Final Fantasy V - The Spirit of Heroes

228 Mover

10,000 500 0 50,000
128 40 0 0
52 35 0% 10%
Monster Attacks
Attack Control Catch
  • Attack
  • Delta Attack
  • Encircle
  • Terminate
  • Delta Attack
Common Steal Rare Steal Drop
Fire Skill Water Skill LgtningSkill
Elemental Effects
Weakness Absorb Immunity
Fire Poison None
Location Creature Type Initial Status Status Immunities
The Final Maze
River of Souls
  • Heavy
  • Undead
  • None
  • Dead
  • Mini
  • Poison
  • Stone
  • Toad

User Submitted Strategies

Oh yes, for those who need a quick and easy way on killing the little orange "innocent" balls - Make sure you either have hermes sandles on or cast a spell that gives everyone Hastega (I.E. Mighty guard or Hastega itself). Next, you need to inflict 10,000 HP's worth of damage on ALL of the movers before they "move" and respawn. In order to do this, you have several options- 1. Use a freelancer that has spell blade and rapid fire. Cast holy or flare and hope the free lancer hits all of the movers. The only flaw in this is that the freelancer might decide to waste all of his hits on one mover. It especially helps if you dual wield if you're going to go the rapid fire route. 2. Abuse Bahamut and either have three separate party members summon him, or have someone dual cast Bahamut and then mimic it. You can go about this any way you wish, but generally it will take 2-3 Bahamut summons to kill all of the movers. 3. Movers are undead, so double casting holy on one mover will mean instant death. I strongly advise against this since holy is a single target spell. However, holy can still be used to mop up a remaining mover if say your freelancer manages to not deal enough damage on the last remaining mover. 4. Firega works well, and so do flame scrolls. I personally rank this as the lowest effective strategy though since I've only seen Firega do about ~3000ish damage (keep in mind that this was done at level 50.) A couple other things to keep in mind - Movers mostly will only use their physical attack or Delta Attack. Delta is weak but it casts petrify unless you have something equiped to negate it. I've never seen Movers use Encircle or Terminate, but I can wager that Terminate is the move they use to "cancel" the fight.* One last thing - when the movers "move", they seem to share the amount of HP remaining. Here's an example: If you kill two of the movers and the last one is sitting with full HP, he will most likely "move" and respawn the other two movers. The respawned movers will however not be brought back at full life. Their HP will each be 10,000/3, or roughly 3333 HP each. As you can see, this 10,000 was the life left on the mover that you didn't kill before the movers "moved".** *As Kevan pointed out, after about 3-4 rounds of battle, the fight will end without any premature notice. The screen will just switch back to the map. **I am not sure if the Mover(s) HP sharing is a feature on other versions of FFV. I've only see them do it on FFV Advance (US version).

I figured this might be worth a mention since it's heavily related to Mover(s): In the US version of FFV Advance, there is a little "exploit" that can be used to abuse Movers and their massive amounts of ABP and Gil. In order to do this, you should 1. Make your way into the Void and kill Necrophobe so that you unlock the save point next to him. Afterwards, go ahead and save. 2. Initiate a quicksave (or reset the game, whichever you prefer). 3.Reload your quicksave (or regular save if you like reseting your game) and get into two fights in the area where you fought Necrophobe. 4. The second fight will ALWAYS be against movers. (Note that the fights can be anywhere on the same "screen", just as long as it is the screen where Necrophobe's save point is located.) Use this bug to your hearts content and max out all of your jobs on every character in less than a day. Or build up all of the gil in the universe and stockpile up on elixers! Remember - this bug only works on the AMERICAN version of FFV Advance (as far as I know).

This record seems inaccurate to me. I'm playing a rom, patched to english (no other edits to my knowledge) and these curious creatures are WAY better. First of all, they can somehow sort of void the battle without escaping, if they get "bored". They're also tremendously difficult to kill, as every time they "rotate", any killed specks are revived. Here's the best part though: if you do successfully kill them all (Giltoss really helps), you get a whopping ***** 199 ABP, and 150,000 Gil *****. At least, that's how it is for my version. Fantastic source of ABP, although they are quite rare.

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