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World 2: Val Castle

Val Castle

After landing in the courtyard the scene shifts to the castle throne room. Here you learn much about your formerly amnesia afflicted friend. Soon enough you are released to roam the halls of the castle. In the throne room alone there are two tempting chests that have not been plundered. The first chest lingers in the left corner of the room. It contains a Hero Cocktail. Pluck the Teleport spell from an ill-concealed passage to the south.

Before rushing headlong out of the castle, take the eastern stairs up. Pass through the third floor speaking with its occupants and exit the fourth floor to the balcony. Cara waits outside with the hiryuu. Speak with her and learn of your next destination: Drakenvale. No rest for the weary.

Exit the Throne room to the first floor. From there take the stairs to the right down to the first floor basement. You may save at the save point if you intend to venture down again. There are monsters lurking in the depths of the castle. You cannot open the sealed door to the north now. Much later you come to this Basement again and the doors will open.

Basement Level 2

StatueOne of the best places to gain abp at this stage of the game is the second floor basement. That floor is home to the Objet d’Art enemies. They appear in groups of two or five and award your group with 4 or 8 abp respectively. They have a rather daunting 3,300 hp, but can easily be killed in one turn. Since they are level 45 the Statues are susceptible to the blue magic Level 5 Death. They may also be felled using a Gold Needle item on them. To add spice to the fight you can exploit their weakness to bolt magic.

The Objet d’Art cast Break, which turns a single target to stone. You may cure your afflicted party members with the aforementioned Gold Needle or enlist an able-bodied healer to cast Esuna. The specters only other attack is to physically fight. They aren’t pushovers. A single blow can inflict 400-600 points of damage.

If you missed learning Death Claw from the boss battle with Iron Claw back at Karnak Castle or the Strapparer, here is another opportunity. To learn it from a Statue you must use the beastmaster’s ! Control ability.

Inn & Item Shops

The first door west in the courtyard of Bal houses the Castle’s Inn and Item Shops. Inn Prices are on the rise. To sleep here even the king must pay 50 Gil. If you intend to fight many Statues you will be greatly compensated and the price hike shouldn’t affect you.

Two item merchants hawk their wares in the inn lobby. The rightmost shop sells Ethers, Holy Waters, Cottages, and chemist drinks including Goliath Tonics, Power Drinks, Speed Shakes, Iron Drafts and Hero Cocktails. The left shop sells the more usual array of Hi-Potions, Potions, Phoenix Downs and status-curing herbs. If you intend to fight Objet d’Art you may wish to purchase a few Gold Needles. Objet d’Art drop them, but if you are using Gold Needles as your sole attack you may quickly run short.

Weapon & Armor Shop

The western most door in the courtyard houses the weapon, armor, and magic shops. If you were too poor to purchase to your heart’s content back in Regole, you’ll be happy to know that the weapon shop carries the exact items. If on the other hand you fought many pink Fairy Orcs in order to afford the vast supply of new weapons, you may be more than a bit disappointed.

The armory also carries a strikingly similar set of regalia. The only addition since visiting Regole is the Gauntlet Accessory. This glove replaces the outmoded Mythril Glove. It offers a def of 6 and a mdef of 1. Pick it up for your heavily armored fighters: knights, dragoons, samurais, berserkers, mystic knights, and freelancers.

The Magic Shops

Back in Regole 3,000 Gil was a fortune to pay for each spell. Here it is much easier to amass the wealth required to keep the spell fires lit. Objet d’Art yield 507 Gil each, so you can make quite a haul. The three magic shops sell all of the level 4 white, black, and time spells from Regole.

The Purple Sage

Wandering aimlessly behind the weapon and armor counters is a purple robed sage. More importantly, there’s a treasure chest back there! And a switch on the wall…Take the stairs up the hall from the shops. When you reach the courtyard landing, the stairway is hidden. Wander to the right to descend the stairs again. When you reach the first floor behind the shops, speak to the sage. He gives you excellent advice about equipping your party members. When you can’t contain yourself any longer head left and pluck an Angel Robe from the chest. The suit prevents the poison status effects. Its only drawback is that currently only chemists and the bare class can wear it. It has a def of 10 and an mdef of 11.

