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Weapon Treasure
White Magic Treasure
  • Mini 
  • Magic Location Mini

    Pull the lever on the south wall of the library and collect the spell from the rightmost chest

World 1: Town of Gorn

Town of Gorn

You trudged all the way across the desert to reach a ghost town—literally. Wander around until you see King Tycoon floating among the rubble. He appears and disappears a few times. After chasing him around for a while, go to the building in the center of town. It looks like you trapped him at the far end of the building. Alas, he set you up for a fall…into strange ruins beneath the city.

Beneath the Ruined City

There are no enemies to worry about underground. Your only concern is how to get out. After Galuf huffily rejoins your group, set off to find an exit. The northwest door leads to a strange platform. When you stand on the platform the crystals flash and the party teleports across the world to Crescent Island.

You land in a similar room. Unfortunately the trip caused the teleporter to malfunction and the group scrambles outside in the nick of time.

You have once again narrowly escaped death. Your objective remains the same: get out. Exit to the northeast and pass through the next hallway. You emerge at the center of a large room. Immediately before you a tempting door awaits with a button that yearns to be pushed. Ignore the button pushing impulse for now and instead circle down to the bottom of the room and exit through the door.

Apparently this room, or trio of rooms actually functioned as a library, laboratory, and sleeping quarters. There are conveniently four beds and you can test their mattresses at no charge. The real reason to come down here is treasure. To the south three treasure chests lie abandoned. There is a little snag though, as they are locked behind a partition.

The obvious method for freeing them is the button to the left of the partition. Here you have two options at your disposal. The first is the difficult method: answer yes when prompted to push the switch. The partition will not budge and you will promptly be sent on a wild goose chase if you wish to recover the loot. First go to the middle room and examine the flowers in the bottom right corner next to the bed. Then go to the laboratory room and read the books on the table—twice. Finally go back to the library and examine the left pot. After a rather unexpected incident with a frog, go back to the lever and pull the lever again. Voila, the treasure is yours.

The easier way to obtain two Shurikens and the Mini white magic is to answer no when prompted to push the switch. Then answer yes when prompted to pull the switch. The partition will open without running around, but you do miss out on the bit with the frog.

After recovering the treasure, you may go back to the previous room and press the dubious switch on the wall…

Meanwhile: in Black Chocobo Forest

Cid and Mid took your request that they “watch over” the black chocobo to mean you wanted them to release him at the Black Chocobo reserve park. You didn’t really want to have a ride when you got back from the desert did you?

When you press the lever to open the door it triggers another earthquake. A hole opens in the earth and Cid and Mid plummet leaving the poor black chocobo to wonder where they went. The lever does eventually open the door in front of the party, and you seem not to take notice of the havoc you just wreaked by pressing that button. The room you enter contains a save point. Think back to all the other save points. Usually right after them you encounter a boss, or some dangerous situation. This one is no different. Use it.

Airship Base

After saving walk through the next room and out onto your missing ship. Continue over to the right and there you find another ship. This ship has propellers—and Cid and Mid on board. Mid surmises that Cid can make the Air Ship fly. After a bit of tinkering he does, but once airborne you meet up with Crayclaw.

hp: 2,000boss battle: Cray Claw

Cray ClawMuch like his predecessor Karlabos, Cray Claw is a pushover. Even though you were tipped off by the recent save point, you may not have been expecting a boss. After all there weren’t any random encounters, why have a boss? Cray Claw should be fairly easy even if you didn’t have time to prepare. Also just like Karlabos, Crayclaw is extremely vulnerable to thunder. You have a wealth of possible ways to exploit this weakness. You can whip out your Coral Sword and slap him around with that for about 1,300 points of damage. If you don’t have a Coral Sword, you can steal one from Cray Claw. You can use a mystic knight, cast Thundara on your sword and inflict around 1,650 points of damage. If you use a Coral Sword and enchant that with Thundara you inflict about 2,000 points of damage. You can use black mage and cast Thundara for about 1,400 points of damage. You can summon Ramuh for about 1,500. A ninja can throw Thunder Scrolls for about 1,900 points of damage. Choose your favorite method and attack. He should go down in two hits or less.

If Crayclaw gets the chance to attack he’s not a pushover. You may remember the Tail Screw attack from Karlabos. It hits a single target and instantly reduces them to single digit hp. It can’t kill you outright, but it’s still a danger. He also uses a Slimer attack. Whatever that sticky fluid is that sticks to your body (I don’t want to think about origins) it slows the target and drains hp. Finally, like most monsters he attacks using the attack command and does somewhere between 50-100 damage. When you finally do beat him he grants you a Frost Bow for your trouble.

The Air Ship is yours. Your mission at this point is to fly over to Gohn with your new ship. When you do this, the city rises from the dust and floats into the sky. Obviously you need the scientists to tell you how to follow it. So, once you’ve flown over the Town of Ruin, go back to Crescent and land your airship on the silver landing strip. Your next mission will become clear. It’s off to Tycoon Meteorite for some Adamantite.

Before you chase the city you may want to tie up some loose ends. Get whatever blue magic has eluded you, and pick up some experience or ability points. I take this chance to run back to Castle Walse and its frightening basement.

User Submitted Strategies

Also, if you missed Flash, Missile, or Self-Destruct from the Fire Ship the first time around, you can enter the Fire Ship now and get it, since they're arguably easier to get now with a Beastmaster/Trainer/Mediator.

Posted at 12:01 PM on June 1, 2009 by Demitel

You can also go back to Castle Tycoon and speak with the Chancellor anytime after getting the airship to see another scene involving Lenna and Faris.

Posted at 11:20 PM on December 1, 2006 by Josh

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Area Enemies

Clay Claw
Clay Claw
hp: 2,000 mp: 500
Steal: Coral Sword
Drop: Ice Bow