Final Fantasy V - The Spirit of Heroes
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Red Mage

Obtained from the Water Crystal in the Walz Tower

The concept of a red mage is great. Two Mages for the price of one! They can do white magic and black magic. But only in limited levels. Their knowledge of spells extends only to level three making them all but useless later in the game, and their stats, well, they stink. The only reason to use these guys after getting level four white or black magic spells is to come a bit closer to the 999 points you need to be able to double cast spells. It’s a long road.


Inherent ability: None

Lvl Name Description Abp
1 !Red Allows character to cast level 1 red magic spells 20
2 !Red Allows character to cast level 2 red magic spells 40
3 !Red Allows character to cast level 3 red magic spells 100
4 !Redx2 Allows character to cast two magic spells in one turn 999
Total abp: 1159

Battle Menu


The following options will be available to the Red Mage class during battle. The blank fields can be customized with skills the character has already mastered.


The following table shows the variance in statistics compared to the bare class. Figures are listed as a percentage plus or minus the base of the bare class, thus the Red Mage class has 10% fewer hit points than a normal character of the same level.

statistics for the Red Mage class