Lamia Harp

The aforementioned switch on the wall of the weapon and armor shop can be accessed in the room with the purple sage. Stand directly behind it and press the “A” button. A door opens granting access to the forbidden region behind the counter. The mortified shop owners give you a Lamia’s Harp to shut you up and get you out of their stalls. You can’t buy the harp anywhere and your only other chance of obtaining it is to steal it off of a Lemure. It randomly confuses its target. Not a bad gift.

Wandering the Moat

The final treasure to be obtained lies in the moat. How it didn’t rust after sitting there I don’t know. Regardless, directly south from the entrance to the shops lies a pool with stairs descending into it. Wade into the (hopefully not chilly) water, walk all the way south and then left. The party will be swept north. Don’t press the switch now. It takes you back to the pool. Wade around the horseshoe, south, east then north until you come to a dead end. Once there begin searching the water. Eventually you will stumble across a Great Sword lying in the water. Shake it off and go back to the switch. That’s all the treasure the moat holds.

Leaving the Castle

Before you set out on your adventure beyond the gates of Bal Castle bear in mind how much you’ve been warned about all of the monsters lurking about. Upon leaving the castle you will be beset by three monsters. Fortunately you only have to fight one: Abductor. Prepare well.

hp: 2,500Boss Battle: Abductor

The jolly green AbductorThe green incarnation of Abductor is slightly less impossible than the last one. It still packs a wallop with its Hurricane attack reducing targets to single digit hp. It has also gained the blue magic Vampire attack. It packs a punch stealing 500 hp from you and giving them back to the undeserving Abductor. It still likes to simply pound on your party members. The green giant doesn’t seem to hit very hard this fight though. Critical only hits for around 200 points of damage to the party members in the front row.

At least this time you have some friends to help you out. This monster doesn’t have any elemental weaknesses, but you can kill it off easily using Death Claw.

If you are inclined to steal, and you’re lucky you could get a Power Ring. That’s the difficult steal though. Most often all you’ll get is a lousy Hi-Potion.

User Submitted Strategies

you can also kill d'art by throwing lighting scrolls at them.2 scrolls kill most of them hen 1 hit will finish them off.and you you make the gold back

Posted at 6:29 AM on May 29, 2007 by trish

Don't forget to steal Twin Lances from the Objet d'Arts. At this point of the game (and for a while) you won't find a better weapon for a ninja. Since ninjas can wield two of them, you should try getting more than one. An easy way to kill Objet d'Arts is by using Thundara with a Mystic Knight's !Spellblade command.

Posted at 11:26 PM on April 2, 2007 by atmaKyiv

Abductor fight can easily be won with !GP Toss (4800 damage on my pass through).

Posted at 5:33 PM on March 17, 2007 by sd

It's cheaper just to go to the Inn.

Posted at 9:19 PM on December 27, 2006 by Anon

Another way to fight the Objet D'Art monsters is to stock up on Tents/Cottages and go fight by spamming Level 5 Death all over the place. When in need of MP, just leave and go to the conveniently placed Save Point and use a Cabin. If well rotated, an entire team at around level 35 spamming the spell until each person's MP runs out can net you tens of thousands of Gil compared to the meager cost of a 600 gil Cottage.

Posted at 10:20 PM on December 25, 2006 by LanceHeart

this training place is by far the best all u have to do is buy 100 gold needles and just use those to kill the d'art and u make enough money to cover the cost of the needles and u make a little extra on the side so plus the massive amiunts of AB poins u earn

Posted at 6:57 PM on December 3, 2006 by Ian

You can steal double lances from the rock statues. if you can get two or more and equip a ninja with them... WATCH OUT MONSTERS!!! It'll inflict not 2 but 4 hits and kill most most monsters in one turn.

Posted at 12:33 PM on April 15, 2006 by Will

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Area Enemies

hp: 3,300 mp: 20
exp: 100 gil: 507
Steal: Potion
Steal: Double Lance
Drop: Soft
Abductor at Val Castle
hp: 2,500 mp: 1,000
Steal: Potion
Steal: Power Wrist
Drop: Nothing


Weapon Treasure
Armor Treasure
Item Treasure
Time Magic Treasure
  • Telepo 
  • Magic Location Telepo

    Use the Passages ability to see the path to the chest in the southwest corner of the Throne Room