Final Fantasy V - The Spirit of Heroes


Item Treasure

World 1: Tycoon Meteor

Tycoon Meteor

A meteor plummets to the earth near a weary traveler and his chocobo companion with speed, force, and gigantic pixels. The pair is startled from their fire to investigate the crash site.

Head east towards the meteor blocking the path. You can dismount the chocobo and fight enemies, but there isn’t much point since if you get hurt badly you can’t readily heal yourself. It’s best to just enter the crash site and progress with the story.

Wind around the forest until you come to a clearing. Seize your chance to rescue the helpless maiden from a pair of roguish goblins. They look tough, but they’re all bark and no bite. As long as you remember which button to press to attack you can’t possibly lose the fight.

You would expect the girl to be a little more grateful for your assistance, but she has places to go and people to see—specifically her missing father who went off to the Wind Shrine. After exchanging names Lenna is ready to leave until you hear something…or someone.

Head northeast to find an old man struggling toward consciousness. He doesn’t know who he is. Wait, Galuf! His name is Galuf! He remembers that he was on his way to the Wind Shrine just like Lenna. The world may never know why. He sure doesn’t.

Before leaving the scene be sure to check the southeast corner for a Phoenix Down hidden among the trees.

Head northwest into more perilous goblin-filled territory. After another scene you may continue your journey to the north.

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Area Enemies

Goblin Bartz only battle
hp: 1 mp: 2
Steal: Nothing
Drop: Nothing