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World 1: Walz Tower

Walz Tower

Upon entering the tower you are immediately confronted with two fallen soldiers. They give you an inkling of what transpired. Garula went wild and attacked them. The king is inside. And there is also a strange warrior lurking about. You know what to do. Find all three and make sure the Water Crystal is still intact.


An enemy of note is the Wyvern. You should try and steal from this rather tough bird. It carries a Mythril Dagger that is much stronger than any knife-type weapon that you’ve acquired thus far. You can also steal a Mythril Sword from Ice Soldiers. This is also more powerful than your current sword and would be wonderful to use against the boss. Just keep winding up the stairs. Nothing interesting presents itself until you reach the fourth floor.

Fourth Floor

On the fourth floor you will find the fallen king. Speak to him to find what he’d like you to do. Instead of continuing through the doorway, go up and enter the left pool. Wade through it until you get to the vine. Climb the vine to reach the fifth floor and a treasure chest containing a Silk Robe. Drop back down through the floor and continue through the northern exit to reach the fifth floor proper.

Fifth Floor

You can’t reach the left-most treasure from the center entrance of the fifth floor, but you should already have fetched it. If not, go back to the fourth floor and climb the vine. The chest to the right contains a Maiden’s Kiss that cures the frog status. You should save your game at the consecrated circle as you won’t get another chance before you reach the boss.

Run up the sixth and seventh floors. Those two don’t have anything lurking in their midst.

Eighth & Ninth Floors

Once you reach the eighth floor, it may appear you’re at a dead end. There are no staircases leading onward. There are, however, three vines that lead to the ninth floor. Ignore the center vine. It will lead you to a dead end. Climb the left vine first and fetch a Silver Armlet from the chest that awaits you. Fall back down and climb the right vine to reach the ninth floor again. The second chest on the ninth floor contains an Ether. Collect it and go forth to the Water Crystal where you’ll meet an errant Garula.

hp: 1,200boss battle: Garula

the Mammoth-like GarulaThis normally gentle giant has run amok and been possessed by something or someone and is bent on destroying the crystal. This boss has no elemental weaknesses, so once again my suggestion is just to pound away on him with strong physical attacks. Knights with Double Grip are quite effective although you sacrifice a bit of defense for the added attack power. Make sure you have at least one party member able to heal. In addition to healing, this character should also cast Protect on the entire party to soften the brunt of Garula’s attacks. Two healers are ideal.

One rather dubious method of killing Garula is to turn him into a toad. This way you can hit him at your leisure and not take much damage. He is also susceptible to the blue magic Flash, which dramatically reduces his chance of hitting your party since it blinds him. Garula only has two attacks. He hits you, or he uses Rush. Rush is rather dangerous since it continually drains hit points. This is why I suggest more than one dedicated healer to constantly heal those party members whose hit points are frittering away.

The Aftermath

All your trouble has gone for naught. But you should have seen that coming anyway. The crystal shatters and you gain five additional jobs. But there are six crystal shards…You’ll get that sixth one much later. Be patient. The Water Crystal imparts the jobs of Time Mage, Mystic Knight, Summoner, Red Mage, and Berserker.

After a mini adventure, head back to Castle Walse. Speak with the king and some of the residents of the castle. One of the king’s attendants has a wonderful idea that Lenna should go visit Tycoon. You don’t have to go there, but if you want to, fly your dragon to the southwest.

Otherwise you can continue on to your next quest at Karnak. And just how did you expect to get to Karnak? If you went back to Walse like a good little explorer and talked with the wounded soldier you would have found that he was exploring a meteorite near Karnak and somehow ended up in a meteorite at Walse. How peculiar.

User Submitted Strategies

Before you cast Pond's Chous on Garula, first cast Silence. If you turn it into a frog, it has the ability to return itself to Garula again. If you Silence it first, it will remain a harmless frog for you to pound on.

Posted at 6:38 PM on May 7, 2009 by obishawn

If you have problems with Garula just go to Castle Walse, go to the tower were Shiva is and fight the frog enemies there. Leave one alone and wait until it casts Pond's Chorus (Frog Song) on your blue mage or learning character. Now go to fight Garula and turn it into a frog. VOILA! an easy fight

Posted at 8:47 PM on December 15, 2008 by Daniel

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Area Enemies

Elf Toad
Elf Toad
hp: 160 mp: 50
exp: 65 gil: 81
Steal: Nothing
Drop: Tonic
hp: 160 mp: 20
exp: 65 gil: 84
Steal: MythrilSword
Steal: Tonic
Drop: Long Sword
hp: 100 mp: 70
exp: 75 gil: 87
Steal: Rod
Drop: Fire Rod
Y Burn
Y Burn
hp: 200 mp: 0
exp: 160 gil: 90
Steal: MythrilKnife
Drop: Tonic
Paddle Thru
Paddle Thru
hp: 280 mp: 50
exp: 100 gil: 93
Steal: Tonic
Drop: Nothing
hp: 1,200 mp: 100
Steal: Tonic
Steal: Potion
Drop: Potion