Final Fantasy V - The Spirit of Heroes


Weapon Treasure
  • Shuriken 
  • Weapon Location 1
  • Shock Whip 
  • Weapon Location 2

    You only get the whip if you did not free Lone Wolf from jail in Castle Walse

Item Treasure

World 1: Jachol Cave

Jachol Cave

If you freed Lone Wolf from the Dungeon in Castle Walse you might want to forego this optional side-trip. The only real reason to visit this cave is to collect the Blitz Whip, and if you freed him he’ll have stolen it already and left you a note.

If you have your heart set on grabbing a Brave Blade at full strength this cave is not a good place to visit since you will most likely end up doing a lot of fleeing.

There are only two monsters in the cave. There exist trios of the ridiculously easy Nutkins, which give you 2 abp for breathing on them. They only have 20 hp and they are ridiculously easy to kill. There must be a catch. Indeed there is. The other troglodyte is the Nutkin on steroids, otherwise known as the Skull Eater. They only have 1 hp. But they have a 90% evade. Couple that with a 90 def and mdef and a 50 atk and that spells Trouble with a capital T that rhymes with D that stands for dead. If you’re extremely lucky the cute silver squirrel will flee at the first sight of you and leave you with 5 abp. Usually though you just end up being hit normally for at least 600 points of damage or hit with Incisor for over 1,500.

Somewhat later in the game, in the Ronka Ruins, you may acquire the 1000 Needles blue magic from a Lamia. 1000 Needles kills Skull Eaters with ease. He still may kill you before you can hit him, but it is a one hit no miss kill.

First Room

animation of the first roomJust what you wanted, another dungeon populated with switches and levers and moving parts. Well you’re stuck with this one. When you begin your journey into this dimly lit cave, you’ll see two skull switches that you can press, one right next to the door you came in from, and one down to the south. The one right next to you won’t do anything if you press it. But you will need it later.

Go down to the south and press the switch. The giant rock preventing access to the rest of the cave grates to the east and allows you passage to the south. Simultaneously the entrance to the cave seals itself. Don’t worry. If you want to get out again just press the switch next to the door. The door will open and the rock will move back to the west.

You can try continuing to the east instead of going directly south, but that slab that moved to the east is now blocking the path to the north…so you have to find a way to move it back west again. At the bottom of the southern path you’ll see a row of skull switches. If you stand and watch them for a moment, you’ll see that they all disappear except for a single switch. To proceed, you must press the single switch. You cannot press it once the others appear. If you are too slow, just wait another few seconds and try again.

Now you’ve opened up a passage to the northeast, but blocked your passage northwest. If you want to exit the cave, just press the switch on the slab in front of the northwest path. If you still want to continue into treacherous Skull Eater infested darkness, continue northwest.

The shiny silver door that you so desperately want to enter is locked or jammed or something. Those crazy Jachol Ancients have hidden a switch to open it in the top, seemingly empty, treasure chest. Yes, you do want to push the button. It won’t trigger an avalanche or giant boulder racing through the halls.

Second Room

It may just be me, but this room seems to have more of those awful Skull Eaters. I favor getting in, grabbing the loot and running. So start running ignoring all of the empty treasure chests. Go up the stairs until you come to a fork in the path. Go left. When the path forks again, take the top to collect a Shuriken. Then circle around to the left and pick up the Tent. Now is the long hall to get over to the Blitz Whip. Run back to the first fork in the path and go to the right and up

At the next fork, ignore the stairs to the north. If you really want you can climb them up to a sheer face in the wall. You can climb this to get out of the cave. But it will deposit you in the middle of nowhere. You will come back here later in the game, but right now with rabid Skull Eaters running rampant it’s not worth it.

Instead, go south. There you’ll finally find your Blitz Whip (assuming you didn’t free Lone Wolf in Castle Walse). That’s all there is to the cave. Exit and continue on to Crescent Island or another destination of your choosing.

User Submitted Strategies

The ninja's Throw ability can kill Skull Eater's with ease. Just throw one of those BoltTechs you get after every battle with the Anemones on the sea, and voilą, there you go.

Posted at 1:03 PM on April 25, 2010 by Aquifex

Whit gaia command of geomancer, skull eater is easy killed

Posted at 10:21 AM on March 29, 2009 by DrifteR

For tree meager mp you kill the critter with a well placed ??? blue magic spell. Just be sure to have lost at least 1 hp before fighting it.

Posted at 2:53 PM on March 30, 2007 by umbrae

Since this monster gives up 5 ABP, I really wanted to learn how to kill it without dying! What I came up with is this: Because it gives up 100 EXP per monster, I Scan it. Of course, we now have 6 of these ghastly beasties! But now I quickly have a Ninja, or any member that can Throw, toss a Skill at them. Any Skill will do because it's only 1 EXP each. Voila! All gone leaving 600 EXP, which at this point in the game is an awful lot! Unfortunately, the ABP remains at 5, but again, that's really good at this point! Happy Point Gathering!!! X

Posted at 10:18 AM on June 28, 2006 by XyRin2006

Geomancers make short work of SkullEaters. Just remember the back row and healing.

Posted at 2:19 AM on February 16, 2006 by RS

I've had really good luck defeating SkullEater by using the Trainer "Control" ability. Once I figured that out, I hung around in this cave for a while building up my job levels (the 5 ABP you get from the SkullEaters is great). Soon I had !Cntrl for three of my players and could beat them every time.

Posted at 10:26 AM on September 10, 2005 by CKRock

you can kill a skull eater with exploder

Posted at 12:26 PM on April 7, 2005 by finland

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Area Enemies

Nut Eater
Nut Eater
hp: 20 mp: 0
exp: 10 gil: 20
Steal: Tonic
Drop: Tonic
Skull Eater
Skull Eater
hp: 1 mp: 100
exp: 300 gil: 100
Steal: Tent
Drop: Elixir