Final Fantasy V - The Spirit of Heroes


Weapon Treasure
Armor Treasure
Item Treasure
  • 9,000 Gil 
  • Item Location 1
  • 18,000 Gil 
  • Item Location 2

World 2: Shield Generator

Shield Generator

Xezat has been guarding a secret, though his crew has been loose-lipped. His fleet is a decoy. He plans to use a submarine to gain access to one of the barrier towers and disable it thereby destroying Exdeath’s barrier.

After you reach the tower you receive instruction. You are to reach the top of the tower and break its antenna while Xezat shuts off the power from its source in the basement. If you attempt to go into the basement he’ll yell at you and remind you of your duty with the antenna.


The Tower is swarming with all sorts of evil creatures. Many of them cast useful blue magic spells. You will almost certainly have Time Slip cast on you by a Traveler. It’s an irritating spell that puts its target to sleep and ages them rapidly. Of course you need it in your arsenal. You’ve almost certainly learned the equally irritating Flash spell already. Regardless, here is another chance to learn them from the Neon enemies. I hope you brought some Eye Drops along. The Level Tricker casts three blue magic spells, but only one of them can be learned. If a party member’s level is divisible by four you may learn Level 4 Graviga. You may control the Level Tricker and force it to cast Level 2 Old or Level 5 Death, but it only casts these spells on its teammates. The somewhat difficult to find Ziggurat Gigas casts Off-Guard. Don’t think about controlling it to learn the spell. You’ll only get barraged with fight commands. You just have to be patient. Cast Protect on the party to increase your patience.

Second Floor

Continue up the leftmost stairs to the second floor. A consecrated circle beckons you from the center of the room. Follow standard operating procedure. Save. Use a Tent or Cottage as needed and then march through the door. The second floor continues to weave around in a pipe-lined spiral. It’s home to two visible treasure chests. The first chest contains a monster-in-a-box. Defeat the Red Dragon or Yellow Dragon that somehow fits inside that tiny little chest and claim your Blood Sword. The chest around the spiral holds 9,000 Gil and no annoying monsters guard it.

Yellow Dragon

Yellow DragonIf you are unfortunate enough to tangle with these guys I really do hope you’ve saved your game. They hit hard! Granted, the 800 points of damage they incur could be worse. But you have to whittle down their 8,500 hp. They can do a lot of damage while you whittle. When they’re not busy inflicting critical damage they delight in casting Lightning on the entire party for 250-280 points of lightning damage.

One way to beat the palette-swapped Hydras is to Control them. After you have them in your power, force them to attack one another with Hurricane. Then you can lightly tap them for the kill, or even better, make them hit themselves.

If controlling the dragons is not an option, a summoner is another good choice. Though the Yellow Dragons don’t have exploitable weaknesses, Titan inflicts almost 2,000 points of damage. A couple of rounds of that and you have an easy kill. If you picked up Golem at the Drakenvale he aids tremendously, shielding the party from the dragon’s fierce attacks.

If luck is on your side you gain a precious Coral Ring for the fight as well as a tidy 9 abp.

Red Dragon

Red DragonThe Red Dragon is the lesser of two evils. He only has 7,500 hp, as opposed to the combined 17,000 hp of the two Yellow Dragons. He also has several weaknesses: water, earth, and ice. Just for kicks, the dragon is also undead, which somehow nullifies the effect of a quick Level 5 Death Spell. Though you can’t outright kill him using a Raise spell or Phoenix Down, he is susceptible to Requiem Song. It grates on the ears for 1,300 points of damage. You can also cast Cure Spells on him, but a more potent attack calls for a chemist and a Hi-Potion resulting in a quick 1,000 points of damage.

As for his weaknesses, ice and water spells really don’t seem to cause much damage. Shiva inflicted less than 1,000. Aqua Breath only scored 650. Titan did jostle him effectively. Gaia’s Wrath caused 3,500-4,000 points of damage.

Like the Yellow Dragons, the Red Dragon can be controlled and used to damage himself. When controlled he can Fight, Atomic Ray, Blaze, or use the blue magic Level 3 Flare. You may be familiar with Atomic Ray, since he likes to start the fight off with it. It hits the entire party for about 500 points of fire-elemental damage. You can absorb the damage with a Fire Ring. Don’t use Blaze, the dragon only targets himself and Blaze heals him for about 1,000 points of damage. You may be tempted to try and learn Level 3 Flare. There is a way to learn it, but it is arduous. I suggest waiting a bit.

