Final Fantasy V - The Spirit of Heroes


Item Treasure
  • 10 Gil 
  • Item Location 1
  • 20 Gil 
  • Item Location 2
  • 40 Gil 
  • Item Location 3
  • 80 Gil 
  • Item Location 4
  • 160 Gil 
  • Item Location 5
  • 320 Gil 
  • Item Location 6
  • 640 Gil 
  • Item Location 7
  • 1,280 Gil 
  • Item Location 8
  • 2,560 Gil 
  • Item Location 9
  • 5,120 Gil 
  • Item Location 10
  • 10,240 Gil 
  • Item Location 11
  • 20,480 Gil 
  • Item Location 12
  • 40,960 Gil 
  • Item Location 13

World 2: Gilgame’s Cave

Gilgame’s Cave

The majority of the cave is fairly non-threatening. You encounter only one enemy throughout, the Undergrounder. So long as your party is floated to avoid the Undergrounder’s Earthquake attack it shouldn’t beat you up too badly. You can walk back and forth from entrance to exit easily.

A tunnel south branches off in the middle of the cave. At the end of the tunnel stands a pair of doors. When you pass through the doors you will find gold. The treasure increases twofold with each step deeper into the cavern. Also when you pass these doors you run the risk of encountering the mighty Gil Turtle.

HP: 32,768Boss Battle: Gil Turtle

The evil Gil Turtle himselfUnless you are extremely greedy there’s no real reason to even attempt this Smaug-like gil-hoarding turtle. You receive no treasure from the battle. You receive 3 abp after you beat the Gil Turtle and a whopping 5,000 Gil. He has 32,768 hp, a nod to the largest 16-bit integer. Supposedly he’s weak to ice, but the only effective ice spell I’ve found is Blizzaga. You’re lucky to do 700 points of damage with Shiva.

Some people recommend using the Bard’s hide ability until the Gil Turtle uses his Turtle attack twice. After that apparently he can’t hit you. I can neither confirm nor deny that strategy because you have to sit there for so long waiting for him to use the attack twice. I gave up and tried it the old fashioned way…by dying a lot.

Your party should already be floating. If they’re not, float them before the battle begins. If someone dies, float her again when resurrected. The turtle casts Earthquake as he expires, and it would be a shame to die after all that work.

The best offense is a good defense. Your defense in this battle consists of repetitive castings of Golem. Every few rounds of combat Golem quits working and must be recast. That’s the summoner’s primary function (since as previously mentioned Shiva does not work well at all). It is far more effective than taxing your white mage with cure spells every round. Ordinarily I would say “bring the white mage!” or “bring two white mages!” I don’t even recommend using one in this battle. When you need healing either use a chemist or the White Wind blue magic.

You do not need and should not use any melee fighters in this battle. Anyone in the front row is asking to be beaten into an unrecognizable mass of flesh. You may use a samurai for the high evade, but even if you do, stick the samurai in the back row and utilize magic or ! Mix as the secondary ability.

So how do you kill this hard hitting, 40% evading, 55 mdef turtle? You barrage him with Blizzaga spells. Equip your casters with a Frost Rod to add 1,000 points of damage. In theory you can utilize ! Mix to mix a Holy Water and an Eye Drop. The concoction results in “Elemental Power.” Supposedly this increases your elemental damage by 50%. I found no change in the damage Blizzaga inflicted on the Gil Turtle. The only other semi-effective attack is the bard’s Requiem Song. I didn’t know he was undead, but I’ll play the song to him for 1,500 points of damage.

So, to break it down you need a summoner to cast Golem and the occasional Shiva when you have nothing better to do. You should have a party member with time magic cast Float on fallen comrades. The time magician may also cast Hastega and Regen. Utilize a chemist to heal and revive. The chemist can also drink a Goliath Tonic to better soak damage dealt by the Gil Turtle and an Iron Draft to lessen the damage taken. The chemist ideally should be able to cast blue magic, specifically White Wind. If she drinks a Goliath Tonic she will be able to heal for twice as many hp as the other party members. It goes without saying that you need a couple of black mages to cast Blizzaga. If you absolutely must have a melee fighter, a mystic knight inflicts reasonable damage by enchanting her sword with Blizzaga. The mystic knight deals about 1,500 points of damage—but only from the front row. It’s better to just stick with black mages.

