Final Fantasy V - The Spirit of Heroes
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Obtained from the Wind Crystal in the Wind Shrine

The Monk is the Bruce Lee of Final Fantasy V. The Monk class doesn’t pack quite the wallop Bruce does. In the beginning of the game they’re fun and easy to use. You can kick weak enemies into next week. Later in the came kick is too weak to do much damage and you need some brass knuckles because your punches are awfully soft compared to the power of the legendary weapons. Their innate ability to counterattack makes them useful for tough enemies that use physical damage.


Inherent ability: Barefist, Counter

Lvl Name Description Abp
1 !Store wait one turn then expend energy for double damage 10
2 Barefist Allows character to attack without weapons with the skill of a Monk 30
3 !Chkra Restores a small amount of HP to self, and heals some status effects (poison, blind) 45
4 Counter Character randomly counters physical attacks 60
5 HP +10% Increases character’s maximum hit points by 10% 100
6 HP +20% Increases character’s maximum hit points by 20% 150
7 HP +30% Increases character’s maximum hit points by 30% 300
Total abp: 695

Battle Menu


The following options will be available to the Monk class during battle. The blank fields can be customized with skills the character has already mastered.


The following table shows the variance in statistics compared to the bare class. Figures are listed as a percentage plus or minus the base of the bare class, thus the Monk class has 37% more hit points than a normal character of the same level.

statistics for the Monk class