Final Fantasy V - The Spirit of Heroes

World 1: The Warp Zone

The Warp Zone

This is the end of what is affectionately known as Bartz’s world. Once you step onto the pulsating diamond you can never return—at least, not to the world as it currently exists. Though you revisit sections of this world later in the game, you had best make sure you’ve wrung all you can from it before you leave.

  • Be sure you’ve gotten the “secret” espers. Battle Shiva at the Castle Walse—Water Tower. Confront Ramuh in the forest to the east of Istory.
  • If you never went back to Castle Walse for fear of Jackanapes, go now. The Elven Mantle is a lovely find. And what sort of treasure hunter would you be if you passed up the Speed magic?
  • Amass a stockpile of cheap items from Lix.
  • Did you get the songs from Lix, Istory, and Crescent?
  • Have you played all of the pianos so far? at Tule, Carwen, Crescent, and Jachol, and Karnak.
  • Double check your set of blue magic spells. I had nineteen of the thirty (and I think I missed a couple on this go around) as I prepared to take the plunge.

When you’ve worked up the courage, step onto the diamond. Catch you on the flip side—in Galuf’s World.

User Submitted Strategies

make sure you mastered all abilities in jobs you recieved from the four crystals (except the earth crystal jobs:chemist,samurai,dragoon,dancer)

Posted at 7:07 PM on February 14, 2007 by Miguel

Don't forget the piano in Karnak.

Posted at 5:04 PM on January 5, 2007 by Nickoten

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