Final Fantasy V - The Spirit of Heroes

Boss Battle: 315 Grand Aevis

Grand Aevis
42,000 20,000 0 0
120 60 100 40
97 0 30% 0%
Monster Attacks
Attack Control Catch
  • Blaster
  • Breath Wing
  • Evil Eye
  • Mælstrom
  • Paraclete
  • Poison Breath
  • Wing Attack
  • Zombie Powder
  • Can’t Control
  • Can’t Catch
Common Steal Rare Steal Drop
Cottage Nothing Fairy’s Bow*
Elemental Effects
Weakness Absorb Immunity
  • Bolt
  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Wind
Location Creature Type Initial Status Status Immunities
Sealed Temple
  • None
  • Aging
  • Berserk
  • Charm
  • Darkness
  • Dead
  • Mini
  • Mute
  • Paralyze
  • Poison
  • Sleep
  • Stone
  • Stop
  • Toad

User Submitted Strategies

i can not beat him but i know that he's an aevis and i don't have the aevis killer bow or dualcast.what job do i master to get dualcast? p.s.i have the advance version.

Hmm, beat him on my first time somehow... alright, firstly, have two characters with dual-wield, rapid fire, and very powerful weapons. Use this constantly to keep the elementals down, as it attacks 8 times per character, and should hit each elemental for 1000-2000, maybe more if you;re lucky. Spellsword is useful, but not necessary. Angel rings counter Zombie-related mishaps. Have plenty of white magic, and also have a time mage with Quick, as you should use this in order to cure and heal your team - if you have a mime, assign doublecast, white, and time - then you can heal your entire teamstraightaway, providing you look after your mp. Finally, give one or both of the remaining characters Aevis Killer Bows - this can deal over 5000 to Grand Aevis. I wouldn't use it with rapid fire though, as you'll probably just hit the elementals - just attack, so you can directly hit him. Oh, and Hastega!

Setup! ------ 1) Have 1st character who can doublecast Curaga and use items 2) Have 2nd character who can doublecast hydra or Bahamut and Black magic 3) Have 3rd character who can use items, Rapid fire, dual-wield and Sword magic 4) Have 4th character who can use Zeninage or Time magic and Rapid fire 5) Heal all characters with Hi-potions, elixirs and ethers 6) Have a ribbon equipped to as many characters as you can 7) Try to make good use of angel rings, equip them on the whole party 8) Keep holy water near the front of your inventory Grand Aevis + 2 dark elementals Notes: Abs most elements Lvl:97 Hp: 42000 Right, action time. As soon as the battle begins, have someone dual-cast Hydra (Wind damage) to take out the 2 dark elementals. They will re-spawn but not always right away. Once they're away, Have the 3rd character use flare sword magic and blast away with rapid fire. Have the 2nd doublecast flare, and the 4th use hastaga on party, then quick on self and 2x rapid fire. If you chose !Zeninage over !Time, every time the Dark elementals appear, Use zeninage to take them out. The Aevis has a hobby of zombifying your team, but if you equiped some angel wings before the battle, it'll blow right over. If you have not got angel rings, then have your 1st character use holywater and doublecast Curaga on the party. Avoid using elemental spells on the Aevis as she'll just absorb them.

Equip Angel Rings to deal with the zombie status. Zombie is more dangerous than Petrify because you're still at low health after curing it. A white mage with Dualcast and the Sage's Staff can likely pick off both elementals with Holy in one go, but Grand Aevis respawns them whenever it's hit and the elementals aren't there. To deal with this, try to wait and let the white mage's turn charge before having anyone else attack. You'll want a secondary healer since the white mage will be busy.

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