While you’re busy juggling Golem casts and ice spells, the Gil Turtle wails on you. Until he dies he only attacks physically. He causes 550-650 points of damage to party members in the back row and double or slightly more to those unfortunate enough to be in the front row. His signature attack is Turtle. This attack hits twice, sometimes hitting the same party member twice (Elven Mantles are a great asset). Not only does it cause a lot of damage, as an added bonus it causes seemingly random status effects. Most often it blinds and poisons, but it can also cause hp to drain, charm, paralyze and cause its target to age.

User Submitted Strategies

I barely remember how I killed like 3 of those things to get all the gil. My characters were probably all lv 44 when I stopped by the cave. Yes, I grind a lot. 1. Blue Mage w/ summoning 2. Time Mage w/Red 3. Mystic Knight w/rapid fire 4. Chemist w/ something Float of course. Mystic Knight in front, everyone else in back, Frost Rods on both Blue and Time (I used one as an item during one fight, but I only had 3, so an effective, but one time thing). For the first turtle, I had doublehand on the Mystic Knight, but the accuracy was a problem. Rapidfire deals about the same with perfect accuracy. Also, I don't have Blizzaga, so it took me tons longer with Blizzara. Eventually I got to the point of being fed up with the Blue using 1000 Needles and the Time using Blizzara, because they didn't do enough to justify taking damage from Turtle, even with Golem up. As for my general strategy. Protect on everyone first thing, makes Golem last twice as long. Charge up Blizzara, and Chemist starts buffing himself with Goliath (and Iron draft the turn after). Then, just let the Mystic Knight do his thing, Blue Mage heals, Red Mage, sits there after hasting everyone. Or it could pitch in Blizzara if you wanted. And Chemist, oh Chemist. Samson's Might on the Mystic Knight, that's all you need. There's Turtle Soup, which oddly should fit, and the animation does complete, but I didn't notice any change in damage. Samson's Might definitely works (or the better one if you have the items)

Posted at 5:15 PM on May 24, 2010 by tendo64

Gil Turtle i could only take one gil turtle when my party was around level 28 ::lenna - black mage::butz - summoner::Cara - summoner::Faris - time mage:: basically, cast float first. dont heal...leave them dead (if they get hit). First cast Hastega and summon golem ASAP. the continually summon golem (with both summoners, even if it is ineffective or hasnt worn off yet). One or two black mages should cast blizzaga until you run out of mp. then one can elixir or either the other mage. remember the continued golem summoning spams with both summoners!

Posted at 6:03 PM on May 18, 2010 by Chris

Clearly everyone has their own take on this one. I used a Ranger, a Berserker, a Dancer, and a Ninja. This strange pairing managed to never be short a member, granted not every member was entirely useful. With float cast and the entire team in the back row before you begin collecting Gil, I set up my team thus. My Ranger had !Double Cast, as this was then used for double curatives and quick protect on the entire party. My Dance had !Black Magic Lvl 6 and was spamming Blizzaga with a Ribbon on, Berserker did his own thing, and the Ninja had !Image and was used to basically cure all poison status, as that was the main damage dealer to my lvl 50+ team.

Posted at 10:30 PM on February 11, 2010 by The Trainer

Here's how I consistently won against Gilgame. BUTZ: Set him as a Bard with !Image. LENNA: Set her as a White Mage with !Jikuu. CARRA: Set her as a Black Mage with !White Magic. FARIS: Set her as a Black Mage with !Call Magic. 1. CAST FLOAT BEFORE THE FIGHT BEGINS. 2. IMMEDIATELY HAVE BUTZ cast Image on himself and then sing Requiem until his image runs out. Then recast Image and repeat. 3. HAVE LENNA CAST Fast2 on party. Then Blink on herself and Farris, then heal the party if needed. 4. HAVE CARRA CAST Blink on herself and Farris, then constantly use Ice 3 or heal the party. 5. HAVE FARRIS CAST Golem on party then Ice 3 until the battle is won. 6. KEEP CASTING BLINK on party members who are visible, and Gilgame will not be able to harm your party. Also BE VERY FAST because Gilgame will attack if you slack off. With this setup I can beat Gilgame in less than four minutes each round.

