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  • Ifrit 
  • Summon Location Ifrit

    Ifrit appears to be possessing a book. You must defeat him to progress through the game.

World 1: Library of Ancients

Library of Ancients

I trust you’ve all gotten here safely. You’ve walked gingerly around the desert so as not to encounter the wicked Dhorme Chimera. You will want to tussle with him later since you can learn Aqua Breath from him. This is not the time however, since he does roughly 300 points of damage to your fragile persons. I know you probably have more than 300 hp, but he has 1,000 and no weaknesses. Unless you’re really cocky (or really stupid) avoid him until later.

The library isn’t your average dungeon. The monsters live in books. The bookshelves hamper your progress through the library. It’s general chaos, and maneuvering the bookshelves can at times be tricky.

Blue Magic Abounds

This is a lovely place to learn some blue magic. The Page 32 casts Aera. You may have already learned this from the Gigas back in Karnak Castle. If he didn’t blast you with it, here’s another chance.

You can also learn the very important, sometimes cheap, Level 5 Death skill from Page 64. This may take a bit of finagling. He casts it freely enough, but he casts it on all party members. You must be a multiple of 5 to learn it. Therefore you must die to learn it. So, not all of your party can be a multiple of 5 or you’ll be annihilated. The plan then is to kill off someone for a while and fight Mythril Dragons outside in the forest to level up one or more party members to either level 15 or 20 (depending on how ambitious you’ve been). Once the character gains the level, use the healing pot on the Second Floor. Give one of the multiple-of-five party members the Learning ability, or just make him/her a Blue Mage. Proceed to the Rooftop and fight the monsters in the book. Once Page64 shows up defend until he casts Level 5 Death. Beat the tar out of Page64. Rejoice about your new skill. You do not have to resurrect the learner before the battle’s end to learn the skill.

Page 256 has two blue magic spells you can learn. He only casts one of them freely. You can learn Moon Flute from him. This spell casts berserk and haste on all of your party members. You probably won’t be able to learn Off-Guard from him since you need to have the Beastmaster’s Control ability. It is a Level 2 skill and requires 60 abp to learn. Do learn it as quickly as possible because you need it to learn many of the better blue magic spells.

First Floor

You can tell when you walk in the library that things are not going well here. There are four scholars running back and forth screaming about monsters taking over books and some missing guy named Mid who went down to the basement and never came back. This sounds like a job for four party members in possession of crystals to me (since those pansy scholars obviously can’t handle finding him themselves).

After talking to everyone. Go upstairs to the next floor.

Second Floor

The jar immediately to the left of the entrance is a handy healing pot. If the Mythril Dragons have tired you out, take a swig and feel refreshed. Speak with everyone and then venture out to the roof.


Two scholars stand poised to burn three of their beloved books. They know that some of the books house monsters between their pages, but the poor blokes can’t figure out which ones contain monsters and which ones don’t. You can help them figure it out. One book speaks of blue magic. One is a travel log making reference to the Healing Staff in Castle Tycoon. The one to the far right, well, there are your monsters.

After you’re done toying around on the roof it’s time to begin the quest proper. Go back to the first floor and descend the stairs on the left. Through the door is the first maze-like room.

First Floor Basement

an animation of the first room, both to the next room and backFor some, this could very well be the most difficult part of the ancient library; the dreaded room with the sliding bookshelves. It’s not really that complicated. Especially when you realize it’s only one shelf sliding back and forth.

Walk straight forward. The shelf blocking your path will slide to the right. In the northern wall you will see a hole to the left. Walk into it. The shelf will slide back blocking the exit. It reveals a hole in the middle shelf. Go through that hole, then another one below it and climb the ladder. Take the stairs to the right and up to the seeming dead-end bookshelf. The middle shelf will slide back into place. You can use it to cross to the right. Don’t go down the ladder. Instead go all the way to the right wall. The middle bookcase will slide out of the way one final time. Finally allowing you to access the top right corner of the room. Go up to the rubble sticking out beneath the bookshelf. Hit the A button. The shelf will slide away revealing the entrance to the next room.

Getting back out is a little bit trickier. From the basement entrance, walk back down towards the ladder. Go past the ladder to the bottom-right corner of the room. The middle bookshelf will slide to the right allowing you to cross back to the other ladder. Descend it and walk left into the wall. The middle shelf will slide to the left opening the passage through to the north. Go all the way north, then left and stop in front of the blocked path. The bookshelf will slide right one more time allowing you to exit.

