Final Fantasy V - The Spirit of Heroes

World 1: Chocobo Forest

Chocobo Forest

Directly south of Crescent a dense little forest grows. If your wandering leads you inside its boughs you will find a hyper chocobo running about. Since Bartz is an experienced chocobo handler (having Boko as a pal and all) he insists on catching the little guy. This is your cue to chase the chocobo. Catching it shouldn’t prove too difficult even though it zooms around much faster than you can run.

When you do apprehend the chocobo, you’ll find that the dark purple bird is the black chocobo everyone believes extinct. According to the townspeople in Crescent the black chocobo can fly. Take him for a spin. He doesn’t fly as expected, and the cause becomes apparent when he expels two crystal shards. This is a double bonus because now he can fly wherever you desire (except over tall mountain crags), and you gain two new jobs.

The first job is the Ranger job. The initial few abilities are nothing to write home about, but you do eventually want to master it to learn the much abused ! X-Fight, which allows a character to attack four times.

The second job is the more esoteric Bard job. These musicians are fun to have in the party to accompany more powerful classes. Their songs often raise attributes of party members. You should already have a couple of them. Mighty March casts Regen on all your party members. Romeo’s Ballad casts muddle on all enemies.

With your new black chocobo you can explore Bartz’s hometown of Lix, which you couldn’t reach before since low mountains surrounded the town. Lix is located in the north-central section of the map just northwest of the Wind Shrine. Also, if you haven’t already visited Istory you can venture there. When you finish exploring, go to the Library of the Ancients.

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Area Enemies

Doublizard the first form
hp: 700 mp: 0
exp: 260 gil: 165
Steal: Nothing
Drop: Tonic
hp: 540 mp: 500
exp: 320 gil: 168
Steal: Battle Ax
Steal: War Hammer
Drop: Antidote
hp: 580 mp: 0
exp: 300 gil: 171
Steal: Silver Bow
Drop: Death Sickle
hp: 220 mp: 100
exp: 290 gil: 174
Steal: Speed Drink
Drop: Speed Drink