Posted at 8:18 PM on November 28, 2009 by >:(

An easy (cheap) strategy that doesn't require any mastered jobs: -Knight in the back row with evasion boosting items (a shield). Guard every turn. -Any combination of 3 bards/black mages. Give any BMs a gold hairpin, and cast Ice 3 every turn. Bards sing requiem. Someone should have the White magic secondary ability for Cure 2, or just use one White Mage. Ice Rods on the black mages is recommended. Before the battle, switch someone to a Time Mage and float everyone. Then get everyone into critical condition. Fully heal the knight after every battle and restore MP after battles. Everyone in the back row.

Posted at 11:46 PM on October 29, 2009 by OakTea

Oh my... so much strategies in here... Either way, here's what I used: 1.- White Mage with X-Magic! ability and Hairpin equippied. Used to cast Safe & Blink on everyone and cast Cure3 as necessary. 2.- Chemist with Call! (Lv3 at least) ability. Used to cast Golem and Heal other party members with HiPotions and Ethers for the White Mage (in case it's necessary). 3.- Bard with Mix! ability. Used to cast Requiem and use the Mix of Potion and Dragon Fang on him and the other character that it's going to attack. 4.- Bard with Time! (Lv5 at least) ability. Cast Fast2 starting the battle, then Vitality Song and then Requiem. Don't forget to use (3)'s Mix ability to raise (3)'s and (4)'s level. Dragon Fang&Potion mix to (3) and (4)... and you can deal 2,300~2,800 dmg to GilTurtle. Don't forget to keep recasting Blink and Golem when you see that they wear off.

Posted at 11:23 PM on July 19, 2009 by Victor

everyone is white have duelcast,sommen,rapidfire,recovery RAP. + Rec. i have no idea why i did that so make three people with reflect golem first and cast blizzeraga no oops accually Curaga and he is down no turtles or earthQuake

Posted at 10:40 PM on June 26, 2009 by codey

everyone is white have duelcast,sommen,rapidfire,recovery RAP. + Rec. i have no idea why i did that so make three people with reflect golem first and cast blizzeraga no oops accually Curaga and he is down no turtles or earthQuake

Posted at 10:39 PM on June 26, 2009 by codey

All you need is the following setup White White Summon Sing | Sing Sing Sing Mix | Time (you don't need 4 singers, but it makes things go faster.) Cast float before battle. you don't need time anymore. First, use your two white mages to cast blink on everyone. then, get a Golem up as a backup plan. then, start singing requim, while keeping blink up when necessary, and use mix to make dragon power for your singers (potion + dragon fang). Just keep doing that, and the whole thing just become a test of attrition.

Posted at 12:00 PM on June 23, 2009 by Sam

I don't think the Gil turtle ever goes away. I spent like two hours killing him over and over again, earning the 3 APB and 5000 Gil each time. I killed him a total of 5 times and got all the gil in the cave. And he keeps on coming up. Anyways I just thought this might be helpful in case anyone else out there thought you could actually kill him for good...

Posted at 1:32 AM on February 6, 2009 by Michael

if you want money there is alot easyer way to make it. This is for the snes version of the game i dunno if it applies for de gba version. Just go to the mountain where you get the golem summon and go in the cave. you encounter those dragonzombies there. quickly kill em to get the dragonfang. you can easely quickly gather 99 dragonfangs. sell em in a shop to get ofer 200.000 gill. try it it sounds like it takes longer then it actually does. i gatherd all 99 within the hour by using a mage with firaga and in case of a large group of monsters a fire scroll with ninja and a good meele attack afterwards. i Think it takes less time then you need to fight those turtles

Posted at 10:52 AM on January 14, 2009 by masamune

Heck, Ive beaten three Gil Turtles. They are easy when you are reinforced Enough. First off, have all your characters as Samurai, have one with !Summon able to summon Golem. Next have one with !Time able to use haste and regen. Next have one with lvl 5 !Black. He's going to be your main strength Finally have someone with !white, able to raise, cure, and Protect. First off summon Golem. Then cast haste or Hastaga on the entire party, then use the white protect on your !black endowed samurai. Continue this until everyone in your party is floated, protected, hasted, and protected by Golem, then use Blizzaga to finish The Turtle off

Posted at 1:19 AM on April 1, 2007 by Miles

Calcruthl, you don't need that party to win without Golem. All you need is a grossly overleveled party. Go to the Sealed Castle, control the gigantic dragons, and get 2500 exp each battle. Easy peezy.

