unconsciousness. They wake to a familiar sight however. Are you home at last?

User Submitted Strategies

Carbuncle can be easily dispatched by casting wall on one of your party members (or using the wall ring is even better) and then bouncing the Time Mage demi2 (qrter) spell off him. Hits Carbuncle for 9,999 first time, then 4,000 second.

Posted at 12:15 AM on November 14, 2009 by DrBjamin

Well, after I defeated Xdeath on Moore, i knew what was going to happen, so, the first thing i did, was go to the island where we begin in this world. I got something like 15 tents, got some ABP and exp, bought plenty Phoenix down, and went to the castle. Once there, when you start to find the dragons, i saved, i fought them, each one, to get exp, gil and ABP. This way, i went to fight Xdeath Lvl 30+. It turned out kinda "easy"...

Posted at 11:32 AM on October 22, 2009 by Nicholas

For Ex-Death, it was easy, and if I remember corectly I didnt even get hit. I had A Time/Black Mage, a Summoner/White Mage, a Thief with Learning (I always have someone to learn until I get all Blue Magic) and Chemist with Blue Magic. The theif had the thiefs glove and the other three had elf cloaks. I stole with the theif, then the time mage casts haste2 then the summoner casts carbuncle, while the chemist was waiting to heal with white wind, but never needed to. I cast slow on Ex-death the next turn and I was lucky and it hit along with golemn for the summonner, and with that defense and the elf cloaks I was never hit. I pummeled my whole party with Level 3 bolt and it reflected all 4 of them back at Ex-Death for about 5,500 damage a turn, when the reflect weared off casted float on whole party the carbuncle again, and pummeled my party with the bolt 3's again and he went down easy.

Posted at 5:10 PM on October 19, 2009 by Dustin

Dunno why, but I never got Carbuncle as a summon lol....

Posted at 4:25 PM on August 22, 2009 by Dark

use graviga on carbuncle for 9999 damage.

Posted at 4:47 PM on June 17, 2009 by James

On the eleventh floor [probably wrong] (near the one where you fight the oh-so persistent Giglamesh) the yellow dragons that roam around are perfect for training. I used gravitaga or whatever its called and then tapped him on the head with my monk(Krile), extremely effective and useful when wanting a quick 6 abp (or so).

Posted at 3:53 AM on May 29, 2009 by Samsam

Man, I just beat Exdeath. Here's how I did it: I Floated my entire party before fighting him.* The moment I entered the battle he casted Doom on my summoner. With my Ninja, I threw the Fuma Shuriken, giving him a whopping 5,400 hit! After, I procceded to throw everything throwable at him, adding to around 2,000 a hit. With my Dragoon, equipted with Blue, I fired away with 1000 Needles, only stopping to use White Wind. I wasted no time in using Hastega with my Time Mage. I used Golem for my Summoner. Note, I do all of this very quickly. I want to get as much damage in as I can before the confusion of Faris' (Summoner's) uninevitable death. When I ran out of things to chuck, my Ninja attacked with Twin Lance and Kotestu.** When I ran out of Mana for my Dragoon, I attacked with the Partisan. I used Comet with my Time Mage. The tough part came when my Summoner died. The first time I fought him was a catastrophe, because I had to revive my Summoner, then she died again, then we were vounrible to ExDeath's physical attacks... Unpleasent. So if there is any way to nullify Doom, do it BEFORE THE BATTLE. That's all! ~Matt

Posted at 6:27 PM on May 28, 2009 by Matt

Carbuncle is easy, all I had to do to kill him was have a Mystic Knight use Thundaga spellblade. You won't do any damage to him at first, but once his reflect goes down you should be able to one shot him.

Posted at 9:18 AM on April 5, 2007 by Darkana

if you don't feel like battling gillgamesh (i hope you do so you can get the genji stuff) don't open the center chest and move on. I missed him the first time in my game and learned about the battle once i entered world 3...

Posted at 10:23 AM on February 19, 2007 by jon

lol. to beat carbuncle very eay, just cast 1000 needles to him until he dies, for some strange reason when you atak him with 1000 needles he takes 1000 damage but you dont take ANY damage! thats cool.

