Final Fantasy V - The Spirit of Heroes

World 2: X-Death’s Castle

X-Death’s Castle

Once Galuf arrives at the castle you gain control of him. After he gathers up all of the pieces of crystal and his friends’ belongings, he has to find where everyone has been stowed. There aren’t many paths available. Many of the doors in the castle are locked. By all means go through the northern door and save at the consecrated circle. Continue north once more to refuel at a healing spring.

To find your captive friends go all the way west and down the stairs. Slink past the unsavory characters in the Basement 1 jail and continue down another flight of stairs.


Basement 2

You may have noticed that Galuf’s tiptoe through the castle has been devoid of enemy encounters. The foes reappear in Level 2 of the basement. Exdeath’s castle only contains two different enemies: Tarantula and Shell Bear. The Tarantulas are ridiculously easy. They are only annoying when they use their Web attack, which greatly slows its target. The Shell Bears are not much harder, but can hit rather hard. These bears possess a Spear that you can only acquire by stealing from them. Like the Shell Bears in the Desert of Shifting Sands, these Bears’ treasures are difficult steals and may take several rounds to filch. Don’t try stealing before you rescue the brood. Wait until you have the aid of several hands.

Basement 3

Here is where you find your friends. You must beat Gilgamesh to free your friends.

hp: 11,500Boss Battle: Gilgamesh

GilgameshThe best way to deal with Exdeath’s henchman is by using a job with a strong physical attack. Monks are wonderful choices. If you are paranoid about taking too much damage from this hacking, slashing foe, cast Protect. While Gilgamesh has 11,500 hp, you don’t have to inflict that much damage to end the battle. Whack him for a few thousand hp and he’ll flee in terror of your prowess. He is quick and will attack often doing either regular or critical damage but doesn’t fight dirty (like Abductor). Counter is also a lovely asset to this fight.

Don’t bother stealing from Gilgamesh this battle. Later on you will want to steal from him, but during this fight Gilgamesh doesn’t carry anything.


After you’ve disposed of Gilgamesh you just need to exit the castle. I suggest stealing from the Shell Bear before you leave. When you’ve gotten the Spear go back up to the first floor and exit out the southern doors that were previously locked.

Blue Magic in the Area

Treants in the area cast Death Claw. Strapparers cast Dark Spark and Death Claw when controlled. Control the Devilfish to learn Transfusion.

User Submitted Strategies

I just smacked him with Missile and he ran off like a little bitch.

Posted at 3:00 PM on November 27, 2008 by Matius

Missile will own him instantly.

Posted at 5:10 PM on April 16, 2007 by Mudkip

on gilgamesh*sry4typos using psp* yea on advanced usethe new samuria zeni* thing

Posted at 3:51 AM on February 7, 2007 by joshp

if you are a cheater and have banish with time mage use it and your done

Posted at 9:37 PM on December 29, 2006 by sads

Stealing from the Rock Brains may get you some of the rare Elixirs if you're lucky.

Posted at 3:54 AM on October 5, 2006 by Shinryuu

To very easily and quickly get rid of Gilgamesh either use an Elementalist or Time Mage. Very often the Elementalist will bash him with Sonic Boom slicing off 8750 damage and he'll flee. If you dont feel lucky just hit him once with Demi and hes a goner.

Posted at 1:14 AM on February 16, 2006 by RS

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Area Enemies

hp: 200 mp: 0
exp: 88 gil: 231
Steal: Nothing
Drop: Tonic
Shell Bear
Shell Bear
hp: 380 mp: 0
exp: 89 gil: 334
Steal: Spear
Drop: Potion
Gilgamesh at X-Death’s Castle Dungeon
hp: 11,500 mp: 2,000
Steal: Nothing
Drop: Elixir