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World 1: Easterly Village

Easterly Village

Most guides have you gallivanting off to Istory after you visit Crescent. Why put off tomorrow what you can do today? After you gain control of the Fire-Powered Ship you can sail off into the sunset… or the northwestern part of the world.

This is another sleepy town that doesn’t believe in pubs. Apparently they are nonviolent as well because they don’t even have a weapon shop. No beer. No swords. No treasure. What do they have? They have plenty of sheep. You might be wondering why you are in this god-forsaken fleece farm. There are actually a couple of good reasons.

Toad Black Magic

If you talk to one of the hyper little girls scampering about, she’ll tell you that she found something nice while running around the flowerbed. Perhaps you too could find something nice while running around the flowerbed. Head north from the entrance to town towards the armory. Ignore it for now. Go west and then north again. Talk to the green mage hanging out at the base of the hill. He will tell you something nonsensical about being surprised frogs are still asleep when it’s so warm out. Go up the hill and run around on the flowerbed once (smashing all the pretty flowers that someone worked so hard to plant and grow). A surprised toad will pop out from the middle of the flowerbed. After he runs off into the forest you gain the Toad black magic.

Love Song

The blue-haired hippie to the west of the sheep pen has a Romeo’s Ballad just for you. The problem is how to get over the fence to talk to him. It’s really not hard, although it is morally questionable. Talk to the little sheepherder in the center of the pen. She tells you not to talk to the sheep in the corner because he has a “baaad attitude” and will kick you. Of course your top priority now is to talk to that sheep. You can talk to all the other sheep too, but they just bleat at you. One would think that one would talk to a sheep face to face. Not this sheep. This mean ornery sheep, you need to go around and talk to its butt. After a couple frightening motions, the angry sheep hurtles you over the fence where you can collect your song from the hippie by answering yes to his question. You can answer no and still be able to collect the song by talking to him again. To exit this area walk north then east and weave through the trees until you find yourself on the world map again.


Nothing exciting is happening at the inn. There are no adventurers, just four beds to fill. You can rest in them for 30 Gil a night and sleep with a lovely wool blanket.

Magic Shop

This is another disappointing magic shop. They only have a proprietor for Time Magic, and he must be off the trade path because by this time you should own all of these spells. If you don’t, this place might not be such a letdown.


The only interesting shop in town is the armory. It sells only three relics. I can never seem to scrape up the money to buy any of them since they retail for 50,000 Gil each. I just stand around and drool wondering what the lovely rings would look like on my fingers. You can purchase the Flame Ring that, as the green mage to the left of the shop will tell you, absorbs fire, protects against frost and is weak to water. Also for sale is the Coral Ring (which is rather infamous as a tool in a battle much later with the legendary Shinryu). The Coral Ring absorbs water, protects against fire, and is weak to thunder. The last ring in the armorist’s inventory is the Angel Ring. The Angel Ring prevents the status effects of Zombie and Aging. They’re all great relics if you can afford to pick them up.

hp: 4,000Boss Battle: Ramuh

The god of thunder (who has nothing on Raiden) RamuhOne little old lady in town talks about an odd old man wandering around the forest who hits you with thunder. This odd old man is none other than the summoned monster Ramuh who can be yours to call upon if you best him in battle. Ramuh roams the forest to the east of Istory. You won’t find any other monsters in the forest until you beat him.

This can be a challenging boss. He is fairly singular about his attacks. Most of them are strictly thunder elemental, and unfortunately you still don’t have a way to defend against elemental damage. Ramuh’s favorite attack is Thundara. He averaged 363 points of damage to one of my unlucky party members. His Electrocute attack is similar, causing thunder damage to one character, but it is much weaker only inflicting about 70 points of damage. Just so he doesn’t pick on only one party member all the time, he rounds out his thunder attacks by casting Thunder on your entire party for about 150 points of damage. When Ramuh gets frustrated he steals mp from your characters casting Osmose. To add insult to injury he casts the blue magic Flash that blinds your party. Occasionally he gets bored and just attacks physically.

Ramuh has no weaknesses. He absorbs water-elemental damage. There is a dirty exploitive way to beat him. You can resort to casting Death Claw and reduce Ramuh to 2hp before lightly tapping him and finishing him off. If you weren’t lucky and haven’t learned Death Claw, you can use Gravity instead. It’s not as efficient and it has diminishing returns, but the initial 2000 hp of damage is quite sizable. Bring out your staple fighter or mage. It doesn’t really matter. You might also try using your ninja and throwing things at him. My Flame Scroll did 640 points of damage, far higher than any of my attacks were doing at the time. Flinging a shuriken at him caused over 1,600 points of damage.

User Submitted Strategies

In the forest where you run into Ramuh you can run into 6 minidragons that at first appear to be very challenging. The newly acquired toad spell usually turns them into toads and makes their attacks completely ineffective. They give up just over 1000 exp.

Posted at 9:58 AM on October 18, 2009 by meph

Guys, if you missed Ramuh, just wander around in the garden in front of N-Zone Tower, he may pop out :)

Posted at 11:03 PM on May 9, 2007 by Ayron

Erm... and... if i forgot to take him? ^^" I'm now in post game, and i wanna complete my Bestiary, is there any way to fight him?

Posted at 7:40 AM on April 22, 2007 by Ayron

summon Ifrit many times and Ramuh would speak to Ifrit, thereby stopping him from attacking my party.

Posted at 4:08 AM on February 12, 2007 by Miguel

It is hilarious to note that after defeating Ramuh I had no idea how to use the summon. I ran around for several minutes trying to figure it out before I actually opened up my item menu and "used" the Ramuh item. Then the summon appeared. Not my finest moment.

Posted at 2:03 PM on December 18, 2006 by Trevor

I used Ifrit on him a couple times and eventually he started talking to Ifrit, and he was convinced to give up the fight without beating him!

Posted at 12:34 PM on December 13, 2006 by seldumonde

from blackflame you can learn blue magic spell black shock

Posted at 12:28 PM on April 7, 2005 by finland

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Area Enemies

hp: 600 mp: 200
exp: 270 gil: 114
Steal: Tonic
Steal: MythrilArmor
Drop: MythrilGlove
hp: 220 mp: 100
exp: 290 gil: 174
Steal: Speed Drink
Drop: Speed Drink
Stone Golem
Stone Golem
hp: 1,000 mp: 0
exp: 550 gil: 177
Steal: Soft
Drop: Potion
hp: 1,000 mp: 100
exp: 900 gil: 180
Steal: Dragon Fang
Drop: Nothing
hp: 4,000 mp: 300
Steal: Potion
Drop: Ramuh


Song Treasure
  • Love Song 
  • Song Location 115

    “Talk” to the ornery sheep’s behind. After he flings you over the fence, talk to the bard.

Summon Treasure
  • Ramuh 
  • Summon Location Ramuh

    The thunder god roams the forest east of the village; beat him to gain the spell.

Black Magic Treasure
  • Toad 
  • Magic Location Toad

    Run in a circle around the flowers on the hill