If you are stubborn and your one or more of your party member’s level is divisible by three, then by all means attempt to learn it. Simply controlling the dragon will not grant you access to the spell. He only casts Level 3 Flare on himself, so you have to force him to cast it on you. To do this you need the chemist’s ! Mix ability. Combine a Phoenix Down and a Dragon Fang. The concoction results in Dragon Defense. Dragon Defense casts reflect on its target. So you can reflect Level 3 Flare off the Red Dragon and onto your party. None of my party was divisible by three, so I couldn’t test the result, but I believe death is almost certain. It’s your funeral. I’m waiting until later.

If you are extremely fortunate you may be able to steal a Flame Ring from the dragon. He usually carries a Hi-Potion, so don’t get your hopes up.

Third through Fifth Floor

You exit the second floor and find yourself outside the tower. That’s the highest third floor I’ve ever seen. Climb the stairs on the left and then enter the fourth floor. That doorway leads outside of the barrier tower. Continue to climb up the stairs on the right to reach the next floor.

Sixth Floor

The treasure chest on the left is a welcome sight to your tired feet. The 18,000 Gil it contains will certainly buy many lovely pairs of shoes, which you’ll need by the end of this journey.

Seventh through Ninth Floor

The seventh floor winds outside of the tower again. Trudge up more steps to the eighth and then outside once again to the ninth. The scenery has changed slightly for this floor. There are now two sets of stairs. Climb the left stairway and enter the door. Therein lies a treasures chest. Beware! In addition to its treasure the chest also hides a Red or Yellow Dragon. Beat the dragon to obtain your mages’ favorite helm in the game: the Gold Hairpin. It halves mp cost in battle. Bring on the spells.

Tenth Floor

You are rapidly approaching the zenith of this tower, and one of the most difficult boss battles in the game. Use that save point. Then scurry up to the top of the tower and face Atomos.

hp: 19,997Boss Battle: Atomos

The cavernous mouth: AtomosBy many accounts this is one of the most difficult boss battles of the game. Atomos has nigh 20,000 hp. He has a virtually inexhaustible supply of mp and he loves to cast Comet for anywhere between 350-1000 points of damage. In fact, Atomos casts Comet relentlessly until one of your party members succumbs to it. Then he draws them towards his…mouth. And he stops casting Comet. While someone is incapacitated he attacks with Gravity and Graviga, which are both irritating, but can’t kill you outright. He also gets nasty and casts Slowga on your entire party. That’s just not fair!

If your unconscious party member gets dragged all the way to Atomos, wave goodbye to him or her. Atomos uses the Wormhole attack to suck the poor warrior into another dimension. You won’t get him back until the end of the battle (assuming you win).

The moral of the story is keep one party member incapacitated at all times—at least until you are going to use your deathblow. Otherwise you will face countless Comet attacks. Don’t forget to revive the poor sap and let someone else get killed before the first one gets sucked into the other dimension.

The easiest (in my opinion) and most expensive method to defeat Atomos is simply to chuck some money at him. Gil Toss hits for 4,200. That’s not too shabby, You may want to make more than one character a Samurai for the battle though because if the one goes down it’s often difficult to revive him in favor of killing another character.

After killing Atomos the party gains control of the submarine. There are a couple of places to go. Take a look at the underwater map. You’ll see the big white plus sign (that’s you) as well as three smaller blinking white plus signs. Those are various locations you can reach with your submarine. I suggest you head next to the middle of the map and visit Ghido’s Cave. Then visit the northwestern dot: The Northern Lake. The last place to visit is the westernmost dot, Moore and Great Forest of Moore.

User Submitted Strategies

Well, once again i'm here... The techinic i used on Atomos was the following: 2 Time Mage, all the other are your choice. 1: Someone has to die, but revive the Time mage, cuz he'd the key. 2: After Someone died, cast Hast on the time mage. 3: Now, with 2 time mages, use hast on the last partner, and Comet in Atomos. 4: Keep doing this, 2 Comets EVERY turn. This way, he'll take 2000+ damage turn. (at some point he'll start to take less damage, just do a normal atack, and you start again...) This way you wont loose any money, kill fast and safely.