Posted at 6:06 PM on January 24, 2007 by Dijin

I casted Break on Carbunkle and he died instantly.

Posted at 4:01 PM on January 3, 2007 by Chet

Carbuncle can be defeated extremely easy if you use death claw on him. Then just attack him with anyone and you win.

Posted at 5:48 PM on January 1, 2007 by Moogle

To kill ExDeath in shorter time that it takes for the condemned character with Fast cast on him to die (15 sec), have a party of Blue Mages (for learning Condemned and having all with Blue) with Call (at least lvl 3), White (at least lvl 5) x 2 and Jikuu (at least lvl 5). First round get the barriers up (Golem, Fast2), then pound his ass with Lv3 Flare. Heal when necessary. He'll never stand a chance.

Posted at 2:56 AM on February 17, 2006 by RS

Where are my animated monsters?

Posted at 6:04 PM on December 7, 2002 by JujuBee

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Area Enemies

Harpy at X-Death’s Castle
hp: 666 mp: 5,000
exp: 0 gil: 1
Steal: Tonic
Steal: Potion
Drop: Elixir
Red Harpy at X-Death’s Castle
Red Harpy
hp: 1,000 mp: 500
exp: 0 gil: 0
Steal: Tonic
Steal: Potion
Drop: Ether
hp: 1,300 mp: 100
exp: 900 gil: 369
Steal: Wall Ring
Drop: Ether
hp: 2,000 mp: 200
exp: 840 gil: 354
Steal: Tonic
Drop: DimndArmBand
Doublizard the second form
hp: 1,500 mp: 0
exp: 720 gil: 360
Steal: Potion
Drop: Tonic
Blind Wolf
Blind Wolf
hp: 900 mp: 0
exp: 500 gil: 363
Steal: Eye Drop
Drop: Eye Drop
A Rage
A Rage
hp: 1,050 mp: 100
exp: 750 gil: 366
Steal: Tonic
Steal: Potion
Drop: Phoenix Down
hp: 2,900 mp: 300
exp: 1,200 gil: 372
Steal: Tonic
Steal: Potion
Drop: Elixir
hp: 1,999 mp: 500
exp: 950 gil: 375
Steal: Poison Rod
Steal: Judge-Staff
Drop: Power Staff
hp: 3,650 mp: 0
exp: 1,100 gil: 378
Steal: Tonic
Steal: Potion
Drop: Potion
hp: 2,600 mp: 100
exp: 1,150 gil: 381
Steal: Phoenix Down
Drop: Phoenix Down
hp: 3,300 mp: 0
exp: 1,300 gil: 384
Steal: Tonic
Steal: Beast Killer
Drop: Hero Drink
hp: 6,900 mp: 1,000
exp: 2,500 gil: 500
Steal: Dragon Fang
Steal: Cottage
Drop: Dragon Fang
Red Dragon
Red Dragon
hp: 7,500 mp: 1,000
exp: 3,000 gil: 500
Steal: Potion
Steal: Fire Ring
Drop: Elixir
hp: 8,500 mp: 1,000
exp: 2,600 gil: 500
Steal: LightningRod
Steal: Ether
Drop: Coral Ring
Abductor at X-Death’s Castle
hp: 5,000 mp: 100
Steal: Potion
Steal: Shuriken
Drop: Gale Bow
Carbuncle with shields down
hp: 15,000 mp: 1,000
Steal: Wall Ring
Steal: Giant Drink
Drop: Turtle Shell
hp: 15,000 mp: 10,000
Steal: Wall Ring
Steal: Giant Drink
Drop: Turtle Shell
Gilgamesh at X-Death’s Castle
hp: 55,000 mp: 2,000
Steal: Potion
Steal: Gauntlet
Drop: Nothing
Gilgamesh at X-Death’s Castle (Morphed)
hp: 60,000 mp: 9,000
Steal: Genji Helmet
Drop: Excalipur
X-Death at X-Death’s Castle
hp: 32,768 mp: 32,768
Steal: Elixir
Steal: Judge-Staff
Drop: Nothing