Final Fantasy V - The Spirit of Heroes
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Blue Mage

Obtained from the Wind Crystal in the Wind Shrine

The Blue Mage’s primary function is to get hit by a monster thereby learning a valuable magic spell such as WhitWind. While they can wield daggers and swords, they aren’t very good fighters. I prefer to use them just until I master !Blue and quickly switch them either to a better mage, or a better fighter.


Inherent ability: The ability to learn blue magic skills from monsters

Lvl Name Description Abp
1 !Check Cast on a single target to learn its hit points and weakness 10
2 Learning Gain ability to learn blue magic from enemies 20
3 !Blue Character may cast blue magic spells he or she has learned from enemies 70
4 !View Reveals target’s level, hit points, weakness(es) and status effects 250
Total abp: 350

Blue Magic Spells

GobPunch Exploder Roulette
Red Feast MagHammr ????
MoonFlut Aero ToadSong
LitlSong Burn Ray MindBlst
Flash Missile L4 Qrtr
TimeSlip Aero 2 Condemnd
L2 Old Pep Up L3 Flare
GuardOff DoomClaw L5 Doom
Aero 3 BlowFish BlakShock
WhitWind AquaRake Guardian

Battle Menu


The following options will be available to the Blue Mage class during battle. The blank fields can be customized with skills the character has already mastered.


The following table shows the variance in statistics compared to the bare class. Figures are listed as a percentage plus or minus the base of the bare class, thus the Blue Mage class has 5% more hit points than a normal character of the same level.

statistics for the Blue Mage class