The Basement Proper

You may have noticed the lack of random encounters in the last room. Fear not, from here on out there are monsters galore. I don’t know where you got the flashlight, but all you have to guide you is a narrow circle of light. Turn right at the first bookshelf to collect an Ether. Then head south to the next room.

You’ll come out on a balcony that looks like a room from My Fair Lady. You can try and go through the door, but you’ll meet up with a stubborn bookshelf on the other side that will not let you pass. It’s best to just climb the ladder and press A. A passage will open up through the books leading back to the same room with the nasty shelf. You’re not on ground level now though. Scamper along the top of the bookshelves to another room. A lone book lies on the floor. Inside this book is the summon monster Ifrit.

hp: 3,000Boss Battle: Ifrit

the master Pyromaniac IfritIfrit does decent damage. He uses mostly fire-based attacks. The worst attack is Flame. It inflicts fire damage to all party members for around 120-180 points of damage. He also enjoys casting Fira on a single target. This hurts. It does anywhere from 240-300 points of damage. He uses one physical attack called High Kick that damages a single target (for a paltry 60-80 points of damage) and paralyzes him/her.

I found that the mystic knight could inflict the most damage. Give him the ability Two-Handed and enchant your sword with Blizzara. My mystic knight inflicted 1,480-1,630 points of damage. The only drawback was that he seemed to miss fairly frequently. But you only have to land a couple hits.

Other noteworthy classes to use are black or red mages. Be sure to equip them with Frost Rods for that extra oomph. My red mage inflicted 900 points of damage casting Blizzara. The black mage averaged about 1,200.

I thought that a summoner invoking Shiva would have been the best job, but my summoner only inflicted around 950 points of damage. And of course the summoner was wielding a Frost Rod.

If you’re in the market for more Phoenix Downs you can steal one from Ifrit, but if you don’t employ someone with Cura you may need to use the Phoenix Down sooner than later. One person with the ability to heal is essential. Two or more is ideal. Always err on the side of caution.

Now that Ifrit has granted you his power you will be able to walk past that crotchety old shelf that blocked your way before. Instead of going through the north door head first through the bookshelf on the left, then down the stairs at the bottom left. This takes you back out to the balcony room where you can claim a treasure chest holding a Ninja Suit.

Go back and follow the north hole through the bookshelf. This dumps you out into another dimly lit room. Follow the stairs down. Don’t bother using the exit to the right. You’ll just end up at a dead end back in the balcony room. Continue down the other ladder to the left. Grab the Phoenix Down from the treasure chest before exiting again to the balcony room.

Inside the next door you’ll be confronted with another moving bookcase. Fortunately this one doesn’t talk. And it’s relatively simple. Just walk forward along the path and the shelf will slide to the right allowing you to pass. Then climb the ladder and press the A button and it will slide back left. If you exit through the bottom passage you’ll find yourself on a dead-end balcony. Begin reciting “Romeo, Romeo wherefore art thou Romeo?” Or just go back and climb the ladder on the right.

Before allowing you to gain passage to the next room you must battle a Page32 and Page64. If you have trouble with them, you need more aid than I can give you. But if they’ve exhausted you, fear not! The next room contains a consecrated circle. What do we do at each and every consecrated circle? We save. And we use a Tent or Cabin if we need to. This should remind you that a boss might be lurking about the next corner.

Ok, so around the corner and out the door is just the bottom of the balcony room and that elusive door. But through the door…There you’ll find Mid searching through the shelves. He’s blissfully unaware of your presence or anyone else’s. He doesn’t even notice as a giant, hairy, horned sharp-toothed beast attacks you!

hp: 3,600BOSS BATTLE: Byblos

the snaggle-toothed ByblosByblos can be a frustrating foe. Where most of the previous bosses limited themselves to a few specific types of attacks, Byblos has an arsenal. He is particularly fond of casting Wind Slash to all party members. Wind Slash does 200-260 points of damage. His physical attack alone does 300 points of damage.

The very worst attack he does is Confuse. It doesn’t even cause any damage. Although when your black mages start casting Blizzara on your party you will loathe the spell. If you picked up the Esuna spell back at Karnak Castle, this can be your salvation. You need either a character with the white mage job or someone with a Level 4 ! White ability to be able to cast Esuna.

Among Byblos’ other talents is casting Thread on single party members, which slows them. Slow cannot be alleviated by using the Heal spell. He casts Dischord. This cuts a target’s level in half causing you to do miniscule amounts of damage. He also occasionally turns your party members into toads and uses the Drain black magic. As a special treat Byblos casts Protect on himself thereby effectively nullifying your physical attacks.

