Final Fantasy V - The Spirit of Heroes
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Obtained from the Water Crystal in the Walz Tower

They’re not the brightest and they’re not the best, but boy can they hit hard! I like to equip Berserkers with the biggest axe I can find, 2-handed (DblGrip), and the running shoes to offset the fact that the berserker is horribly slow. With this setup they can inflict massive damage.


Inherent ability: Berserk

Lvl Name Description Abp
1 Berserk Character cannot be controlled and attacks enemies physically until the battle ends 100
2 EqAxe Allows character to wield axes 400
Total abp: 500

Battle Menu


The following options will be available to the Berserker class during battle. The blank fields can be customized with skills the character has already mastered.


The following table shows the variance in statistics compared to the bare class. Figures are listed as a percentage plus or minus the base of the bare class, thus the Berserker class has 37% more hit points than a normal character of the same level.

statistics for the Berserker class