Final Fantasy V - The Spirit of Heroes

World 2: Zeza’s Fleet

Zeza’s Fleet

The fourth Dawn Warrior, Xezat has swung around to the eastern shore bordering Exdeath’s castle. He has massed this fleet to storm the castle—or so it would appear. If you speak with some of the crewmembers you’ll find that this nautical maneuver is just a front. After a brief introduction to Xezat the Swordsman, he asks you to rest. In order to progress with the story you must venture below decks and take a nap. Of course your nap is rudely interrupted. I suggest shuffling jobs around before emerging on deck. The battles do not begin until after you speak with Xezat. Then the evil is unleashed. You don’t have to fight all of the Gobbledygook if you don’t want to. They don’t offer any great reward for your time. Nevertheless, if you haven’t learned Goblin Punch you can learn it from them. You must defeat the Gobbledygook guarding the stern to get your shot at Gilgamesh.

hp: 8,888; 4,000Boss Battle: Gilgamesh, Enkidu

the first Genji toting version of GilgameshYour first objective in this fight is to steal. Gilgamesh carries the Genji Glove, the first in the unique Genji set. The subsequent items will also be stolen…from Gilgamesh. After you’ve gotten the Glove you can focus your energy on felling this foe.

You can learn a couple of blue magic spells from this fight with Gilgamesh. Neither of them are new, but if you haven’t learned Death Claw, Gilgamesh will be more than happy to reduce one of your party to single digit hp with it. You may also be struck by his Missile attack. It doesn’t reduce hp to single digits, but it does cut it’s target’s hp to ¼.

how strikingly similar to the Abductor Enkidu isAfter you’ve smacked Gilgamesh around for a while his friend Enkidu arrives (with a Pokémon Team Rocket reference!). Gilgamesh calls for aid and Enkidu responds by casting White Wind and healing he and Gilgamesh for 4,000 hp. You can’t force Enkidu to cast it on your party. However there are a few blue magic spells you can learn, though none of them are new. Enkidu casts Aera, Missile, and Vampire. Enkidu has a couple nasty tricks up his or her androgynous sleeves. The staple Wind Slash whooshes through dealing 400 points of damage to the entire party. Dischord halves the level of its target thereby decreasing attack power for spells and physical attacks. And just to top it off the green demon attacks with Web to slow its target.

If you aren’t satisfied with the Genji Glove, you can always steal a Green Beret from Enkidu. I suggest you take this sidekick out as quickly as possible. A hunter makes a wonderful dent in Enkidu’s 4,000 hp and neatly bypasses the fact that Enkidu is in the back row.

After polishing off the duo, Xezat returns. The party should go below decks once again. This time instead of taking a nap you should enter the left room. Xezat awaits within and unveils his plan of attack. Hop into the submarine and the short journey begins to the Barrier Tower.

User Submitted Strategies

I think if you do the full 9,000 damage before the round is over, Gilgamesh never gets a chance to have Enkidu help him because he's already "dead". My chars were each armed with two Double Lances and did over 4,000 damage per turn. It was over in a heartbeat.

Posted at 10:18 PM on November 10, 2009 by DrBjamin

Upon stealing the Genji Glove, I just threw money at Gilgamesh using !Zeninage. Gilgamesh tried to call Enkidu, but oddly, he never showed up, and the battle ended there.

Posted at 8:09 AM on April 19, 2009 by Codemonkey85

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Area Enemies

hp: 1,200 mp: 100
Steal: Tonic
Steal: Potion
Drop: Phoenix Down
Gilgamesh on Zeza’s Ship
hp: 8,888 mp: 888
Steal: Genji Glove
Drop: Gold Shield
hp: 4,000 mp: 1,000
Steal: Green Beret
Drop: Trident