Final Fantasy V - The Spirit of Heroes

57 Skull Eater

Skull Eater
1 100 300 100
50 90 90 90
32 50 90% 90%
Monster Attacks
Attack Control Catch
  • Attack
  • Flee
  • Incisor
  • Attack
  • Incisor
  • Strong Attack
Common Steal Rare Steal Drop
Tent Nothing Elixir
Elemental Effects
Weakness Absorb Immunity
None None None
Location Creature Type Initial Status Status Immunities
Jachol Cave
River of Souls
  • None
  • Nothing


Unless you have a fool proof way of killing it, don’t cast magic on the Skull Eater while it is alone. It creates more of them!

User Submitted Strategies

water scroll works

First I taught all the characters !Terrain. It's pretty simple since it's only 25 ABP. Make sure when you enter the Cave of Jacole, you have all your characters in the back row; less damage. Next, put !Terrain as their second ability. Pick whichever classes you want to work on and just use !Terrain. Makes quick work of Skull Eaters and costs no MP. Incase one character gets hit, make sure to revive them though before using !Terrain. You may also want to have a Ninja to up the Preemptive Strikes. Worked for me since I wanted to learn the Ninja abilities.

Gaia is your friend. Seriously. Just keep using Gaia until you get Stalactite: it's fairly common and it'll kill a Skull Eater in one hit. Much cheaper than Blow Fish.

Use the Blue magic, "Blowfish."

Since this monster gives up 5 ABP, I really wanted to learn how to kill it without dying! What I came up with is this: Because it gives up 100 EXP per monster, I Scan it. Of course, we now have 6 of these ghastly beasties! But now I quickly have a Ninja, or any member that can Throw, toss a Skill at them. Any Skill will do because it's on 1 EXP each. Voila! All gone leaving 600 EXP, which at this point in the game is an awful lot! Unfortunately, the ABP remains at 5, but again, that's really good at this point! Happy Point Gathering!!! X

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