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World 2: Moogle Village

Moogle Village

After you defeat the Tyrannosaur the moogle exits the cave. You watch him wend his way around deserts and through forests until he reaches a large forest surrounded by craggy mountains. You don’t have to follow the moogle’s path. Bear in mind though, that he avoided the desert for a reason. If you stick to the grassy byways you will notice their curious lack of ferocious enemies. Set foot on the desert and you will most likely encounter a Sandcrawler. This hoover-like monstrosity not only has 15,000 hp, but also casts Mælstrom whittling your entire party down to single digit hp. He is not unbeatable. He can be killed in one hit by casting the black magic Break on him. You can also be fancy and use a mystic knight and kill him with a Break enchanted sword. If you run into a Sandcrawler with Cactus enemies cast Aqua Breath. That mana-intensive spell deals 5,000 points of damage to all of the enemies.

When you finally do reach the mountain encased forest wander about the middle of it until the forest cuts away to the Moogle Village. The moogles are shy and will flee from you at first sight. All of them will flee save one, the one you rescued. You can attempt to enter the houses but will find them locked until after you speak with the moogle you saved. Find him outside the rightmost house and speak with him. He urges your party to open several chests. Out of those chests you will pull a Dancing Dagger, 10,000 Gil, 1 Gil, Cottage, Ether, and Phoenix Down.

There is one more important treasure to find. If you venture into the other two houses they are no longer locked. The leftmost house contains a locked treasure chest and a moogle guarding it. You must somehow convince the moogle to give his treasure to you. Strangely enough the answer lies in the middle house. Go talk to the moogle in the middle house. Then return to the leftmost house. The treasure, an Elven Mantle, is yours for the taking.

When you are ready to continue on your journey go back and speak with your rescued moogle. After a strange telepathic scene you will wind up at theCastle of Bal.

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