Posted at 3:49 PM on October 21, 2009 by Nicholas

Well, once again i'm here... The techinic i used on Atomos was the following: 2 Time Mage, all the other are your choice. 1: Someone has to die, but revive the Time mage, cuz he'd the key. 2: After Someone died, cast Hast on the time mage. 3: Now, with 2 time mages, use hast on the last partner, and Comet in Atomos. 4: Keep doing this, 2 Comets EVERY turn. This way, he'll take 2000+ damage turn. (at some point he'll start to take less damage, just do a normal atack, and you start again...) This way you wont loose any money, kill fast and safely.

Posted at 3:21 PM on October 21, 2009 by Nicholas

I don't have much to say for this one. All I know is that Titan and Comet are your bestest friends in this fight. Oh, and please don't heal yourself if your wearing reflect rings. (Like I did.) Use High Potions instead.

Posted at 8:07 PM on July 26, 2009 by Matt

I found that if you have 3 mystic kinghts one with level4 or better summon and all with spellblade drain and a summoner with level4 or better time magic ability you can keep your knights alive by constantly hitting him with drain and your summoners (one being a mystic kinght) using titan.

Posted at 5:22 PM on February 8, 2007 by Wolf

to defeat either dragon use the black magic ability break it usually turns the dragon to stone and saves the precious time wasted by dying!

Posted at 6:23 PM on January 3, 2007 by t.j.c

This only works IF you have sort of 10 or more shurikens. Simple as said: Toss shurikens deep within Atomos' ass until he asks to stop it. Talking about some 1800 aprox for each shuriken. Far cheaper than tossing gil at him, eh? P.S.: I suck. Didn't learned much Blue spells so got to do sumthin' else T_T

Posted at 8:17 AM on December 31, 2006 by FoxBuster

The way I dealt with Atomos was to have my white mage use Shell on my party as the battle went on. My Mystic Knight had about 1200 hp and used White Wind every turn to heal everyone. My Thief threw money at Atomos while my Ninja used RapidFire the whole time. I only had to revive two characters, and didn't leave them dead for long.

Posted at 7:36 PM on December 27, 2006 by Dudely

The easiest way I've heard of to defeat Atomos is the one I've seen in the low-level guide by Samurai Goroh. Cast Dark Spark until it works; this will reduce his level from 41 to 20 (since the game rounds down). Then he can easily be destroyed with Level 5 Death.

Posted at 2:04 PM on December 26, 2006 by Josh G.

Another, less expensive way to defeat him is to cut down his Mana by the blue spell Magic Hammer. You will have to use it quite often because of his >8000 MP, so you better give ALL of your characters the blue magic ability for this battle. Eventually he will be out of Mana an no longer be able to cast Comet any more, so that you can defeat him easily.

Posted at 7:08 PM on October 7, 2006 by Shinryuu

A relitivly easy, although not exactly fool proof way to kill Atmos is with either 3 samuries (or 2 works as well) and a white mage casting Heal 3 kills him within 3 minutes. Its just really freakin expensive.

Posted at 8:39 PM on August 15, 2005 by Jeffrey

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Area Enemies

hp: 700 mp: 100
exp: 600 gil: 312
Steal: Speed Drink
Drop: Speed Drink
hp: 1,200 mp: 100
exp: 610 gil: 315
Steal: Nothing
Drop: Potion
hp: 1,400 mp: 100
exp: 580 gil: 321
Steal: Dream Harp
Drop: Dream Harp
hp: 1,300 mp: 100
exp: 710 gil: 324
Steal: Tonic
Drop: Potion
hp: 1,800 mp: 200
exp: 720 gil: 327
Steal: Potion
Drop: Earth Robe
hp: 2,420 mp: 500
exp: 1,200 gil: 330
Steal: Partisan
Drop: Giant Drink
hp: 1,600 mp: 200
exp: 700 gil: 318
Steal: War Hammer
Steal: Poison Ax
Drop: Wall Ring
Red Dragon
Red Dragon
hp: 7,500 mp: 1,000
exp: 3,000 gil: 500
Steal: Potion
Steal: Fire Ring
Drop: Elixir
hp: 8,500 mp: 1,000
exp: 2,600 gil: 500
Steal: LightningRod
Steal: Ether
Drop: Coral Ring
hp: 19,997 mp: 10,000
Steal: Ether
Steal: Flail
Drop: Dark Matter