Final Fantasy V - The Spirit of Heroes

282 Gilgame

Rom Name: Gil Turtle

32,768 8,000 0 5,000
115 40 90 55
57 66 40% 40%
Monster Attacks
Attack Control Catch
  • Attack
  • Earthquake
  • Turtle
  • Can’t Control
  • Can’t Catch
Common Steal Rare Steal Drop
Tonic Potion Nothing
Elemental Effects
Weakness Absorb Immunity
  • Bolt
  • Earth
  • Fire
  • Poison
  • Water
  • Wind
Location Creature Type Initial Status Status Immunities
Gilgame’s Cave
  • Heavy
  • Undead
  • Shell
  • Armor
  • Aging
  • Berserk
  • Charm
  • Darkness
  • Dead
  • Float
  • Mini
  • Mute
  • Paralyze
  • Poison
  • Sleep
  • Stone
  • Stop
  • Toad
  • Zombie

User Submitted Strategies

The Gil Turtle, like all only-physical attackers, can be made quite ineffective by simply having one Knight who uses !Guard all the time while all other members are near-death. Like that you won't get any damage at all - only rarely when the enemy attacks while you're choosing !Guard. Another Member with the HealingStaff can take care of that inconvenience as well as a white mage with Esna for the status effects. My Knight with the Samurai's Evade, an Aegis Shield and Blink pretty much always evaded anyway.

use zeninage and golem

This strategy might take a while, but it works. Have the classes Mystic Knight, White Mage, Summoner, and Time Mage. Give the Mystic Knight a Great Sword and the Two-Handed ability, and make sure he or she has the Spellblade Blizzaga. Also, make sure your Time Mage has Hastega, your White Mage Curaga, and your summoner has Golem. Before the battle, cast Float on your party.During each round (since there's nothing else for him/her to do) keep having your Time Mage cast Slow on him. It may not work the first few times, but when it does, it'll make the battle a helluva lot easier. On the first round, have your Mystic Knight cast Blizzaga and your Summoner Golem. Have your White Mage cast Blink on your party members as much as possible. Have your Mystic Knight attack each turn with his enchanted blade. Gil Turtle will most likely counter with his deadly Turtle attack, but by enchanting each member with Blink he'll miss both times. The Black Magic spell Blizzaga will only do barely over 1,500 damage, so don't even bother. The Mystic Knight's Blizzaga Spellblade will do a little over 2,500 damage. It's not much, but it's the most damage you'll be able to do to him at this point in the game. If someone else's Blink wears off, enchant them again with the spell. In the end, he'll use Earthquake, but if you used Float at the beginning this shouldn't be a problem.

It helps if you mastered many classes, namely Red Mage, Black Mage, White Mage, Summoner, Time Mage, Samurai, and Monk (For everybody) so your Freelancers are quite powerful and can stand up to Gil Turtle. Make sure you're in the back row, since it's pointless to use physical assaults. It also helps to wear shields so you have many forms of evasion: The shields, the Elven Mantles, and the Samurai's Shirahadori technique. Use your standard Earthen Wall (Golem), Blizzaga, Hastega, and float everyone. Try to set up your characters so you know who goes first and last. Your first to go should cast Golem or Hastega, second should cast Hastega (Or Golem if didn't do so yet), then have your last two Dualcast Blizzaga.

This will go a lot easier if you can cast Ice3 with at least 3 characters, and summon Golem with two. Golem is essential, but so is Float. If you're not floating and don't have a way of absorbing the earthquake as HP when he dies, you're toast. Use Blink to extend the chances to miss. Also equip Elf Cloaks on three and Angel ring on the fourth.

Casts ice 2 and golem.

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