One thing this shaggy beast has going for him is that you can learn another blue magic spell from him. He casts Magic Hammer, which cuts your mp in half. Unfortunately since he has so many other attacks and he only casts it on a single target, learning it can be a slow maddening process. I usually only give one person the Learning ability and curse as he casts the spell on everyone but the character with Learning.

To add insult to injury Byblos absorbs most magic (Water, Air, Earth, Holy, Poison, Lightning, and Ice). He is supposedly weak to Holy magic, but I don’t have any at this point to verify that. Venom inflicts slow steady damage over time, but cast Ice or Bolt on him and you heal him. His Achilles heel is fire magic.

Once again your best character may be a mystic knight with a Fira enchanted Sword and Two-Handed. Mine inflicted 1,536 points of damage. Not too shabby. Once Byblos casts Protect on himself and starts casting Dischord on everyone the mystic knight is rendered fairly useless.

A summoner equipped with a Flame Rod and raining down Ifrit’s Hellfire does around 1,100 points of damage. Similarly black mages casting Fira are deadly to Byblos.

One of the ethically questionable methods of killing Byblos is to hit him with the Doom Claw spell you learned back from Iron Claw. This will reduce him to single-digit hit points. Then you tap him lightly and down he goes.

In the end, all you get from that awful encounter is an Iron Draft and 7 abp.

Mid the Oblivious

After all of your hard work, Mid wasn’t even lost, or trapped. He even knew a secret way out of the basement. All those scholars are hypochondriacs. He has some interesting news though. He thinks he can make the Fire-Powered Ship work again. But he needs his Grandpa Cid’s help. You know where Cid is, so off you go back to the second floor of the Karnak Pub.

Before you run all that way, you might want to consider staying around the library for a little while to gain some experience and abp. After all, you’ve got a healing pot at your disposal. If you manage to get a mediator to level 3 and master the ! Control ability, there are a couple blue magic spells you can acquire. If you control the Mythril Dragons outside in the forest you can learn their Transfusion spell. Similarly, controlling the Page 256 monsters will get you the Off-Guard spell. Remember to be wary though if your characters are all multiples of 5. Page 64 will not hesitate obliterate your group.

Dhorme Chimera and Aqua Breath

the dreaded D.ChimeraIf you’re feeling really foolish adventurous you can brave the desert and the dreaded Dhorme Chimera. It’s still a bit premature to be tackling him, but you can pull it off after about level 20. Be sure to save your game before you try to kill him. You can never have too many characters equipped with the White Magic ability. I had two characters heal constantly. I also had a time mage who existed solely to cast haste those two white mages and to cast an occasional Regen spell. You should have one or more characters to deal physical damage since Dhorme Chimera has no elemental weaknesses. I found that Monks worked very nicely even when employed as back-up healers. Obviously the final character should be a blue mage or someone with the learning ability. My blue mage’s ability was ! Control, but I didn’t bother to use it since when you control Dhorme Chimera he does Aqua Breath and he absorbs the damage. Unfortunately Death Claw does not work. However, Magic Hammer (recently learned from Byblos) surprised me with its effectiveness. Dhorme Chimera always starts off with Aqua Breath. So right off the bat you should learn the spell. Then you can heal up and hit him with Magic Hammer reducing his mp. He only has 150 mp to start with. Aqua Breath takes 38mp to cast so within a couple hits he won’t be able to hurt you with it. You can cast Protect on your party since his Critical Attack does 380 points of damage. Then just heal and hit him with your physical attacks.

Back to Karnak & the Fire-Powered Ship

After the excitement of wandering back and tangling with the Dhorme Chimera. Go into Karnak’s pub and watch Mid abuse Cid until he agrees to fix up the Fire-Powered Ship.

User Submitted Strategies

3-4 shot of Gaia.

Posted at 11:37 AM on February 26, 2010 by ClouDerik

This is for learning the Lvl 5 death spell. You don't need it until world 2, well it does work on Adamantoise in the crater. I waited until I got to Cresent Island to get the spell. There is an enemy there that casts another Blue magic spell that cuts your characters level in half for that battle. I had allmy characters at a level that ended in 5, can't be a 0, because when cut in half ends up being a 5. Then when fighting an enemy that is not the Blue face enemy(which casts the death spell) cut every ones level in half, but the Blue mage or the one with learning, kill the other enemy and the blue face should appear( hes relatively common) and just wait until he casts Level 5 Death, revive and kill it.

