Final Fantasy V - The Spirit of Heroes
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Obtained from the Wind Crystal in the Wind Shrine

Without the thief there would be no Genji equipment. What other reason do you need to love these little green guys? Like many other classes, they aren’t very useful by themselves—by that I mean they have low attack power and abysmal magic skills. The skills they offer up are great though! Mugging, a mainstay of the series is so much better using Ragnarok and a Knight. I don’t think I could play the game without the seemingly useless Dash ability…


Inherent ability: See hidden passages, dash, reduce back attack encounters

Lvl Name Description Abp
1 Secret Allows character to see hidden passages, and invisible floors 10
2 !Flee Party flees instantly from battles (excludes boss fights) 20
3 Dash Enables party to run four times faster by holding the cancel button (B button for SNES) 30
4 !Steal Attempt to steal treasure from targeted creature 50
5 Caution Protects party from back attacks 75
6 !Mug Allows character to attack while attempting to steal treasure from targeted creature 150
7 Footwork Gain the same agility (speed) as a thief 300
Total abp: 635

Battle Menu


The following options will be available to the Thief class during battle. The blank fields can be customized with skills the character has already mastered.


The following table shows the variance in statistics compared to the bare class. Figures are listed as a percentage plus or minus the base of the bare class, thus the Thief class has 3% more hit points than a normal character of the same level.

statistics for the Thief class