Final Fantasy V - The Spirit of Heroes

World 1: Karnak


After that long trek from the meteorite, a town and castle should be an inviting sight. Indeed it would be, but this town is on fire. When you enter the town for the first time the magic shop is locked. You can’t get up to the barrel on the perimeter wall tantalizing you with its suggestion of treasure. What can you do here? You can of course talk to all of the townsfolk. They have a bit to tell you about the crystal and the creator of its amplifier.

Equipment Shop

In order to progress with the story you must purchase an item from either the weapon or armor shop. When you first enter the town the prices are 75% off of their normal prices. The catch is that you can only purchase one item at this rate. After you buy the item you get unceremoniously accused of being monsters and tossed in jail. Don’t assume you did something wrong, this is a part of the story. I suggest buying the most expensive item, the Mythril Armor to save a bit of cash in the long run.

There are a slew of new weapons. Many of which will seem foreign and unusable to all but your freelancer party members (and who at this stage of the game uses bare party members?). You can either buy the strange stuff now or wait until after the Fire-Powered Ship to get the hammers, pikes, and whips. If you are planning on going back to take on Shiva before the Fire Ship—and I think that you should—buy a couple Flame Wands to equip your black mages with while fighting her. To prepare for the upcoming fire-elemental monsters, buy a few Frost Rods. Thunder Rods aren’t strictly necessary right now, but you can pick them up for good measure.

Finally you can purchase a new hat. Those leather ones were starting to smell a bit dodgy. The Plumed Hat is nothing fantastic, but it raises your def and mdef by one. Every point counts. There are also two new acessories. Acessories have been rather scarce thus far. With a choice of Silver Specs or Leather Shoes the addition of a Silver Armlet and Mythril Glove your relic supply is doubled. I always buy a bit of everything at the armor shop. You really can’t go wrong.

Inn & Item Shop

The inn is your normal run-of-the-mill establishment. It costs 20 gil to heal up your party and stay in a nice clean bed. Well worth it if you’ve been running around fighting Wild Nakks, learning the blue magic ??? from them, and gaining some levels outside of town.

The item shop is rather run-of-the-mill as well. There’s nothing new from the last town. Replenish whatever supplies you’re running low on. I do suggest that you pick up some Eye Drops before heading off to the Fire-Powered Ship as the Crew Dusts will blind you.

The Pub and the Third Piano

The Pub is filled with adventurers and drunken gossipmongers. There’s not too much information to glean in this one, but you will learn about a city to the south called Jachol. Apparently it’s further south than the Library of the Ancients you’ve been hearing about, and with that ominous wall looming to the west, these travelers are trapped. The mage pacing by the fire claims his “old bones sure do love a roaring fire.” This is such a vast translation improvement. In other versions he just paced back and forth stating he was in love with the fire. I wonder where the resident pyromaniac rehab center is because surely this town needs one.

Magic Shop

I hope you brought your credit card. This candy-like emporium has three lovely counters one each for white magic, black magic, and time magic. Here you can finally purchase the elusive spells that end with “a”. By this I mean you can get Cura, Fira, Blizzara, and Thundara. And that’s not all. You can finally stop relying so heavily on Phoenix Downs and use the Raise white magic spell. The new Confuse white magic spell pales in comparison to those two long awaited incantations.

If you’re running short of cash, I suggest Fire2 if you’re going to run back and fight Shiva. I wouldn’t fight her without it. If you don’t want to go get her, then Ice2 will serve you well on your next quest. If I had to buy only one spell for the upcoming battles though, it would be Cure2.

In my euphoria about the addition of Cura and Raise I forgot to mention Karnak’s new Time Magic offerings. There are two very useful spells. Stop does just what it sounds like—it halts a single target so that they can’t attack you. Gravity is a lovely number you may recognize from other games in the series. Gravity, when cast on a single target reduces their hit points by half. Quite a nasty little spell when it works.

Northern House

The man in the northern house asks you about a monster named Crew Dust. If you face this monster alone, the wily devil will cast the blue magic Flash and blind your party. Consider this your warning for the upcoming battles in the Fire Ship. You can learn Flash from these monsters if you didn’t get it back on North Mountain. Just be sure you have a stock of Eye Drops at the ready (or equip everyone with Silver Specs.

User Submitted Strategies

Turn all members of your party to Monks and fight the Wild Dogs in the forests. They can easily be finished by 2 Kicks and each Kill gets you 625 Gil and around 80 EXP so just kill them until you've got as much money or EP as you need and continue your Journey in the Fire Ship.

Posted at 7:11 PM on December 25, 2006 by Hammerit

from wild dog you can learn blue magic spell ???

Posted at 12:36 PM on April 7, 2005 by finland

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Area Enemies

hp: 180 mp: 0
exp: 120 gil: 99
Steal: Tonic
Drop: Nothing
hp: 850 mp: 0
exp: 360 gil: 150
Steal: Elixir
Drop: Elixir
Wild Dog
Wild Dog
hp: 95 mp: 100
exp: 70 gil: 125
Steal: Tonic
Drop: Nothing
hp: 250 mp: 0
exp: 230 gil: 100
Steal: Turtle Shell
Drop: Turtle Shell


Weapon Treasure