Final Fantasy V - The Spirit of Heroes


Item Treasure

World 2: Moogle Forest

Moogle Forest

Your only purpose in this dense strand of trees is to frighten an unsuspecting moogle. He then plummets (to certain death) through a hole in the ground. Since you are such nature loving heroes your new task is to rescue the hapless kupoing creature. Shout Geronimo! And take the plunge.

The Underground River

This river is like a water ride at Disneyland gone wrong. Monsters attack as the unrelenting current thrusts you along. You have no control over your landings so flow along and make the most of the journey. If you didn’t learn Vampire from the Steel Bats in the Pirate Cave, here is another opportunity. The Blood Slimes cast it quite willingly.

There is only one point where your path may diverge, and then not much at all. At the first treasure chest, which incidentally contains 4,400 Gil, y ou have the option of taking the stairs to the left of the treasure chest, or south from the treasure chest. It doesn’t matter which way you choose. Eventually they all end up in the same place. The left leads through a cave to get there, and the south drops you down two waterfalls. I suppose you are more in control going through the cave since you choose when you’d like to move and thus when you are attacked. Grab the last treasure chest, containing a Phoenix Down. Continue eastward and then to the north where you’ll see the frightened moogle about to be devoured by a Tyrannosaur.

hp: 5,000Boss Battle: Tyrannosaur

the moogle devouring TyrannosaurEven if you had no chance to prepare yourself for this battle you should have no trouble winning it. This is an undead fire-hating dinosaur. If you saved the Phoenix Down from the chest in the dungeon you can kill him with that. Even with 5,000 hp this beast is a one hit kill. If you used your Phoenix Down, but have a competent white mage you can cast Raise on the monster.

If, for some reason, you don’t feel like exploiting this weakness, you can exploit his other weakness to fire. You have a myriad of different possibilities. Use the mystic knight with a Fira enchanted sword for around 1,500, or a summoner casting Ifrit for about 1,500. A black or red mage casting Fira deals from 1,200-1,600 points of damage (be sure to equip the Flame Rod to boost your damage). Even Rangers can get in on the fire damage using a Flame Bow for almost 1,000 points of damage. Choose whatever you like best and fire away.

Before killing Tyrannosaur you may want to steal. He carries a Gold Shield. It is a difficult steal. I suggest attempting this treasure before you inflict any damage since he casts ???? and the damage inflicted increases based on how much damage he’s taken. That spell can quite easily be a one hit kill. His other attacks aren’t as threatening. He only uses physical attacks and the Poison Breath attack neither of which should kill a fully-healed party member in one shot. Whatever you do, don’t cast Drain on him. It has the opposite effect healing him and damaging your caster.

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Area Enemies

hp: 600 mp: 100
exp: 365 gil: 264
Steal: Holy Water
Drop: Holy Water
hp: 900 mp: 0
exp: 410 gil: 267
Steal: Tonic
Drop: Nothing
Mog Eater
Mog Eater
hp: 1,000 mp: 50
exp: 665 gil: 270
Steal: Potion
Drop: Nothing
hp: 2,300 mp: 200
exp: 888 gil: 273
Steal: Potion
Drop: Potion
hp: 5,000 mp: 1,000
Steal: Gold Shield
Drop: Elixir