Final Fantasy V - The Spirit of Heroes

99 RockStatue

Rom Name: Statue

3,300 20 100 507
76 20 0 5
45 26 0% 20%
Monster Attacks
Attack Control Catch
Common Steal Rare Steal Drop
Potion Double Lance Soft
Elemental Effects
Weakness Absorb Immunity
Bolt None None
Location Creature Type Initial Status Status Immunities
Val Castle
Val Castle Basement
  • None
  • Aging
  • Dead
  • Mini
  • Paralyze
  • Poison
  • Sleep
  • Stone
  • Stop
  • Toad


If you use a Soft on him, he casts Darkness killing himself…

User Submitted Strategies

You can try and go for the rare steal which is a twin lance from the Objet D'arts as well as getting the 4 ABP of 8 ABP from them. :)

Hellwind can also be learned from Stingray. Dark Arts page should be updated to reflect this :)

Samurai's Iainuki will often kill all 5 with a single strike.

If somehow you have no ribbons, Aegis, or Wall (Reflect) rings, you can get a white mage to use Reflect. I like to have two people on Steal and one on Blue for WhiteWind (if HP gets too low) and Lv 5 Doom. Even just one person reflected in the first round of battle means your party won't get messed over by Break.

If you're equipped with Ribbon and/or Aegis Shield for your characters, Break won't be so bad. You can even try Reflect Rings to counter those Break Spells.

Fighting these guys is a good way to rack up gil as well as ABP. Using Gold Needle, or a faster approach Lv. 5 Death (!Blue Magic) will annihilate them quickly. They are also good for stealing items: Hi-Potions and the Twin Lances. If you're fighting 5 of them at a time, try to kill one or two first (Gold Needles) if you're aiming to steal. They can cast break, and 4 spells of Break on your party means Game Over.

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