Posted at 3:47 PM on February 22, 2007 by cheez767

Actually, there can be more than two Gil Turtles. You can keep encountering him in that area with the money unfortunately. Perhaps I should have mentioned that. :P

Posted at 1:10 PM on January 27, 2007 by Jennifer Schmidt

Why are there TWO Gil Turtles?! Nobody mentions anything about two Gil Turtles in their strategies.

Posted at 10:02 PM on January 25, 2007 by Dave

3 Black magic casting your ice magics an freelancer whit blue magic whit wind and the strongest hp up skill you've got from your monk job this do it in five minutes. cast float on yours caracter before the fight and use and phonixdown on ko caracter.keep your freelancer casting whit wind and the balck mage ice magic and using your phonixdown

Posted at 4:04 PM on January 21, 2007 by Atgz

In theory, the following strategy *cough* SHOULD *cough* work, although it has not been tested. This strategy cannot be used until the Mimic job is obtained. First, have your fastest person as a mimic with summon, black and dualcast. Have your slowest person a white mage with time. Have the other two be mimics. Now, dualcast Blizzaga and Golem. Mime this action until you get to the white mage. Cast whatever healing magic is needed, as well as Float where needed. Theoretically, the Gil Turtle should go down. Eventually. For the first mime and the white mage, Gold Hairpins are highly recommended.

Posted at 2:27 PM on January 1, 2007 by Blank

Maaaan I beat the Gil Turtle buuut I thought I was done after that. So after I beat him I kept on walking and I didnt know I would run into another one! argh. haha.

Posted at 6:23 PM on December 29, 2006 by spikesitup

Standard melee attacks aren't that effective against the Gil Turtle, but you can do much better if you have a Freelancer who has mastered Ninja (so that Dual Wield is an innate ability) and has Rapid Fire and Spellblade as commands. Make sure both swords work with Spellblade. Use Spellblade Blizzaga in the first turn, then Rapid Fire for eight attacks. Two or three such attacks should be enough to finish him off. If you've got three party members with this, you can get him in a hurry. In fact, dual wielding with Rapid Fire is an excellent tactic for beating almost all bosses and strong enemies, especially if you use Spellblade to play to the enemy's weakness. I recommend going to Castle Bal's basement and mastering Ninja and Archer for all physical fighters as soon as possible in the game.

Posted at 3:07 PM on December 26, 2006 by Josh G.

On the Advance version quicksave wvery few steps and you can avoid facing the Turtle.

Posted at 8:04 PM on December 25, 2006 by Anon

Gil turtle is almost impossible to beat without the aid of golem, but it can be done. The jobs you need are as follows: Chemist with Blue Magic + Black Mage with Doublecast + Time Mage with Sing + Anything. You will need many, many phoenix downs during this fight. Before the battle, make sure all characters are floated and in the back row. Now equip three characters with the Elf Cape and everyone but the black mage with the main gauche. Blocking and dodging will be extremely important. Also, equip the black mage with a frost rod. When the battle begins, have the time mage cast Hastega and the chemist drink a goliath tonic. Then, continue the battle by having the Black mage doublecast Blizzaga, the Chemist casting White wind, the time mage either casting requiem, haste, float, or phoenix downs on fallen comrades, and the last character using items. It takes a bit of patience and a crapload of luck, but the big guy should eventually come down.

Posted at 10:11 AM on December 24, 2006 by Calcruthl

Float + Golem + Ice3 + Cure3....that's all

Posted at 9:17 AM on December 11, 2005 by Kuro

4 wall rings, 3black magic or white magic users with critical hp,1 knight with full hp, everyone mustve a float status. when battle starts, use guard always, whwn others with critical hp will use ice3 or cure3 reflecting

Posted at 4:34 AM on October 21, 2005 by finland

what a stupid suggestion. In theory, you can handle it but in fact, it's for sure you can't. My mistik does approximately 4000 damage each time, but that fucking monster does has 4,5 turn continuosly and kill all of my parties.

Posted at 11:33 AM on September 1, 2005 by godfather

For this turtle, I successfully used the following: White Mage + Summon White Mage + Time Black Mage + Preemptive Atk Black Mage + Preemptive Atk Fight starts w/preempt, I get golem + haste2 off before the turtle even attacks. Every time my white mage w/summon came up, I cast golem, period. Every time the 2nd White mage came up I used cure3 if needed, otherwise went down the line casting Protes if I had the opportunity. Black mages chained Ice3, worked very effectively. I took very little damage overall.

Posted at 11:02 PM on December 28, 2004 by Zack

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