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World 1: Jachol Village

Jachol Village

When the residents of Jachol are not busy talking about their ancient cave to the north, they like to talk about other places of interest in the world. One little girl mentions wanting to see the large Istory waterfall. A couple other people mention Crescent Island. One comments about its shape and the other says you here strange sounds coming from beneath it. It sounds like something out of a Scooby Doo episode. Perhaps you should visit…

Unfortunately there are no treasures to loot here. The clusters of barrels purely provide ambience and no freebies. Be disappointed.

Area Enemies

Some of the monsters in the area are tough. The Bio Soldier, rather aptly named, likes to cast Bio on your entire party dealing about 200 points of damage. Ouch. They are worth fighting because you can steal either a Battle Axe or a War Hammer from them. They do not have any weaknesses, so just hit hard with your favorite job, weapon, or spell. Just don’t cast Poison on them. They absorb it.

You’ll also meet Bombs. They should be familiar from many a Final Fantasy game. One would think Bombs would be weak to Ice or Water. No such luck. They have no weaknesses. They don’t drop decent items. You can learn the blue magic Self-Destruct from them if you haven’t already gotten it.

The only other monster roaming the grounds is the Doublizard. He’s weak to ice. Exploit this weakness. There’s nothing very special about him. He uses reverse polarity to turn himself around, but I haven’t figured out what it does other than to turn him around.


My first stop after battling all of those monsters and having a horrible time with the Bio Soldiers was the Inn. It costs you a mere 30 Gil to rest up and refresh yourself. After resting you can exit to the south and step out onto the veranda and have a chat with a spooky old woman about Crescent Island.

Pub and the Fourth Piano

After resting you may need a good drink. Ale is hard to carry around as you’re trekking across the countryside. This lively pub is home to another piano. Play it and listen to your meager skills improve. You can also dance with a tavern wench if you so desire. The pub is all about the conversation though. These people like to talk about Jachol Cave to the north. They’ll tell you that many people go there to strike it rich but most of the treasure has already been looted. They’ll also hint about some of the puzzles you’ll find within the cave.

Item Shop

Downstairs from the pub is the Item Shop. This one carries your staple supply from Eye Drops to Tents. I suggest picking up a couple more Phoenix Downs if you’re planning to venture into Jachol Cave. Skull Eaters are nasty critters.

Magic Shop

The magic shop is a bit of a let down. If you’ve been purchasing all of the magic along your journey there won’t be anything new here. They only sell white magic too. I guess every store can’t have something new and expensive to drool over.

Weapon & Armor Shop

The Weapon and Armor shops almost make up for the awful magic shop. Just about everything here is new. You can pick up the nifty Mage Masher Knife, which occasionally casts silence on its targets. Or you can try the bolt-elemental Coral Sword. You still can’t equip Tridents, Katanas, or Silver Bows, but you will soon be able to. And it’s better to have a new weapon for a new class than have them walk around empty handed.

The Armor Shop is slightly less exciting than the weapon shop mainly because it only carries three items. They’re not too shabby though. This is the first place you are able to buy a Green Beret. You found one back on the Fire-Powered Ship. Now you can add to your collection. This fashionable hat is +1 to str and agi. You can also pick up a Sage’s Surplice. It doesn’t add any bonuses to stats, but an 8 mdef isn’t bad. The final piece of equipment sold at the Armor Shop is the Ninja Suit. You also found this back at the Library of the Ancients. It has a great def (9, the same as Mythril Armor) for being a light robe.

Once you’re done shopping you can head off to Jachol Cave, or just sail your ship wherever you feel like going.

User Submitted Strategies

Best way to kill Prototype is to take control of it with the Trainers "Cntrl!" command and hit it with a Bolt 2, and continue to make it hit itself with the "????" spell. The damage gets higher and higher every turn, because its based on how much life its lost, and since its a spell, it doesnt break the "Cntrl".

Posted at 4:17 PM on October 19, 2009 by Dustin

For prototype version of omega, you need the "flash" and "???" blue magic. Cast flash first to make it blinded. Then cast "???" to damage it when your hp is lowered. Probably need three blue mages and 1 white mage with raise/life. Don't worry about healing hp, since "???" does more damage when your hp is low. It has 5000 hp, so after 300-450 per "???", it will eventually go down.

Posted at 2:26 PM on June 24, 2009 by dawnquest

I've found an awesome place to test one's might early in the game. But theres not a great window of opportunity. So before you,ve gone on to the floating crystal sanctum and after fixing the fire ship, if your into blue magic like missle, or if youre just into insane diffaculty levels, try fighting the prototype version of Omega weapon. Youll find him quite easily on just one island. Its part of the southern island chain on the west side. Its sorta shaped like a knife... I guess. Ill warn you though, If youre below level 25 youre NOT making it out alive. Anyway, have fun!

Posted at 3:09 AM on January 10, 2009 by No-ones Carpet

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Area Enemies

hp: 440 mp: 50
exp: 230 gil: 162
Steal: Tonic
Drop: Tonic
Doublizard the first form
hp: 700 mp: 0
exp: 260 gil: 165
Steal: Nothing
Drop: Tonic
hp: 540 mp: 500
exp: 320 gil: 168
Steal: Battle Ax
Steal: War Hammer
Drop: Antidote