Posted at 4:08 PM on October 19, 2009 by Dustin

use 2 flame scroll on byblos.quick death

Posted at 10:47 PM on February 6, 2009 by d

I don't know how I did it, but I took out D. Chimera accidentally when I was but level 14. Two knights with Double Grip and a Ninja with the knife Guardian and a Kunai, along with a Black Mage with White Three. That's how I did it, though I can't remember exactly how the turns went. I do, however, remember that I beat him (and learned Aqua Breath) with three dead party members... I don't know if this can be replicated, maybe I'm just lucky.

Posted at 4:29 PM on January 25, 2009 by Ian

Byblos went down easily for me. My Beastmaster hit him with his whip, paralyzing him and I never took another hit. Maybe I was just lucky....

Posted at 12:25 AM on March 12, 2007 by Chris

Try using Shiva many times eventhough it does 950 points of damage. It will involve a scene with Shiva and Ifrit (who could think it would be an opposite attract?) and Ifrit will be yours immediately without even grinding his HP.

Posted at 7:30 PM on February 14, 2007 by Miguel

D. Chimera isn't all that hard if you know how to fight him. All it takes is brute force and a healer or two. I used 2-3 monks or characters with Barehanded to drop him in one turn. I think i was around 20-25 then. You really can just go ahead and use 3 of them and heal after every battle. When you get low on MP, you can go back to the library and heal yourself at the pot on the second floor. I trained by fighting them forever; I made huge progress mastering my jobs and I got all of my characters to learn Dualcast (aka X-Fight) at the same time. 333 battles is a lot more than you think, lol

Posted at 5:05 PM on February 3, 2007 by Jordan B

I found that thundara makes a quick win against the D. Chumeras. Jus be around level 18 and thundara does about 250 damage. Have two black mages casting it and one person constantly healing your party, with one character attacking physically.

Posted at 6:21 PM on December 27, 2006 by Moogle

It is possible to defeat D.Chimera early in the game using a certain blue magic - Vampire. Just set all your characters to use blue magic and use vampire to counter D.Chimera when it start using Aqua Rake on your party. If it attacks only one of your party members, your can still use Vampire and Aera (another blue magic) to attack D.Chimera.

Posted at 12:41 AM on November 17, 2006 by David

When i beat Quadraharpy, i had all my characters be monks with the learning ability and they were all level 15 and i was able to get aqua rake.

Posted at 7:38 PM on June 11, 2006 by Fabian

Use the 'Death Claw' blue magic for a quick win against Biblos.

Posted at 5:45 PM on June 10, 2006 by Fabian

Byblos went down in four hits with a 4 black mages equip with 4 fire rods, they did 1200-1400 a hit, he only got the chance to cast 2 spells. hope it works as well for the rest of ya. Just keep in mind that my mages where 20 so you might not be as effective with 10s or 15s.

Posted at 2:48 PM on August 17, 2005 by Jeffrey

If you dont mind takeing heft chunks out of ou play time to level up a monk with learning, 2 knights with black mage ability, and a white mage with either summoner or black magic, then you can zip through this part (and pretty much the next /4 of the game) with very little hassle. Also some nice class abilities for this part of the game (not restricted to though) are the geomacers !earth magic, the theifs passage and !caution abilities, and the M.Knights !Reflct abilities. Just gotta know how to use 'em.

Posted at 8:52 PM on August 15, 2005 by Jeffrey

Random awesome tip - If you battle D. Chimera after you've already acquired Ifrit into your arselnal of summons, he does hefty damage. My characters were all at Lv 18. Before I went into battle, I changed my whole party into summoners, and had two with White magic abilities, and one with the Learning ability. After the initial Aqua rake, I healed them up with Cure2, then had each and every one summon Ifrit, whose power dealt out between 200-400 damage. He went down in three hits, and I got Aqua Rake on top of it...

Posted at 1:06 PM on January 12, 2005 by Ariana

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Area Enemies

Page 32
Page 32
hp: 480 mp: 500
exp: 180 gil: 147
Steal: Tonic
Steal: Green Beret
Drop: Tonic
Page 64
Page 64
hp: 500 mp: 500
exp: 200 gil: 150
Steal: Tonic
Steal: SilvrGlasses
Drop: Phoenix Down
Page 128
Page 128
hp: 700 mp: 500
exp: 190 gil: 153
Steal: Ether
Drop: Tonic
Page 256
Page 256
hp: 900 mp: 500
exp: 210 gil: 156
Steal: Potion
Steal: Ninja Suit
Drop: MythrlShield
hp: 3,000 mp: 1,000
Steal: Phoenix Down
Drop: Fire Skill
hp: 3,600 mp: 1,000
Steal: Cornucopia
Steal: Dark Matter
Drop: Hard Body