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World 1: Tycoon Castle

Tycoon Castle

Your first trip to Tycoon castle serves one basic purpose: to acquire loot. Some of the items cannot be used until you’ve gotten a few more jobs, but isn’t it fun to have new toys to go along with your new jobs?

Lenna’s home castle is buzzing with activity. Everyone is happy to receive the princess and anxious about the disappearance of the king. Before you go on the treasure hunting spree you should enter the castle proper and speak with the chancellor. He will implore you to stay, but you know that saving the world is much more important than placating an overbearing civil servant. You have no choice but to spend the night and perhaps wander the halls a bit instead of sleeping.

First floor

When you do awake, wander downstairs to the first floor. There you’ll meet a purple-robed wizard who explains that the chancellor went outside and you are to meet him there. Before rushing outdoors there’s treasure to be had! Check the pot to the right for your first taste of loot, a Hi-Potion. Exit this room. Walk across the first floor to the hallway and stairs leading up to the second floor.

Second Floor

An old lady wanders the second floor. Her name is Jenica and she has a bit of family history to share. Long lost sister sound familiar? Jenica has also been hoarding goodies. Check the right pot for an Ether and the barrel next to it for a Cottage. Check the bottom left barrels for a Phoenix Down and an Elixir.

Exit back down the stairs and enter the double doors in the center, the Throne Room.

Throne Room

It’s rather eerie without the king presiding, but you needn’t stay long. The southern doors exit to a balcony. Unless you’d like to enjoy the view, there isn’t anything of import out there.

Take the northeastern doorway and climb the stairs up until you reach the fourth floor.

Fourth Floor

This room is filled with jars. You must know what that means. Loot! Pick up the Maiden’s Kiss, Phoenix Down, Elixir and Ether. If you want you can climb the stairs to the Wind Drake Tower. You should recognize it from the opening sequence. Unlike the opening sequence, the tower is devoid of a dragon. It’s a rather lonely reminder of your plight.

When you are finished exploring go all the way back down to the throne room and enter the northwestern door. Now you have a choice. Do you take the left door or the stairs?

Lenna’s Room

The left door opens to Lenna’s room. Now you know what a princess’ room looks like. I thought it would be grander. And it definitely should have more treasure…

King’s Room

The stairs open onto the King’s room. But you aren’t allowed to enter. With your wounded pride in hand go back downstairs and exit the castle.


Before looking for the chancellor there is one more room with treasure to find. This room is a bit tricky to locate. From the castle doors head east. You soon run into the castle wall. An evergreen tree grows next to the turret. Go just north of the tree and walk east. Suddenly you are walking along the wall towards another tower. This tower is the (poor) Storehouse. Unfortunately all it stores is camping gear. Each of the chests holds a Cottage. The barrels and jars are empty. That’s ok. Go find the chancellor to obtain better treasure.

Go to the west side of the courtyard and down the stairs. The guard will say something rather musical “If you can find anything within these walls that can assist you in your quest, please take it.” At least now you don’t have to feel like you’re stealing. Follow the path north to a door.

This Storehouse is beloved by all treasure seekers. This one even has a clever switch hiding its bounty. Make sure one of your party members has the Passages ability equipped so you can easily find your way to the awaiting chancellor. He’s been waiting in the storage room to pass down an heirloom—a Healing Staff. After he gives it to you he leaves you alone to peruse the room and take everything. You’ll walk away with a Diamond Bell, Shuriken, and Ashura. None of which you can use currently.

That’s all the treasure you can garner for now. It’s time to search out Karnak and the Fire Crystal.

User Submitted Strategies

after you finish visiting the town of Ronka, you can go back here in Castle Tycoon for the second time. It involves a scene about Faris and Lenna. this isn't necessary but it's kinda important to develop Faris' character though.

Posted at 7:24 PM on February 14, 2007 by Miguel

There are two very well hidden treasures in the castle containing two cottages. In the courtyard when you come up the stairs go immediatly to the right. There is a sole tree next to the wall and right behind it is a hidden passage which leads to a tower. In the tower you find the two chests.

Posted at 2:09 AM on February 16, 2006 by RS

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Area Enemies

hp: 16 mp: 3
exp: 10 gil: 20
Steal: Tonic
Drop: Leather Cap
Killer Bee
Killer Bee
hp: 20 mp: 0
exp: 15 gil: 20
Steal: Tonic
Drop: Nothing